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ICAO Seminar on Aeronautical spectrum management (Cairo, 7 – 17 June 2006) SAFIRE Spectrum and Frequency Information Resource (presented by Eurocontrol)

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1 ICAO Seminar on Aeronautical spectrum management (Cairo, 7 – 17 June 2006) SAFIRE Spectrum and Frequency Information Resource (presented by Eurocontrol) European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

2 SAFIRE Briefing 1.Background 2.Purpose 3.System Overview 4.Data Structure 5.User Types 6.Demonstration site - web address

3 SAFIRE Briefing Background EUROCONTROL to address the need for a strong mechanism for the management, assignment and audit of the use of aviation spectrum within the airspace of ECAC States, in close co- operation with States and ICAO. (MATSE/6 meeting 2000). Fundamental to fulfilling this requirement was the need for improved spectrum and frequency information that is accessible to member States and other appropriate organisations. The quality attributes of accuracy, currency and integrity of the information being of paramount importance. Initiation of project for the development of a Spectrum and Frequency Management System (SFMS) (2002)

4 SAFIRE Briefing Background The initiation of the original SFMS development was driven by the following objective, To deliver:- an accurate description of current frequency assignment and their operational usage; a centralised database with appropriate security and confidentiality access levels; frequency usage analyses for every frequency band; access to technical analyses and aviation spectrum related studies

5 SAFIRE Briefing Current frequency management situation Frequency assignment data is held in national data bases / files, documentation; Individual responsibility to track changes and maintain national data bases from the official register; COM tables are published by ICAO, manual data entry; COM table coordination of assignment proposals is by use of messages over AFTN; VHF channel congestion in parts of Europe requires up to date knowledge of assignments to assist finding frequencies, manage shifts etc.

6 SAFIRE Briefing Purpose All aviation frequency assignments – centralised database; Assist Frequency Planning – proposal coordination tool Provide a history of assignments; Monitoring of frequency usage – e.g. congestion markers for short, mid & long term, support for:- Frequency demand models; Planning simulations. User access controls; Spectrum Area; Documentation, analysis results Meeting coordination Criteria reference Note : Responsibility for the accuracy of the data content of the frequency assignments is with the State authority.

7 SAFIRE Briefing System SAFIRE Central Database tables Frequency assignments User configuration Spectrum information Internet server Frequency planner User access level E mail accounts Frequency Planning software USERS Internet Connection

8 SAFIRE Briefing Data structure Based on format descriptions given in the ITU – R 1370 And 1413 documents; There are some data differences such as in the coverage volume descriptions due to ITU reference being ground based; Data elements are referenced by facility location, facility type. Optional station equipment detail is also possible.

9 SAFIRE Briefing User Access levels State Authorising person (SAP) SAFIRE Administrator State Frequency Managers State read access Special role ICAO (publication of COM tables) Eurocontrol (OPC frequency allocation) Capability to address new roles

10 SAFIRE Briefing Frequency Management Process Create Proposal for Coordination In SAFIRE Compatibility check Find frequency Select data from SAFIRE Logon to SAFIRE Frequency OK? Action ? Registration of assignment In SAFIRE Planning Software e.g. MANIF Logon to SAFIRE

11 SAFIRE Briefing Project Development System Functional Requirements User accounts Spectrum data Spectrum links User information exchange Assignment management Frequency management Query Management Monitoring Reporting Database management access levels allocation information web links to spectrum information message board facility data tables based on ITU RDD proposals, co-ordination messages and distribution lists Specified database queries regular data sampling report generation database functions – export, comparison, backup and archive Have been implemented by provision of:-

12 SAFIRE Briefing Project status Current development has been completed; Current deployment is now taking place as an operational evaluation phase for COM 2 table information; Requires establishing the formal frequency Manager accounts; Upload of the latest current COM 2 table data. COM3 and 4 data population to follow after finalising aspects of the data structure and approach to cleaning of existing tables.

13 SAFIRE Briefing Demonstration internet site http:// From here you can; log in register select functionalit y

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