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Introduction Slide 1 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Module 1 – Introduction, Six Dimensions, Status, SWOT Task Introductions.

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1 Introduction Slide 1 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Module 1 – Introduction, Six Dimensions, Status, SWOT Task Introductions Purpose Workbook Purchasing Six Dimensions / Challenges Status SWOT Task

2 Introduction Slide 2 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Purpose of the SRM Workshop Individual & Purchasing Team Improvement Provide education on Supplier Relationship Management in order to support Supply side career development plans and team skill levels & effectiveness. Identify Supplier profit improvement opportunities, ensuring they are aligned with the business strategy and priorities. Develop the learning interactively in the workshop, so that there is ownership & applicability both internally within and externally with suppliers. Business Improvement Further improve supply side profit and cash, respecting AQSCI (Supply, Quality & Regulatory, Service, Cost and Innovation) principles, thereby increasing Supply credibility and reputation with Leadership, Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Stakeholders.

3 Introduction Slide 3 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Attendees Supplier Relationship Management Workshop –

4 Introduction Slide 4 © The Delos Partnership 2005 SRM Agenda Day One – Session TimeModuleWho 0830 – 1000 1. Introductions, Purpose, Workbook, 6 Dimensions, Challenges, Check List 1015 – 1115 2. Business and Purchasing Cost (P&L) and Cash (Balance Sheet) 1130 – 1230 3. Current and Improved Source Planning and Supplier Management Process. Six Sigma / Lean 1330 – 1430 4. Purchasing / Sourcing / Project Team Development 1445 – Close 5. Data Gathering, RFI, RFP, Market Evaluation, Supplier Scorecards Day Two – Session TimeModuleWho 0830 – 1000 6. Sourcing Strategy & Selection, Standardisation, Leverage, e Auction 1015 – 1130 7. Negotiation skills & practice. Agreement formation and implementation. 1145 – 1230 8. Supplier Case Study and how to improve current and future year (s) results. Sales & Marketing Strategies. 1330 – 1430 9. Supplier Management, and Benefits Tracking. 1430 – Close 10. SRM Plans. Slide / Workbook review

5 Introduction Slide 5 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Workshop Presenter – 1 Paul Warrick – The Delos Partnership Limited Through global purchasing leadership roles with ICI PLC, Elementis PLC, Lonza AG, Crown Cork & Seal and Georgia Pacific, Paul has acquired substantial Strategic Purchasing, Supply Chain and Business expertise and has a career track record of delivering outstanding supply side value Improvement. He has complete spend category and project management expertise and has recently led major supply side improvement projects on Strategic Sourcing of Raw Materials with volumes in excess of 500,000 tonnes, Inventory Reduction, Global Logistics & E Commerce. Paul wrote the Delos Procurement Masterclass, containing all of the leading edge procurement & supply tools and techniques, which has been delivered to numerous blue chip businesses. The Masterclass is based on both first hand global Purchasing experiences in the Chemicals, Packaging, Paper, Coatings, Biopharmaceuticals, Adhesives & Metal industries and the Delos approach. This recognises that the drive towards effective procurement will only be achieved through engagement of all of the people across the functions – from Sales & Marketing providing accurate forecasts, to Development innovating in a way that is integrated within an effective global Procurement Strategy, to working closely with Operations, Supply Chain and Finance to ensure P&L spending and Balance Sheet cash & assets are optimized. Paul has a chemistry & polymer science degree, is Six Sigma and World Class Manufacturing trained and has worked with most of the big five and leading procurement consultants. Procurement support and advice has been delivered to manufacturing, service and consumer companies.

6 Introduction Slide 6 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Workshop Presenter – 2 Mr. X – The Delos Partnership Limited

7 Introduction Slide 7 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Workbook Data used in the workshop can be found in the Delos SRM excel workbook. The workbook also contains spreadsheets that can be customised for individual or team use. Feedback on workbook improvements and further development is required from each delegate.

