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Delivering the WOW! Tourism Vancouver Island March 2014.

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1 Delivering the WOW! Tourism Vancouver Island March 2014

2 Factor Noun the quality something has of being very impressive or surprising to people

3 2 Questions What is your greatest customer service challenge in your workplace? What do you hope to gain from today?

4 “New Normal”

5 Tug of War?

6 Our Destination Team!

7 Customer Expectations Seinfeld

8 Memorable Tourism Experience “A tourism experience positively remembered and recalled after the event has occurred.”

9 Role of Corporate Culture WestJet Disney

10 Internal Customer

11 Corporate Culture What we say in our ads is true: "Owners Care." Sure, it's our aircrafts that fly you places, but it's really our people who get you there. In fact, our entire corporate culture has been built around caring for you, our guests, by providing a great guest experience.” WestJet

12 Corporate Culture

13 Disney understands it can’t disappoint a guest, even once; if it does, the guest may never return. It’s this understanding that defines Disney as “guest-driven.” Johnson 2007

14 Corporate Culture 1.Safety 2.Courtesy 3.Show 4.Efficiency

15 Corporate Cultures Collide

16 Operator Expectations What should your guests expect from you? WestJet

17 Deliver the Unexpected


19 Cultural Considerations

20 Determine Needs Ask the Question Listen for the WOW Say YES!

21 Shut Up & Listen

22 Cookie Cutter Response?

23 WOW the Complaint Actively Listen Apologize – own it! Fix It Say Thank You! Follow Up Most Customers just want to be heard or prevent the situation from happening to someone else.

24 Customers #1 Marketing tool! WOM sells WOW Talk

25 EVERY interaction can be reviewed? Every interaction can be reviewed!

26 81% of travelers said reviews were important when deciding which hotel to stay at (Forrester Research 2011) 75% of travelers said their holiday was better because they used reviews to make sure they picked the best place for them (Forrester Research 2011) 83% usually or always consult Trip Advisor before booking a hotel (Phocuswright)

27 We all have Baggage!

28 Perception = Reality

29 The Fix by Numbers Complaining customers Only 4% share The other 96% quietly go away, 91% never to return! 1 complaint = 26 silently unhappy customers 68% due to attitude 70% will return if you fix it! 95% will return if you resolve it immediately. Seize the opportunity! Put yourself in the Customers Shoes

30 What is YOUR WOW?

31 Tips Be Authentic - sell yourself not your business SMILE Ask the Question! Don’t assume. Existing Customers are your greatest strength Empower your team! Treat others the way you want to be treated Encourage Complaints Say thank you! Manage your online reputation or someone else will manage it for you!

32 Questions? Jenn Houtby-Ferguson, CMP CMM Email: Twitter: @JennHoutby

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