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CRA-NPS 1 Session III Subscriber Maintenance ® NSDL.

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1 CRA-NPS 1 Session III Subscriber Maintenance ® NSDL

2 CRA-NPS 2 Types of Subscriber request Process flow Checklist for verification Capture, Confirm and Authorisation of request Control Mechanism Central Grievance Management System Session Snapshot® NSDL

3 CRA-NPS 3 Changes in Subscribers Details Personal, Nomination, Employment Scheme Preference (proposed) Transactions Requests for Switch (proposed) Request for Withdrawal Request for Reissue of T-PIN/I-PIN and PRAN Card  Change in Subscriber photograph & signature Types of Subscriber request ® NSDL

4 CRA-NPS 4 Subscriber PAO/CDDO NPSCAN CRA 1. Change details Request 4. Acknowledgement Number through e-mail/web access 6. On successful transaction Intimation through Email 5. Data Updation 3. Request capture/authorise NCDDO Process flow 2. Verify and forward ® NSDL

5 CRA-NPS 5 Change in Subscribers’ Details Type of RequestMakerAuthoriser Change in Personal & Bank details (other than Core Data) YesNo Change in Core dataYes Change in Nomination DetailsYes Change in Employment DetailsYes Withdrawal RequestYes Re-issue of I-Pin/T-PinYes Reprint of PRAN cardYes ® NSDL


7 CRA-NPS 7 Capture the request ® NSDL

8 CRA-NPS 8 The Confirmation Screen ® NSDL

9 CRA-NPS 9 The Acknowledgement Number ® NSDL

10 CRA-NPS 10 Authorisation of the Request® NSDL

11 CRA-NPS 11 Authorisation of the Request ® NSDL

12 CRA-NPS 12 Withdrawal Request Withdrawal due to: Retirement, Death or Resignation Minimum amount to be transferred to Annuity  Retirement - Minimum 40%  Resignation - Minimum 80%  Death - Nil Date of retirement should be matching with details registered at CRA No further request (except nomination) will be allowed in CRA The percentage share of annuity may change once the rules for the same have been finalised by Government of India ® NSDL

13 CRA-NPS 13 Miscellaneous Statement of Transaction (SOT) :  PAO can print SOT for subscriber Other request:  Re-issue of T-Pin and/or I-Pin  Reprint of PRAN card  PIN/PRAN card will be sent to PAO/CDDO office  Re-issue/Reprint will be chargeable ® NSDL

14 CRA-NPS 14 Entity Raising the Grievance CGMS DATABASE Intimation Of Token no. CGMS – An Overview Grievance against CRA Grievance against Other entities Intimation sent & Grievance status closed by CRA Resolved by CRAResolved by respective Entity Forwarded to Respective Entity by email by email also In case of call center and online request, token no. will also be given immediately ® NSDL

15 CRA-NPS 15 Grievance Management Raising Grievance: Mode of raising the grievance CRA website – using CRA call centre – 1800 222 080 using T-Pin PAO/CDDO can raise grievance on behalf of Itself NCDDO Subscriber PAO/CDDO can raise grievance Against CRA Against Trustee Bank Resolving Grievance: PAO to resolve grievance raised against it and to post resolution details in CRA system ® NSDL

16 CRA-NPS 16 Contact at: Central Recordkeeping Agency, NSDL Trade World, ‘A Wing’, 4 th Floor Kamala Mills Compound, S. B. Marg Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013 Tel. No. 2499 4200 Fax No. 2499 4974 Email id : Website:

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