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Generation of Idea MarketingArtiste Technician Selection Signing with Media Actual Production of the Short Film Film Censor Marketing Short Film Release.

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2 Generation of Idea MarketingArtiste Technician Selection Signing with Media Actual Production of the Short Film Film Censor Marketing Short Film Release Short Film Making Process

3 PREVIEW  AMBULANCE - Introduction  Company Overview  Show Statistics Marketing Strategy  Benefits of Associations  Deliverable Between Both Parties  Sponsorship Options  End Note

4 About “ AMBULANCE ” SAVE A LIFE ! “Ambulance” is a short film initiative by Richard D’cruze, undertaken to create public awareness. “Ambulance” is a social cause movie aimed at addressing the issue of the high death tolls occurring on roads within city limits. How these death tolls can be brought down is the message behind “Ambulance”. The ultimate motto of the entire cast and crew of the movie is to in someway make a small contribution to be able to “Save a Life”.

5 About Genesis Motion Pictures Genesis Motion Pictures is an Indian film production company established in 2014 by Gowtham Reddy and Suri Sheetal Reddy. This young enterprising duo realized that their calling lies in fulfilling the dreams of passionate and talented people around them; with this as their motto they set out to create magic. Rightly named as Genesis Motion Pictures, marks the advent of a new journey into the film industry by the Reddy brothers. Genesis Motion Pictures is an initiative of the Reddy brothers to produce cost effective feature films with the help of advanced technology. The company is focusing on distributing Indian films overseas, as the scope for Indian films are spread across the globe. The recent onset of act locally think globally has been the founding idea behind this company. The company not only is founded by two young people but believes that the future of India vests on the capable shoulders of the youth, what better way than to empower them by giving them an opportunity to live out their dreams and reach for the sky. Set out with the good cause to empower and entertain the company believes in delivering quality and precision in every venture that they undertake. Company Overview

6 DM / Social Media Radio RJ Mention Media Planning Auto Rick Ads Public relations BTL Activities Electronic Advertising Pre/Post Release Activity AUDIENCE Short Film Promotional Strategy: Repeatedly getting the message out Blending several tools to deliver a consistent image to the audience.

7 Advantages  Product & Services are perceived as having higher value.  There’s a Celebrity halo effect.  The Best way to get brands noticed at a cheaper price.  Films transcend geography, class & culture barriers.  Cross Promotion.  The Viewer cant ignore the product without missing the plot.  More & More companies Switching.


9 Benefits of Association The Public Social Cause has a scope for high ROB ( Returns on Benefits). Benefits will not only bring in immense returns but will also have a tremendous effect on your Company’s business in terms of : Helping your company improve it’s public image, where the target audience will credit your company with enhanced positive perception. The mass media incorporations will further add to your target audience experiences. It acts as a base to entertain key clients and rewards employers by enhancing their goodwill. The Association of your company with “AMBULANCE “ will enhance your company’s brand recognition. Bangalore has not been exposed to a Public Social Cause movie of this nature or magnitude for a long time, therefore a tremendous euphoria will be generated for the brands associated with us. It is estimated that the movie will reach a target base of 10 million people in Karnataka. This would be an effective launch pad for anyone associated with a social cause. Your promotions can be centered around the movie. Being associated with the movie will ensure high viability of your projects/services/products to the target customers. It can prove to be a unique platform to enable joint ventures & Business partnering with other big brands associated with the movie. Genesis Motion Pictures will ensure total professionalism in presenting the Public Social Cause movie to ensure your value for money. Please Note: The number and extent of benefits shall depend upon the degree of the company's association with Genesis Motion Pictures furthermore, the exact benefit plan shall be customized to best suit the company’s profile based on mutual consent.

10 We at Genesis Motion Pictures believe in setting benchmarks with every endeavor of ours and to direct our actions towards social well being. With a fresh approach to events and creative new ventures, we hope to provide the best value to our sponsors.To our sponsors & Partners - we honor your spirit of encouragement. It will be our privilege to be associated with you. We sincerely thank you for considering our request for Sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have. We also welcome suggestions & indentation of other forms of involvement. Thank You!

11 Marketing is doing things differently and not necessarily doing different things # 662, The Lotus Krishna, S F 2, C Block,AECS Layout, Kundalahalli, Bangalore – 37. M : +91 98866 35298 E :

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