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Graduate Research Grant Awards (GRGA) University Of Massachusetts Lowell Weeradech Kiratitanavit.

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1 Graduate Research Grant Awards (GRGA) University Of Massachusetts Lowell Weeradech Kiratitanavit

2 Purpose of the Award  Support research activities of graduate students at the University.  However, the funds from GRGA represent only a supplement to the other funding sources of the applicant.  Importantly, an award from the University Research Grant Association adds value to your Academic career.

3 Important Information How to get the award? The Application process The Reviewing process How to use the award? Purchasing Reimbursement

4 How to get the award?

5 The Application Packet The application packet for the GRGA award can be found in the GSA website under Forms and Applications. All COMPLETED application packets must be submitted BEFORE 5 pm on the due date

6 Deadlines for GRGA applications (Academic year 2013 - 2014) Fall 2014 Applicants - Monday, December 1, 2014 Spring 2015 Applicants - Monday, March 30, 2015

7 Mandatory Items –A 1-page abstract. –Research methodology. –Description of the contribution this research project makes to your field of study. –Renewal applications must include a new abstract, research methodology, & contribution to your field. A reprint of a peer-reviewed paper on the topic of the previous award MUST be included. Four pages or less; 12 Font size; Double spacing; Times New Roman

8 Other Items Itemized Justification form GRGA Peer and Faculty advisor review forms Travel Authorization and Liability waiver forms (For research …Not for Conference)

9 The Reviewing process The GRGA committee (consisting of volunteers from various departments) will thoroughly scrutinize the application The process can take up to 4 weeks The award winners will be announced in the following GSA meeting.

10 How to use the award?

11 Purchasing Guidelines Purchasing Equipment. - University Purchase order table%20forms/PO001_purchase_request_form-1.pdf Equipment purchase only through the PO route

12 Reimbursement Guidelines The applicant should file for reimbursement of purchases, before the validity of the award expires. Allow 6-8 weeks for reimbursement. All receipts should be original and in the name of the GRGA grant recipient.

13 Permissible Reimbursement Expenses Supplies, equipment and materials needed specifically for the research project. Transportation costs incurred during collection of research data. Training costs necessary to complete research. Cost for services rendered (translations, transcriptions, coding etc.) copying, binding cost, postage expenses. Purchasing gift incentives for study participants (with appropriate approval from the UML IRB). Other research activities deemed meritorious by the GRGA Committee.

14 Non-Permissible Reimbursement Office supplies not purchased via the student activities bookkeeping office. Thesis/Dissertation copying and binding costs. Purchase of computers or chemicals. Travel costs associated with attending or presenting a paper at a conference. (This is a Professional Development Award.)

15 Recommendations from the Committee A presentation of the research activity in a student research symposium or the GRGA 2013 spring banquet is encouraged.

16 FAQ What is the limit on the amount of money that I can get from the GRGA? Can I use the GRGA money for getting Lab Supplies? Should I exactly purchase what I proposed? Can I use my personal credit card to purchase the items proposed? Can I travel with the GRGA money? Can I place a chemical order with GRGA money? Can I get a computer from the GRGA money? How about a software? Can I go for a training with the GRGA money? How much time do I have to spend my GRGA Award?

17 For any questions, comments and suggestions E mail : Thank you

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