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CRA-NPS 1 WELCOME TO CRA Central Recordkeeping Agency Workshop for PAOs/CDDOs.

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1 CRA-NPS 1 WELCOME TO CRA Central Recordkeeping Agency Workshop for PAOs/CDDOs

2 CRA-NPS 2 Session I Overview of CRA & Registration of Nodal Offices and Registration of Nodal Offices andSubscribers ® NSDL

3 CRA-NPS 3 Taking through the session About NSDL New Pension System (NPS) NPS Architecture Functions of CRA Role of Nodal Offices Legacy Data and Registration of Nodal Offices and Subscribers ® NSDL

4 CRA-NPS 4 About NSDL First Depository in India-promoted by IDBI, UTI and NSE NSDL credentials Managing large data base and centralised record keeping Wide network through Point of Services Volume handling Handling National Level Projects Tax Information Network for Income Tax Dept. Appointed as the Central RecordKeeping Agency by PFRDA for Government of India ® NSDL

5 CRA-NPS 5 Features of NPS Departure from Defined Benefit towards Defined Contribution System Registration- Unique & Portable Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) Tier I and Tier II Contributions Multiple funds and scheme options Annuity at retirement ® NSDL

6 CRA-NPS 6 Subscriber PAO/CDDO N P S C A N CRA (NSDL) Custodian (SHCIL) NPS Trust NCDDO Trustee Bank BOI Fund Flow Annuity Service Providers Funds Flow Information Flow Over Internet NPS Architecture PFM (SBI) PFM (UTI) PFM (LIC) NAV PFRDA Oversight Mechanism ® NSDL

7 CRA-NPS 7 Registration of entities in the CRA system Issuance of unique PRAN to Subscribers Contribution Accounting Issuance of PRAN Transaction Statement Providing various services to the Subscribers and different entities in NPS Grievance Resolution Reporting to PFRDA Functions of CRA ® NSDL

8 CRA-NPS 8 Registration of the Nodal offices and Subscribers Uploading Subscriber’s monthly contribution details to CRA (SCF) Transfer of contribution funds to Trustee Bank Updation of Subscriber Requests Grievance raising and resolution Role of Nodal Offices ® NSDL

9 CRA-NPS 9 Migration of legacy data and Registration of Nodal Offices and Subscribers ® NSDL

10 CRA-NPS 10 PAO wise legacy data upto March 31, 2008 submitted by PrAO Details received from PrAO Covering letter Covering Annexure II –in physical form containing details for Registration of the PAOs as well as details about transfer of funds to Trustee Bank Annexure Table I – in electronic format for registration of DDOs and SubscribersTable Intimation to PAO by CRA PAO registration number, DDO registration number, PRAN of the Subscribers, I-PIN and T-PIN for PAO to access CRA system, NPSCAN and IVR system are intimated to PAO Fund Posting to Subscribers’ account on receipt of fund confirmation from Trustee Bank Migration of legacy data-upto March 31, process ® NSDL

11 CRA-NPS 11 Major Discrepancies DDO Codes does not exist in CGA Directory PAO-DDO mapping not does not exist in CGA Directory Incomplete PAO Postal Address provided PAO Official Address not provided Sum of Subscribers Contribution & Govt. Contribution does not match with Total Contribution. UTR No./Cheque Details not provided/incomplete. Total Number of Subscribers not matching with Annexure - II ® NSDL

12 CRA-NPS 12 Direct electronic upload in NPSCAN by PAO PAO registered with CRA I-PIN provided by CRA Data pertaining to all underlying CDDOs and NCDDOs File similar to Table I along with Fund transfer details Second tranche of Legacy data -April 2008 to the cut off date File format will be provided later ® NSDL

13 CRA-NPS 13 PRAN generated by CRA to be mentioned PPAN to be mentioned for employees joined after March 31, 2008 Fund transfer details Change in DDO-PAO mapping Allotment of multiple PPAN Second tranche of Legacy data --Points to remember--® NSDL

14 CRA-NPS 14 Registration process of Nodal Offices Oversight Mechanism - On basis of physical forms- Annexure N1 to CRA PAO -On basis of physical form -Annexure II to CRA CDDO On the basis of physical forms-Annexure N2 & N3 NCDDO -PAO Though initially registered on the basis of electronic data, complete registration on the basis of physical forms-Annexure N3 authorised by PAO. NCDDO -CDDO Though initially registered on the basis of electronic data, complete registration on the basis of physical forms-Annexure N3 authorised by CDDO. DDOs® NSDL

15 CRA-NPS 15 Nodal Office Registration  Allotment of Unique Registration Number by CRA  Intimation of registration number by CRA  Issue of I-Pin & T-Pin for accessing NPSCAN/CRA and IVR facility  Standard Operating Procedures/Utility at CRA website for using NPSCAN/CRA ® NSDL

16 CRA-NPS 16 Access to NPSCAN & CRA  Single sign-on for both NPSCAN & CRA  Two different I-Pins without any hierarchy  Nodal office to identify at least two officials for assigning I-Pins  Core personal data and other details to be modified using Maker-Checker concept  First time login –  Accept online terms and conditions  Set secret question ® NSDL

17 CRA-NPS 17 Registration Hierarchy Subscribers will be mapped to DDOs, DDOs will be mapped to PAOs/CDDOs Nodal offices centrally registered at CRA PAO/CDDO Registration DDO Registration Subscriber Registration ® NSDL

18 CRA-NPS 18 Subscriber Registration  Form S1 to be submitted by Subscriber in duplicate  Photograph & Signature/Thumb impression of Subscriber  No supporting documents required  DDO to provide employment related information  Certification of details by DDO For Subscribers even though the PRAN has been generated, the physical form has to be submitted for the purpose of issuance of PRAN card ® NSDL

19 CRA-NPS 19 Understanding Subscriber Registration Form  Form S1 – Application for allotment of PRAN Form S1  Details of the form  Section A – Personal Details (Mandatory- excluding bank details)  Section B – Employment Details (Mandatory)  Section C– Nomination Details (Optional)  Section D– Scheme Details (Optional)  Section E – Declaration for I-Pin, T-Pin  Each Section has mandatory and optional fields ® NSDL

20 CRA-NPS 20 Subscriber DDOs PAO/CDDO 1. Submission of Form 2. Verification of details, provide employment details, Consolidation and Submission 7. Generation & dispatch of PRAN card, I – Pin & T - Pin 5. Scanning & digitization of Forms 6. Verification through FVU and Upload 4. Generate PRN and/or Rejection Letter CRA Subscriber Registration – Complete Process Flow NPSCAN 10. Data Download DDO 8. DDO packets 9. PRAN kit 3. Submission of forms CRA-FC ® NSDL

21 CRA-NPS 21 Contact at: Central Recordkeeping Agency, NSDL Trade World, ‘A Wing’, 4 th Floor Kamala Mills Compound, S. B. Marg Lower Parel, Mumbai Tel. No Fax No id : Website:

22 CRA-NPS 22

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