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Pinyin Foundation (6) Pinyin Foundation (6) 拼音基础.

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1 Pinyin Foundation (6) Pinyin Foundation (6) 拼音基础

2 Summary of Initials There are 21 initials. They can be categorized into six groups: labials velars palatals alveolars dental sibilants retroflex

3 Unaspir.AspiratedNasalFricativeVoiced Labial bpmf Alveolar dtnl Velar gkh Palatal jqx Dental sibilant zcs Retroflex zhchshr

4 Summary of Finals There are 38 finals which can be categorized into three groups: simple finals compound finals nasal finals.

5 Simple finals a o e i u ü Compound finals ai ei ao ou ia iao ie iu (iou) ua uo uai ui (uei) üe/yue Nasal finals an en ang eng ong ian in iang ing iong uan un (uen) uang ueng üan ün (üen)

6 Special Pinyin Rules 1.If i u ü have no initial consonant, then: i  yya ye yao yan yong you yi yin ying u  wwa wo wai wang wu wei wen ü  yuyu yue yuan yun

7 Special Pinyin Rules (cont’) 2.When the final “ uei ” has an initial, it is written as “ ui. ” uei  uidui tui gui kui hui

8 Special Pinyin Rules (cont’) 3.When the final “ iou ” has an initial, it is written as “ iu. ” iou  iuliu niu jiu qiu xiu 4.When the final “ uen ” has an initial, it is written as “ un. ” uen  unzun cun sun zhun chun shun

9 Special Pinyin Rules (cont’) 5.The initials j q x can be followed by -ü, but not by -u. Therefore, the two dots on ü can be omitted without anbiguity. For example: ju qu xu juan quan xuan jun qun xun

10 Special Pinyin Rules (cont’) 6.Neutral tone: Some syllables are unstressed; this is known as the neutral tone. No tone mark over a neutral tone syllable. For example: bàba爸爸 (Dad) māma妈妈 (Mom) gēge哥哥 (elder brother) jiějie姐姐 (elder sister)

11 F-27 Listen to each syllable, then fill in the blank with correct tone and final: 1. y_____9. j_____ 2. y_____10. q_____ 3. h_____11. zh_____ 4. zh_____12. ch_____ 5. m_____13. l_____ 6. n_____14. n_____ 7. s_____15. b_____ 8. ch_____16. y_____

12 Classroom expressions: Chinese: 很好。 Pinyin: Hěn hǎo. English:Very good. Chinese: 不好。 Pinyin: Bù hǎo. English:Not good.

13 Homework Complete Exercise 5. For the Pinyin pronunciation, go to the Chinese Link website. nk_1/39/10025/ nk_1/39/10025/ Click Workbook: Homework Audio  5-1.

14 Answer to In-class Practice 1. yào 药9. jù 锯 2. yún 云 10. quán 权 3. huí 回 11. zhuī 追 4. zhǔn 准 12. chuī 吹 5. měi 美 13. lǜ 绿 6. niú 牛 14. nǚ 女 7. sūn 孙 15. bù 不 8. chūn 春 16. yìng 硬

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