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Safetyplane Integrated aircraft fleet management system for: aeroclubs aircraft lessors airlines private owners owner syndicates manufacturers

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1 Safetyplane Integrated aircraft fleet management system for: aeroclubs aircraft lessors airlines private owners owner syndicates manufacturers

2 Manufacturer & Regulation Safetyplane is produced and supported by the ISEI company in the south of France Safetyplane is distributed overseas by Love4aviation Ltd (currently New Zealand & Australia) The ISEI company is certified to Part 21G (FR.21G.0202) for the production of Aeronautical equipment The equipment meets the DO160 standard and is delivered with an EASA form1 The installation in New Zealand registered aircraft may be carried out in about 3 hours by an approved maintenance organisation using Form 337 or STC.

3 Principle Or operator’s website Pilot & instructor Aircraft GMS/GPRS

4 Examples Ecoflyer ThielertPA 28

5 System components Aircraft panel installed box (rack + unit + cabling) FDR with battery, backup memory & time GSM/GPRS unit with SIM card Independent GPS unit Engine RPM recorder Airspeed recorder Vertical acceleration recorder FADEC connection for Thielert engines VEMD connection for Eurocopter GSM/GPRS Connection to internet Telemetry plan Microchip card (swipecard) Member identification: Premises access Aircraft key access FDR identification Pilot instructor Secure Internet site Centralised data storage and processing +

6 Web-based software means: Secure Internet site Centralised data storage and processing Available 24/7 Access from any PC - worldwide No license fee per PC Updates & Upgrades included Backup included For life data storage Authorised access through user name and password Access levels tailored for each member. i.e: Pilots Students Administrators Maintenance Owners Family OR Operator’s website using https protocol

7 Fleet management software package Automatic flight data recording Data uploaded automatically after each flight using SMS/GPRS: Fleet location Security management Automatic flight time recording Aircraft/pilot/Instructor Flight debriefing - data analysis Automatic invoicing Advanced invoicing – actual usage Prepaid accounts management Automatic bank debit Maintenance management The system requires the following information to be entered: Pilot details ( personal, licences, ratings, medical, expiry dates) Aircraft details ( technical data, flight time chargeout rates variables) Innovative services provided Internet based reservation Site access control Aircraft key access control Before flightAfter Flight

8 Internet based reservations tool Aircraft booking - Secondary booking - Instructor booking Associated bookings (meeting rooms, equipment) Controls aircraft potential (time -> next visit) Pilot currency control (licence & ratings for airplanes-helicopters-microlights-gliders, medicals, hours & landings past months, solo under supervision etc) Optimisation of fleet management (Real usage VS reservation) PDF downloadable, Price categories, Nature of the flight, Nb passengers Comprehensive reservations capability First Booking Secondary Booking Real usage Associated bookings

9 - Flexible and transparent aircraft hire rates - Real usage: - fair - competitive - include landing fees - encourages fuel saving - longer engine pre-heat - May be set to depend on flight phase & price category - Different setting for each aircraft - accurate invoicing – no mistakes - Real time invoicing – just after flight - easy to change Advanced invoicing

10 Aircraft management - Dashboard Flight Track Pop Up - Safety WarningCurrent location Graphical representation Pop Up – Real time invoicing

11 Graphical representation of flight data - Telemetry improves maintenance and flight debriefing -Each flight’s recorded data can be displayed on a time basis -Operator decides which data are displayed: Selection - Altitude (GPS) - Route (GPS) - Ground speed (GPS) - Air speed - True speed - Engine RPM - G-factor (Max, Med, Min) - FADEC gives: -Prop Torque -Oil P°& T° -Water T - Plus additional data for tamperproofing (pic errors, charge, current, Nb satellites)

12 Fleet - Safety Dashboard Graphical representation More Safety warnings than you would have thought Instantly control condition of the fleet

13 Ground track on Google map Aeonautical airspaces can be included High Precision Display of parameters at any given time of the track Recording every second possible Share your experience (overseas students?) For life data storage Flight track=post flight feedback

14 Report Maker = business dashboard

15 Privacy Data belongs to member, not operator Server in France. Protection of private data under European laws (strong!) Website access tailored for: each member each category each sub category No access to any CAA (CAANZ, CASA, DGAC etc) None=No Access to information Read=Read only information Writing=Send information (make booking etc)

16 Financial gains: Detailed flight invoicing Flight payment depending on flight phase chargeout rates Payment type flexibility Accounts optimisation Increase of aircraft asset value Cost reductions: Maintenance costs optimisation Optimising potential uses Fuel consumption optimisation Maintenance management optimisation Administration simplification Site access simplification Insurance premium reduction Benefits of the Safetyplane system

17 Flight safety improvements: Flight data recording Automatic detection of aircraft limits exceedances Incident avoidance Safer aircraft Pilot responsibilties Training support: Automatic flight track recording on aeronautical charts 3D flight track recording on satellite maps Visual representation of flight data Efficient debriefing of solo navigation flights Instructor efficiency Student progress improvement

18 Benefits of the Safetyplane system More productivity Better competiveness

19 Thank you, Samuel-Adrien Balley (Sam)

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