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Conflict in Northern Ireland Cy-Woods High School World Geography.

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1 Conflict in Northern Ireland Cy-Woods High School World Geography

2 Where are we talking about?

3 Who is fighting? Protestants Protestants are the majority in Northern Ireland. Catholics Catholics are a strong minority in Northern Ireland (and majority in Ireland)

4 Why are these people fighting? In the 1500s, Ireland was conquered by King Henry VIII and England. He split England away from the Catholic Church.

5 Why are these people fighting? King Henry took land in Northern Ireland from Catholic nobles and gave it to his English and Scot friends. People are still mad about this. England Northern Ireland

6 Why is Northern Ireland not part of Ireland? In the early 20 th century, Irish Catholics decided they wanted to break away from England. The Protestant minority feared living in a Catholic country.

7 Why is Northern Ireland not part of Ireland? In 1921, after some fighting, the British tried to make everyone happy by creating an Irish Free State and Northern Ireland, which would remain part of the United Kingdom.

8 What did this mean for Northern Ireland? They would have some self- government, but still be part of the U.K. The Catholics were now the minority.

9 Catholics in Northern Ireland They began to face discrimination. Housing Jobs Education

10 Catholics in Northern Ireland In the 1960s, Catholics started to take to the streets in protest. YouTube - U2 - Bloody Sunday “Bloody Sunday”: In 1972, the British fired on a crowd and killed 20 people. They claim they were fired on first.

11 “The Troubles” 1960s until 1998 Violence was common and terrorism was the weapon of choice. Car bombs gained popularity.

12 “The Troubles” The British Army got involved, but the violence only escalated.

13 Who is the IRA, and how do they fit in? A nationalist group devoted to the idea of a united Ireland. Organized by Michael Collins. Want the British out of Northern Ireland.

14 The landscape of Northern Ireland You know when you are entering a Catholic or Protestant neighborhood. Catholics call it Derry; Protestants call it Londonderry

15 Conflict today Murals and artwork on buildings show support for the IRA or the Loyalists (those who want to remain a part of the UK).

16 Conflict today A “peace wall” exists in some places, separating Protestants and Catholics. School children of each religion do not even go to the same schools.

17 Conflict today Every year, “orangemen” march in Northern Europe, celebrating British victories over the Catholics. They cause conflict by marching through Catholic neighborhoods.

18 Do they have peace now? Many other countries have gotten involved, but peace talks were back and forth for many years. The sticking point, appeared to be the disarmament of the IRA.

19 Do they have peace now? In 2007, both sides agreed to share power in Northern Ireland if the IRA would concede that Northern Ireland would only join Ireland if they voted to. Neither side will let their guard down however, and Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom.

20 Northern Ireland Quiz Who were the two groups fighting in Northern Ireland? What English monarch help start the conflict? What does IRA stand for ? What were their two goals? Who are the Loyalists? Is the fighting still going on today? (2010)

21 Assignment On a sheet of notebook paper, summarize the conflict in Northern Ireland. Be sure to include things like: –Where this is happening –Who is involved –Causes –What is happening –What is going on now?

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