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DRINKING, DRUGS, & HEALTH Driver’s Education-Period 4 Mr. Hamill.

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1 DRINKING, DRUGS, & HEALTH Driver’s Education-Period 4 Mr. Hamill

2 EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL Alcohol is a drug that affects overall driving ability Increase driving confidence and make inhibit ability to make responsible decisions Even if below legal limit, alcohol, still affects one’s ability to drive affectively After 2-4 drinks reaction time, coordination, and balance are affected Vision and the ability to judge distance is affected causing reaction time and ability to drive safely decrease

3 EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL CONTINUED  Sobriety can only be achieved through time  90% of alcohol is burned up (oxidized through the liver)  10% is eliminated through breath, sweat, and urine  The above is the reason for a slow-process to achieve a sober status and no quick fixes

4 EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL CONTINUED  Alcohol creates a significant increase in emotions  Combination of alcohol and anger can create dangerous driving situations  Most alcohol related accidents involve one car, but many individuals are injured/killed

5 HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?  BAC= BLOOD ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION  BAC is based upon Quantity of Alcohol Consumed, Body Weight, How quickly consumed, and How much food was eaten  Best way to avoid drinking and driving accidents is to avoid any type of driving after drinking

6 HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?  BAC can be determined by a breath test or blood test  In NJ it is illegal for a driver 21 or older to drive with a BAC of.08 or greater  In NJ it is illegal for a driver under the age of 21 to drive with a BAC of 0.01 or greater

7 RISK OF ACCIDENTS WHILE DRINKING & DRIVING  A BAC of just over.05 doubles chances of accident  A BAC of.10 increases a motor vehicle accident by 6x  A BAC of.15 increases chances of an accident to 25X

8 BREATHALYZER TEST  Given by Police Officers who suspect drivers of intoxication  Refusal to give a Breathalyzer test will result in same penalty as driving with a BAC of.10 first offense. ^Loss of Driving License for 7-12 months, also subject to a charge of $1,000 per year for 3 years

9 ITS NOT WHAT YOU DRINK, BUT HOW MUCH All 3 are equal and contain about a ½ ounce of alcohol Most arrests are for persons under the influence from beer Food does slow down the absorption rate of alcohol, but will not prevent a high BAC Heavy and steady drinking will always cause a high BAC Avoid driving, use a Designated Driver, Cab, or Public Transportation

10 DRINKING & DRIVING  Driving while drunk will cause driver’s to have slow reaction time and to drive with more confidence than usual  Officers are taught to look for these examples to recognize drunk drivers: Speeding: Driving at high speeds may seem safe to the driver Weaving: May stay in lane, but will have trouble staying in a straight line Slow Driving: May be driving overly cautious and slower than traffic Jerking: Driver may have short mental lapses and not keep a steady speed on a clear road Quick Stops: Driver may not ease to a stop at stop signs or traffic lights, but rather slam brakes at last second

11 BEING A GOOD HOST & THE DRINKING DRIVER  Make sure food is available  Do not over serve  Offer a place to stay, call for cab, or notify police  DO NOT let person drive home, will become legally involved in a drunk driving accident

12 DESIGNATED DRIVERS  First state to launch the HERO Campaign for designated drivers  Drive the car for individuals who have been drinking  Take great responsibility in the title  Ensures safety of other drivers as well  A driver who drives someone else’s car and receives a DUI means the owner of the car can receive a DUI as well

13 DRUGS & DRIVING  Illegal to operate any vehicle in NJ under the influence of any illegal drugs  Check prescription drugs’ side effects i.e. may cause drowsiness/sleepiness  Never mix drugs with drugs or drugs with alcohol  If using prescription drugs must show proof to police officer if they ask  If a person does not possess a prescription for a drug in their possession then it is considered illegal

14 DRUGS & DRIVING CONTINUED  After alcohol, marijuana is the second leading drug found to be in possession and drivers to be under the influence of  Marijuana may cause drivers to: Loss of tracking ability: Drivers will not be able to maintain a straight line Distance Judgment: Drivers may tailgate and follow to closely Vigilance: Not being able to pay attention to driving cause a driver to tailgate, drift into another lane etc. Divided Attention: To not notice driving signs, road hazards, etc.

15 HEALTHY DRIVING  Health- Any cold, sickness, injury could affect one’s ability to drive affectively  Vision-State law allows MVC to retest 1o% of the driving population each year. A motorist should get their vision tested at least every 2 years. Over the age of 40 should get their eyes checked every year. The ability to judge distance is a major component to driving  Hearing- The ability to hear a horn or siren is a major component of driving. Sometimes a car can be heard and not seen. Never wear earphones or have the radio too loud.


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