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Chapter 4. How Are You Creative? Are Creative? You How.

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1 Chapter 4

2 How Are You Creative?

3 Are Creative? You How

4 StylesStyles Cre8ng ™

5 Understanding Your Creative Profiles The M.I.N.D. Design TM

6 i M Dd n i i i i i nn n nn i Rational Exploratory Concensual Systematic

7 M.I.N.D. Design TM Preferred Thinking Styles

8 Think Learn Communicate Solve Problems


10 3.573.33 0 to 90 to 8 0 to 9 2.672.45

11 M.I.N.D. Design TM Creativity Profiles Short Description of the Four Profiles Meditative factual detailed logical one focus at a time Intuitive mostly creative use hunches or guesses strive for new ideas many focuses or challenges at once Directive systematic practical organized do what is scheduled or expected Negotiative personal/friendly very loyal like to enjoy what they are doing work as the spirit moves them

12 M - Meditative uses facts gives specific answer works alone thinks as a detective explains in detail questions everyone calculates accurately is very precise thinks abstractly uses logical thought works step by step I - Intuitive lots of ideas imagination sees or senses answers gets solutions w/o facts experiments often pretends easily sees patterns quickly takes risks very inventive future thinker N - Negotiative friendly loyal to others likes to work w/ people always involves others tends to be emotional joiner follower over leader trustworthy enjoys talking adaptable to group D - Directive works step by step is very practical plans before acts neat & organized directs people follows the rules on time exactly dependable does things right way wants correct answers M.I.N.D. Design TM Preferred Thinking Styles

13 Average Style Distribution Ca. 2/3 of people are combination of two styles Ca. 1/6 of people are combination of three or even four styles (i.e., no clear preferences) Ca. 1/6 of people are distinctly one style out of the four styles M.I.N.D. Design TM Average Distribution and Conflict Potential

14 M.I.N.D. Design TM How You See Personality Styles like yours Very Precise, thorough thinker, logical, rational, very focused Creative, risk-taker, challenging, innovative. Friendly, caring, sensitive, easy to be with, very giving. Reliable, orderly, consistent, loyal, accurate & right, highly dependable Meditatives look at themselves as … Intuitives look at themselves as … Directives look at themselves as …Negotiatives look at themselves as …

15 M M&n M&i M&d I&m I&n i I&d N&m n N&i N&d D D&m D&n D&i 75% 50% 25% Conflict Potential between Different Styles


17 M - Meditative 1. Rational 2. Logical 3. Analyzer 4. Investigative 5. Examiner 6. Questioner 7. Calculator 8. Precise 9. Mathematical 10. Theoretical 11. Problem solver 12. Rational loner 13. Distant 14. Details 15. Changer 16. Clearly distinct 17. Rule critic 18. Structured 19. Goal oriented 20. Time controlling I - Intuitive 1. Intuitive 2. Imaginative 3. Synthesizer 4. Instinctive 5. Experimenter 6. Possibility producer 7. Guesser 8. Risk taker 9. Inventive 10. Original 11. Conceptualizer 12. Flexible loner/joiner 13. Empathetic 14. Wholeness 15. Changing 16. Multi- possibilities 17. Rule challenger 18. Simultaneous 19. Possibility seeker 20. Time open N - Negotiative 1. Personal 2. Loyal 3. Doer 4. Involved 5. Socializer 6. Joiner 7. Follower 8. Trustworthy 9. Personably verbal 10. Adaptable 11. Working member 12. Team member 13. Sympathetic 14. Compromise 15. Changeable 16. Agreeable 17. Rule challenger 18. Random 19. Today enjoyer 20. Time flexible M.I.N.D. Design TM How the Types THINK, LEARN, COMMUNICATE & SOLVE PROBLEMS D - Directive 1. Systematic 2. Practical minded 3. Planner 4. Organized 5. Administrator 6. Tradition follower 7. Director 8. Predictable 9. Grammatical 10. Customary 11. Coordinator 12. Group member 13. Removed 14. Preciseness 15. Consistent 16. Exact 17. Rule follower 18. Sequential 19. Goal directed 20. Time focused

18 i M Dd n n n n n n i i i i i i your Cre8ng styles

19 Are Creative? You How

20 Rational, logical, Analytical, individual Systematic, equations, Step-by-step, proven Intuitive, exploratory, Unknown, fanciful Fun, harmonious, Involving all, family/team Solo Convergently Divergent Systematically Convergent Organization Wholistically Divergent Family Solo/Team Divergent M.I. N. D.

21 Innovation- Problem-Finding Self Recovery- Implementing Self Imagination- Idea-Generating Self Discovery- Idea Sensing Self your cre8ng ™ style M.I. N. D.

22 Idea Grid ™ Attribute Listing TRIZ ™ S.C.A.M.P.E.R. ™ Checklisting Brain Writing Excursions Forced Relationships Metaphors Writing Relay Group Excursions Guided Imagery cre8ng ™ Tools M.I. N. D.

23 M. I. N. D.


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