8 Introduction Slide 8 © The Delos Partnership 2005 1 Supply & Procurement – Integration & Leadership 2 3 3 4 4 Cost, Cash & Spend – Management & Control Process & Tools – Awareness & Use Strategic Sourcing – Process & Capability 5 5 Negotiation & Agreements – Skills & Type 6 6 Supplier Management – Relationships & Results SRM SRM DEALMAKING DEALMAKING STRATEGIC SOURCING STRATEGIC SOURCING PROCESS & TOOLS COST, CASH & SPEND LEADERSHIP & PEOPLE Six Procurement Dimensions

9 Introduction Slide 9 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Challenges Inflation Up – Oil & Energy, Asia Demand, Market Consolidation Global Supply Chains – Asia Outsourcing by Europe & US Customer Expectations – RFTQ100%OTIF, Faster, Cheaper Shareholder Demands – More Profit, Higher Dividends Excess Inventories – Slow Moving / Obsolescence The Cost, Cash, Supply Chain & Inventory Challenge

10 Introduction Slide 10 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Check List Leadership & People – Key Areas Purchasing Vision and Strategy – integrated with the Business Internal customer / business “Buy – In” Purchasing Capability & Management System Cost, Cash & Spend Focus – Key Areas Focus on all key spend categories & suppliers P&L, Balance Sheet and Expense coverage Inflation (Cost) & Project Management Process & Tools – Key Areas Integration with the ERP system / report P2P Sales Process (demand/forecast) understanding / management

11 Introduction Slide 11 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Check List Strategic Sourcing – Key Areas Managed supply risk on key strategic / critical products & services Innovation (New Product/New Source) Project involvement Standardisation / Dual Sourcing + Leverage Dealmaking – Key Areas Complete Agreement coverage (CDA to Supply/Service Level) Negotiation excellence Clear terms, price lists and optimised invoice / payment Supplier Management / Benefits Tracking – Key Areas Complete supplier mapping / management Self Monitoring suppliers (RFTQ100%OTIF) & Finance integrated savings system Strategic Supplier partnerships

12 Introduction Slide 12 © The Delos Partnership 2005 No evidence of supplier partners in each business / region / plant No evidence of Supplier Management / Low RFTQ & OTIF Supply problems No evidence of agreements / price lists High Supply side inventories No recognition of the importance of Strategic Sourcing Limited bargaining power (sole source & size) No Standard Sourcing Process No Shared Service Centre / P2P system. Focus on Price / Cost only Uncompetitive prime materials pricing No clear Leadership – No Goals/Focus – Poor People – Not Lean! Low Capability Purchasing

13 Introduction Slide 13 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Workshop – Breakout Session Costs Reduced Fragmented Supply Base  Supply problems  No Standardization of Products or Services  No understanding of / support for SRM  Internal battles and politics  Supplier Quality improvements Service improvements High Emergency Transport Costs  Excess Stocks  Innovation & Plants doing their own thing  You have been asked make a 10’ presentation to the Board on SRM What went well – Where are the problems – Where are the opportunities ?

14 Introduction Slide 14 © The Delos Partnership 2005 Delos Procurement Assessment

15 Introduction Slide 15 © The Delos Partnership 2005 SRM – Value Gap Analysis The Delos Partnership has assessed procurement capability and the value gap in businesses ranging from large multinationals through to S.M.E.'s, across all of the spend & territory map and in many market segments. Procurement is now firmly established as an essential part of Supply Chain and plays a vital role in global sourcing, supplier relationship and cost management strategies. We assess the capability of business procurement and how effective the business is in leveraging its cost and spend on behalf of its customers to support of the business vision, strategies and goals. We assess performance against the six dimensions of Procurement which cover leadership and people, internal and external customer performance, how spend & cost is managed, process capability, strategic sourcing, leverage, dealmaking and supplier relationship management. This provides an independent and quantitative measure of how much year on year net total value improvement is being delivered versus agreed goals & benchmarks and improvement opportunities in business profit, cash and service. BenchmarkBronzeSilverSilver GiltGoldPlatinum Scor e Leadership & People (Management System) Cost, Cash and Spend Process and Tools Strategic Sourcing Dealmaking Supplier Relationship Management Bronze = Entry level Silver = Developing Silver Gilt = Competent Gold= Advanced Platinum= Expert Journey to Excellence

16 Introduction Slide 16 © The Delos Partnership 2005  Questions ?

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