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EGenKit Remote Monitoring Solution. Agenda Company Profile eGenKit Solution Web Screenshots Q & A.

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1 eGenKit Remote Monitoring Solution

2 Agenda Company Profile eGenKit Solution Web Screenshots Q & A

3 Power Instruments Profile Inception since 1998 ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company A growing company with more than 20% employed within the R&D team. Leading, reputable solution provider in Power Generation, Control, Protection and Instrumentation. Providing customers with a variety of state-of-the-art technology products and complete solutions for Power Management, Automation, and Remote Monitoring.

4 Areas of Expertise: Power Instruments Profile Power Instruments has a dedicated team of highly proficient trained service and application engineers aiming to exceed customers expectation and solve technical issues promptly by offering a wide distinct product range for customers to select from. Remote Monitoring & Control Systems Genset ControllersPower Management Systems

5 Power Instruments Team Power Instruments team strives to be a one-stop solution provider that assist companies from initial conceptualization to commissioning, with post-sales services; giving customers a peace of mind premium experience.

6 Power Instruments Offices Jakarta, Indonesia HQ, Singapore

7 Some Concerns (3Ls) Loss of income: - Human errors (accuracy errors) - Penalties (long down time) - Increasing operating expense due to frequent travelling - Shorter lifespan of equipments due to improper maintenance Long down time: - Increase troubleshooting time due to miscommunications - Slow response from local/remote personnel - Unknown cause of errors Low productivity + efficiency: - Inefficient activity (i.e: manual data logging) - lengthy billing process

8 eGenKit Introduction WEB Based Remote Monitoring & Control Solution that helps companies to make accurate decision to optimize their operations. No Software needed (Anywhere & Anytime)

9 System Architecture eGenKit Local Panel eGenKit Server GPRS / LAN / Satellite Fuel Consumptions, Engine RPM, Operating Hours, etc Users Internet

10 Some Features Live Monitoring Data Logging (Historical) Trending with Graph Presentations Data Processing Auto daily report generation via GPS Tracking & Geofencing System Data backup during no network Auto Switching Data Transmission Alarm Alerts System via SMS and Events and/or Alarms Logging

11 11 Feature: Login Page

12 Feature: Live Monitoring (Real Time) 12 Monitor onboard information 24/7 at anywhere and at anytime Reduce unnecessary travelling/site visit.

13 Feature: Historical Data Logging 13 Tracking data history Export to excel for reporting Accurate data for condition & function monitoring

14 Feature: Customized own report 14

15 Feature: Trending 15 Trending with graph presentations Ease of analysis work

16 Feature: Data Processing 16 Data processing tools to ease analysis

17 Feature: Data Processing (Chart) Engine Port Engine Starboard

18 Feature: Vessel Positioning

19 Feature: Geofencing (Asset protection) 19

20 Feature: GPS Positioning

21 21 View your vessels current and past locations Estimate destination time Provide historical coordinates (longitude & latitude), speed and also time Feature: GPS Tracking System

22 Feature: GPS Log

23 Feature: Alarm Log

24 AUTO SWITCH GPRS & Satellite DATA TRANSMISSION Feature: Auto-switch HQ Office Satellite HQ Office Base Station

25 Benefits Gain income: - Minimize fuel theft activities - Avoid penalties - Reduce unnecessary travelling - Longer lifespan of equipments as a result of better condition monitoring - Proactive service Minimize down time: - Improve communication between superintendent & crews onboard - Reduce troubleshooting time Improve efficiency and productivity Increase company reputations: - Provide value added service to end users - Provide proactive service to end users

26 Optimization is achieved by closely monitor and measure Accurate Data = Accurate Decision


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