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Conflict created by Industry

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1 Conflict created by Industry
Explain why there is competition for land conflict between different land uses around Southampton Water Explain the impacts that industry has on the coast Explain why salt marshes are so valuable identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Southampton water and the Solent as a location for environmentalists and economic activity Assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of the container port at Dibden Bay Crowded Coasts 5

2 Environmental Impacts of Industry at the Coast
Starter Environmental Impacts of Industry at the Coast

3 Rias Drowned or flooded river valleys formed at the end of the last ice age when the glaciers melted

4 How does this link to Southampton Water?
Southampton Water is a Ria! It is part of the estuary of the Rivers Test and Itchen that flow in to the Solent, a stretch of water near the Isle of Wight

5 Map of Southampton Water

6 Why is Southampton water suitable for industry?
Sheltered from storms of the English channel Deep water channel for large ships Around the estuary there is plenty of flat land which is easy to build on

7 What pressures are there?
Expansion of suburbs and villages close to the estuary Industrial development Sewage disposal Sailing and leisure usage See OUP on blog/photocopy

8 Swot Analysis – Environmentalists vs. economic activity
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

9 Economic v environmental?
Which is the best way forward for Southampton? Is it possible these two groups could work together and compromise?

10 Dibden Bay Container Port

11 Dibden Bay Container Port
Why is this a good location?  

12 Dibden Bay Phillip Allan page 228-229 Oxford Pages 190-191
ABP wanted to build a new container port at Dibden Bay, besides Southampton Water. New deepwater port – 2.1km of docks Some felt good economic opportunity others feared become huge concrete mass with cranes visible miles away with lots of light and noise pollution

13 Stakeholders These are individuals, groups or organisations that have an interest in the development or outcomes of a particular project. They may be involved financially or emotionally

14 Dibden Bay stakeholders
For the project Against the Project Associated British Ports Southampton city Council Confederation of British Industry Transport and general workers’ union Council for National Parks English Nature RSPB Local Parish councils Local residents Identify for each stakeholder reasons for their position

15 Group F/A Why? Associated British Ports F Southampton City Council
Confederation of British Industry Transport and General Workers’ Union Council for National Parks A English Nature RSPB Local parish councils Local residents

16 Group F/A Why? Associated British Ports F
National need for more container handling capacity Southampton is well placed for transatlantic container traffic Southampton City Council More jobs both through construction phase and when port is fully operational Confederation of British Industry Beneficial knock on effects in linked port activities and marine industries Transport and General Workers’ Union More money in the local economy – good for a range of businesses and services in and around Southampton Council for National Parks A Threat to designated environmental areas Proximity of New Forest National Park English Nature Urbanisation of a rural area Dredging would be needed to accommodate super containers RSPB Risk of oil spills Local parish councils Traffic congestion due to 50% increase in associated road traffic Local residents Adverse impact on quality of life for local residents – air, noise, water and light pollution

17 Task – Assess the main effects of the Dibden Bay proposal
Short term Medium and Long term Economic Social Environmental

18 Plenary In 2004, the Transport Secretary announced that the scheme had not been given planning permission because it was felt that potential environmental damage was greater than economic benefits. Do you think this was the right decision?

19 Homework Referring to a stretch of coast that you have studied, explain how and why some coasts are under threat from economic development. (10 marks) See separate mark scheme

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