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Alcohol Drug Awareness Program A.D.A.P.


Use only legal name. (First, Middle Initial, Last) Student ID # Date of Birth (No slashes only dashes) i.e Gender: Male or Female SEE BOARD FOR EXAMPLES: MUST BE PERFECTLY ACCURATE !

4 A.D.A.P. COURSE Required by the State of Georgia for any one under the age of 18 years old. Must be PRESENT in class this week. Must make at least 70% (14 correct out of 20 questions on Friday’s test) If you fail the test you may take one (1) more time before you must take the course again.

5 A.D.A.P. Workbook A.D.A.P. Workbook

6 Drunk Driving is just Murder on our Highways!
Alcohol Drug Awareness Program A.D.A.P.

7 Alcohol Drug Awareness Program A.D.A.P.
If you Booze you Lose! Alcohol Drug Awareness Program A.D.A.P.

8 A.D.A.P. Workbook Session One Review: What you must know! P.4
Alcohol is the most widely used and abused drug in the U.S. Alcohol causes about ½ of all traffic deaths. Alcohol slows reaction time. For teens the big killer is lack of driving experience and alcohol impairment.

9 A.D.A.P. Workbook Alcohol affects teens more than adults.
P.4 continued. Alcohol is a depressant. Teens fail to realize that 12oz. Can of Beer= 5 oz. of wine = 12 oz. wine cooler = 1 oz. 90 proof liquor for Alcohol amount! Traffic crashes are the leading killer in the 15- to 24- age group. Alcohol affects teens more than adults.

10 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.5 Unborn children are affected by F.A.S. (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) I out of 10 drinkers of alcohol become alcoholics/problem drinkers in life. BAC stands for BLOOD Alcohol Content or BREATH Alcohol Content. BAC is most commonly measured by the Breath test (INTOXILYZER test)

11 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.5 One drink (common serving size) may raise a lb. person’s BAC .02%. Even ONE drink can make you and unsafe driver. One drink will make an underage driver OVER THE LIMIT! ZERO TOLERENCE!!!!!! Once a person stops drinking the body eliminates alcohol at a rate of .015% grams BAC per hour only (less than 1 drink per 1 hr.)

12 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.6 Alcohol impairment increases with alcohol intake. 5 Progressives stages of intoxication. The Body gets rid of Alcohol two basic ways: 90% Liver 10% Through urine, sweat, and breath. TIME IS THE ONLY WAY TO SOBER UP!

13 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.6 Session two: Other Drugs & Their Effects.
THC is the active ingredient in Marijuana. THC stays in the body for up to 1 month. THC levels today are 10X Higher than 30 years ago. Marijuana effects night vision. Marijuana’s effect remain after the High wears off (up to days after the high).

14 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.7 Combining Marijuana and alcohol is 2X as dangerous. Doubly Impaired. Acute Alcohol Poisoning. Marijuana slows down the vomiting reflex. (College campus) Crack Cocaine is a Stimulant. Inhalants kill brain cells. (Deadly reaction) Alcohol is a Depressant. (Depresses the brain)

15 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.7 You can be D.U.I. for prescription drugs from a doctor and even O.T.C. drugs. P.8 Session 3.The LAW. You must take and pass A.D.A.P. if you want a Class D license before age 18. What is Joshua’s Law?

16 A.D.A.P. Workbook P. 9/10 Anyone under 21 yrs. Old will be charged with D.U.I. at .02% or greater! Under 18 years old at .02% is “prima facie” and convicted of D.U.I. . No questions ask! Many people stopped for D.U.I were stopped for minor violations first. Implied Consent law. (Lose for 1 year license if you refuse to be tested)

17 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.11 Third Offense of D.U.I. you are a Habitual Violator (H.V.) Most common test for B.A.C. is Breath test. The other tests for B.A.C. is Blood Test and the Urine Test. Blood test is the most highly accurate.

18 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.12 If you refuse to take a chemical test of your BAC you will lose your license for 1 year automatically. After the arrest for D.U.I. you will spend 24 hours in jail. Why? 2nd Offense of DUI you will have your picture taken and placed in the local newspaper. 3rd offense $1,000 to a max. of $5,

19 A.D.A.P. Workbook P.13 If you are under 21 years old and you: Purchase
Possess Consume You will be charged! Ticketed Fined…..$$$$$$

20 A.D.A.P. Workbook Seatbelts save lives! P.13
No person, regardless of age, shall have an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. P.14 B U C K L E U P ! Seatbelts save lives!

21 A.D.A.P. Workbook Distractions: A risk to your safety and others?
Do you think cell phone usage while driving should be illegal? Give reasons to support your answer. Describe a personal observation of cell phone usage while driving.

22 A.D.A.P. Workbook Distractions: A risk to your safety and others?

23 A.D.A.P. Workbook A.D.A.P. Workbook
Distractions: A risk to your safety and others? Has your opinion changed? If so, why or why not? Write a reaction to this video clip. List other driver distractions

24 A.D.A.P. Workbook Other distractions:

25 A.D.A.P. Workbook Write a reaction to the “other distractions clip”. Please include personal accounts you feel comfortable in sharing.


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