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Customer Service: Everybody is a Customer Joe Havey, CEO.

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2 Customer Service: Everybody is a Customer Joe Havey, CEO

3 Joe Havey, CEM ®, MS RECM, LEED ® AP, RPA ®, FMA ®, SMA ® CEO of E-Cube, Inc. Boulder/Chicago/Oakland/Salt Lake City/San Diego Lehman Brothers--SVP Corp. Real Estate, U.S. Broe Real Estate, General Manager Amerimar Enterprises, Partner, 2.6 Million S.F. First Energy Star label in Colorado & 7th in U.S. at Denver Place (1999) LEED-EB Gold, Denver Place (2004 Pilot) BOMA International Earth Award, Denver Place Johnson Controls - Senior Sales Engineer Hines - Regional Chief Engineer- 4 Million S.F. B.S. Business Admin. & Finance, Regis Univ. M.S. Real Estate and Construction Management (MS RECM) Univ. of Denver Adjunct Professor, University of Denver Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Past-President, BOMA Denver Colorado real estate brokerage license

4 5/1/2015 4 Outline– Customer Service Everybody is a Customer Treating all people with respect, all of the time Read/follow “The Trusted Advisor” by David Maister Take ownership--Behave as if you own the company Deliver what you sold The advice business Helping others Ethics and Honesty

5 Everybody is a customer Everybody is a customer and trying their best to make a living (just like you) Internal and External customers See the world through the other person’s eyes Building Owner or Manager perspective on their tenants as customers Tenants perspective on Building Manager as customer Contractor perspective on their Building clients as customers

6 Treating all people with respect, all of the time Mutual respect- (Tenants/Landlords,Facilities staff/contractors, (prequalify carefully) No reason to be nasty to vendors, contractors, consultants, or anyone Be reasonable People will not always remember what you said—but they will remember how you treated them Better results with clear direction and kindness Teams that work well together will wow the customer Take care of Baby Boomers and Millennials Establish a culture of caring about employees and customers

7 Read and follow “The Trusted Advisor” by David Maister Have Clients want to listen to your advice Build strong relationships Qtly check-in Establishing mutual respect and trust Return all calls quickly (demonstrates regard for others) Don’t over “position” or “sell” yourself Stay focused on the customer’s needs Add value in every interaction MasterKlean example Focus on customer, not transaction Call your client now!

8 Take “Ownership” Take ownership--Behave as if you own the company Do your job Stop the blame game Take responsibility Hines approach to contractor and vendor management (improper guidance and supervision) Work well together (Bldg. Engineers, Security, Janitorial, Leasing, etc… Get training and education in weak areas

9 Deliver what you sold #1 one issue of customers Hand-off from “sales” to “implementation” Going over and above the “norm”

10 The “advice” business Ask customers open ended questions (not questions that elicit “yes” “no” “good”) such as: What’s your greatest business challenge or concern today? Help drive NOI How can we do a better job? What is our competition doing that you like? What do you like that we’re doing? Ask employees similar questions Don’t be “shielded” from honest input from the front lines.

11 Helping others Grandfather’s interview Learning from older/wiser people Mentoring, reverse mentoring

12 Ethics and Honesty Don’t BS Your reputation is key

13 Conclusion Focus on the needs of employees and customers. Build strong, trusting relationships Focus on the customer, not the transaction or money


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