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WHAT IS FUSE? Provides funding to support faculty-mentored undergraduate student research and creative activity.

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2 WHAT IS FUSE? Provides funding to support faculty-mentored undergraduate student research and creative activity

3 WHO CAN APPLY? Undergraduate students at UNO (and other NU programs who pay tuition through UNO) Must be enrolled in Spring and Fall 2014 Cannot plan to graduate before December 2014 (Unless accepted into a UNO Graduate Program for Fall 2014) Must have a faculty mentor

4 WHAT FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE? Up to $2,500 can be requested $2,000 of that can be a student stipend. All funds can be used for materials (materials purchased are property of UNO) Funds must be spent/encumbered by February 28, 2015.

5 HOW CAN FUNDS BE USED? Student stipend (up to $2,000) Travel pertaining to research or activity Project-related supplies

6 FUNDS CANNOT BE USED FOR: Travel expenses to present the results at meetings Meeting expenses Publication charges Salary/release time for faculty Indirect costs Hiring of student workers to assist on the project Please note that any items/equipment bought by FUSE funds belong to the University


8 1) SECURE A FACULTY MENTOR Mentor will assist in the development of proposal and oversight of project and FUSE budget Mentor must read and approve submission of proposal Faculty need not be tenured or tenure-track

9 FACULTY MENTOR GRANT Faculty mentors can receive a $500 FUSE Mentor Grant – up to $1,000 for mentoring multiple students Funds may only be used for expenses associated with the mentor’s own research and creative activities. Funds may not be used for faculty salary/release time, indirect costs or other student/grad worker salaries

10 2) PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Select and work with your faculty mentor to design project. Determine if IRB, IACUC or IBC compliance approval is required (for projects involving human or animal research subjects or hazardous materials) Create budget Develop a detailed timeline Write a proposal – utilize the UNO Writing Center Submit proposal (due 11:59 PM (CST) October 15, 2013)

11 PROPOSAL CONTENT Proposals must be student written and should include the following: A. Project Description B. References/Citations C.Budget Justification D.Letter of Mentor Support

12 A. PROJECT DESCRIPTION 1.Project Description: the product that will result, its impact/contribution to the field, and conceptual importance. 2.Methodology: the activities to be undertaken and how these will result in project completion. Include/address any pitfalls. 3.Project Timeline 4.Student/ faculty mentor roles (student commitment of 200 hours)

13 NOTES ON PROJECT DESCRIPTION *2 page maximum, single spaced, 11pt font minimum Must be written by student. Proposals will be checked for plagiarism. Please cite sources! *Previous FUSE students should provide the title of their previous project, results, and how the new proposal differs from the old.

14 B. REFERENCES/CITATIONS Cite literature or other information referenced in the proposal Use a citation format appropriate to your discipline

15 C. BUDGET JUSTIFICATION Provide detailed accounting and justification of all anticipated expenditures Remember, all supplies and other items purchased with FUSE funding belong to the University.

16 D. LETTER OF MENTOR SUPPORT* Written by your mentor Must address the degree of collaboration (if any) between student and mentor. If the project is part of the mentor’s research, the letter should explain how. * 250 word maximum, single-spaced, 11pt font minimum

17 3) PROPOSAL REVIEW Please ensure your proposal is reviewed and approved by Faculty Mentor prior to submission Will review panelists from outside your department understand your proposal? Proposals not meeting submission guidelines or poorly written proposals may be rejected without review.

18 4) PROPOSAL SUBMISSION Go to FUSE website and submit a single pdf labeled fuse_studentsurname.pdf Website:

19 HELPFUL HINTS Schedule appointment with Writing Center staff for assistance with writing your proposal Determine compliance approval is required for project and begin work on compliance training as soon as possible. The evaluation sheet that reviewers will use available online More Information:

20 A NOTE ON COMPLIANCE If your project includes one of the following: - human subjects - animal subjects - hazardous materials You may need to seek special approval from a board of ethics.

21 COMPLIANCE RESOURCES Our Sponsored Programs website: IRB Education Series: -%202013%20-%20Sep-Dec%20v2.pdf IRB Office Hours in EAB 203: s.pdf

22 REVIEW PROCESS Reviewed by UNO Faculty* Adhering to UNO’s plagiarism; all proposals submitted will be screened for original work. Final decision made by the FUSE Director and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Activity *Evaluation sheet used available online

23 AWARDS Awards to be announced March 10, 2014 at the 6 th annual Student Research and Creative Activity Fair

24 REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Students with an award are required to participate in FUSE program activities. Required to present results at the 2015 Student Research and Creative Activity Fair (date TBD) Complete a mid-project and final report.

25 Please direct questions to Questions?

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