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PEACE & CONFLICT STUDIES in Belfast Peace is within reach. - Bill Clinton Look at Northern Ireland. O verseaS studies.

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1 PEACE & CONFLICT STUDIES in Belfast Peace is within reach. - Bill Clinton Look at Northern Ireland. O verseaS studies

2 ABOUT NORTHERN IRELAND The Troubles: ethno-political conflict between Catholic nationalists wanted to be politically reunited with the rest of Ireland, and Protestant unionists who wanted to remain a part of the UK 1966 – 1997: conflict between the IRA and UVF, armed attacks on civil rights marches (“Bloody Sunday”), hunger strikes; emergence of Sinn Fein; several failed ceasefires until 1998. Since the “Good Friday Agreement” most groups involved have ceased their armed campaigns.

3 BELFAST TODAY: “Once lumped with Beirut, Baghdad and Bosnia as one the four ‘B’s for travelers to avoid, Belfast has pulled off a remarkable transformation from bombs-and-bullets pariah to hip-hotels-and- hedonism party town.” – Lonely Planet

4 ABOUT ISE The Irish School of Ecumenics (ISE) is Ireland’s only cross-border institute dedicated to the interdisciplinary study and promotion of peace and reconciliation on the island of Ireland and in the wider world.

5 WHY CHOOSE ISE BELFAST? Join a specialist center of Ireland’s top university and learn from practitioners at the forefront of conflict resolution Focus on both local and international experiences of conflict, peace and reconciliation Develop a personal research project on Lessons from the Peace Process in Northern Ireland Participate in class field trips in Ireland and Europe. Live with Irish University students.

6 WHO’S ELIGIBLE? By September 1 st, 2011, applicants must have: Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher Junior standing Good academic and disciplinary standing Open to all majors, but students focusing on the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: Peace & Conflict Studies International Relations Philosophy Political Science Sociology Religion

7 COURSES Conflict and Conflict Resolution (5 units; can substitute for IR 318) Social and Political Reconciliation (5 units) Lessons from the Peace Process in Northern Ireland (5 units)

8 FIELD TRIPS International Criminal Court The Hague, Netherlands United Nations Geneva, Switzerland Week-long conflict resolution workshop Glencree Center for Peace & Reconciliation –or- Corrymeela Community Weekend in Derry Bloody Sunday Anniversary

9 CREDIT Successfully completed ISE coursework may yield credit for: Required upper division electives Second major or minor coursework USC elective credit (default) No GE, Writing, or Diversity credit You may need pre-approval of your academic advisor or department, or you may have to petition for credit upon completion of the program.

10 HOUSING Stranmillis University College

11 HOUSING Two types of single rooms, both include 2 meals a day all week long Free wireless internet, heating, hot water and electricity; 24-hour security on campus Bed linen and cleaning service; laundry on- site Access to library, sports facilities, and student union 40 minute commute to ISE (just under £4/day)

12 HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Your USC tuition covers: Program tuition, insurance and administration fees Orientation in Belfast Fees for course-related field trips and workshops, plus round-trip airfare to Geneva You pay for: Housing and meals at Stranmillis (USC will bill you for this) Round-trip airfare to Belfast, visa, commuting expenses, and travel/meals for course-related field trip s and workshops Books, supplies, and incidentals MOST FINANCIAL AID CARRIES OVER

13 HOW TO APPLY Meet with academic advisor and study abroad advisor Pick up application and submit it by deadline ◦ Two-part application: application to USC and Trinity College Dublin ◦ Early to mid- September for Spring 2012 programs Screening interview Application forwarded to institution for final decision


15 FOR MORE INFORMATION ANY QUESTIONS? We’re located at CLH 201 between University Church and the Religious Center 823 West 34 th St. Phone: 213-740-3636 Email:

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