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Topic : Sustainability Managing the Environment What makes up our environment?

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1 Topic : Sustainability Managing the Environment What makes up our environment?

2 Our Environment consists of: The landscape we live on. The atmosphere around us Our rivers,oceans and seas.

3 Negative impacts: Burning fossil fuels Deforestation Oil spills Rubbish Landfill Sewage outlets Building / Construction Quarrying / Mining Do we have a positive or negative impact on our environment?

4 Positive impacts. Recycling Energy Conservation Research / new technology Alternative energy Wind / wave / solar / hydro Protecting what we have!

5 National Parks What are National Parks ? Areas of the British Isles that have an outstanding natural beauty.

6 Snowdonia National Park 8 MILLION VISITORS A YEAR

7 Where are our National Parks?

8 National Parks Why do we have National Parks ? To provide people with access to some of the most beautiful / stunning scenery in the British Isles. To make sure that these special areas are there for future generations to enjoy.

9 Lake District National Park

10 Peak District National Park

11 What do people do in National Parks ? Wide range of leisure activities Walking / Hiking Cycling / Mountain biking Climbing / Abseiling Caving Hang gliding Birdwatching Educational visits

12 Conflicts over land use 8 million tonnes of limestone was taken out of the Peak District National Park in 2001. What impact does this have in the area ? What land use conflict might there be ?

13 Soil Erosion Footpath erosion is a serious problem. The damage caused by walkers and cyclists will take years to recover itself. Unchecked it gets worse and worse.

14 How many visitors ? The Peak District National Park is the most visited National Park in Europe. 16 million people are within 1 hours drive. Easy access + more leisure time and more activities = massive pressure on this park.

15 Are there any benefits of people visiting National Parks ? Peak District, local economy, shops, pubs, cafes/ restaurants benefit. £185million spent by tourists Tourism creates employment. In the Peak District nearly 4000 people work in tourist industry. People learn about the countryside. 16 million people visit the Peak District National Park every year.

16 Problems + Conflicts Congestion / cars + people Pollution / Noise / Air Litter Footpath Erosion Overcrowding in villages Pressure on shops / services Pressure on natural resources / Limestone

17 Sustainability With National Parks under pressure from millions of visitors every year how can we make sure these areas are unspoilt for future generations to enjoy. This is called sustainability.

18 MANAGING VISITORS Environmental Planning + Management Introduce park + ride from outside the area. People are bussed into the most popular parts. Increase parking charges. Stop people parking. Introduce congestion charges. Paying to enter the area. Reduce the number of parking spaces. People move on. Direct people to less popular parts of the National Parks. Close some eroded footpaths. Open others. Remove litter bins! Hopefully people will take their rubbish home with them. In America People are informed on local radio if there are too many visitors In the national parks. Parks full stay away !

19 Sustainability / management Look at these photos. What do you notice about the pathway. Is it natural ?

20 Case Study of Pembrokeshire National Park Pembrokeshire National Park is located on the most westerly point of Wales. It is a stunning combination of coastal / mountain scenery.

21  Pembrokeshire N.P  There are 100s of reasons why people enjoy this National Park.  Walking  Sailing  Climbing  Coasteering  Camping  Surfing

22 Sea Empress Oil Spill Key Facts Where? When Why? Impact on Environment ? Impact on the local economy ? Conflict between: ENVIRONMENT + MAN’S ACTIVITY

23 Sea Empress Oil Spill Thousands of birds are killed as the thick sludge clogs feathers and birds ingest oil.

24 Sea Empress Oil Spill

25 St David’s Visitor Centre

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