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Town of Ladysmith 2012 Financial Plan GENERAL FUND ONLY ~ Preliminary Version ~

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1 Town of Ladysmith 2012 Financial Plan GENERAL FUND ONLY ~ Preliminary Version ~


3 Telephone System Replacement Replacement of the town’s obsolete and failing telephone system To ensure uninterrupted service for all telephone communications Risk of full system failure; lack of parts for repairs due to age of current system Project Cost$65,730 Funding from: Taxation$65,730

4 Information Technology Replacement Windows XP with Windows 7 operating System Replace Office 2003 with Office 2010 Server Upgrades Project Cost$29,300 Funding from: Reserves$29,300

5 Sustainability Carry-forward project Continue to work towards implementing the Community Visioning Project Cost$48,105 Funding from: Reserves$48,105

6 Land Agent Carry-forward project Continue to work towards preparing and marketing the Town-owned lands available for sale Project Cost$11,200 Funding from: Reserves$11,200


8 Zoning Bylaw To review, update and modernize the Town’s Zoning Bylaw(s) to provide clarity and consistency with land use regulations and ensure alignment with the OCP and community’s vision Hire consultant/consulting team to work with Town staff Zoning regulations will continue to be out-dated and legal issues may ensue Objective of the new bylaw is to emphasize environmentally friendly development in support of the community’s widely supported sustainability goals Project Cost$130,000 Funding from: Gas Tax Grant$130,000

9 Northern Gateway (Lot 8) COC To achieve a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for Lot 8 Christie Rd – Brownfield To achieve a site that is available for redevelopment Golder Associates has been undertaking the PSI Site could not be approved for redevelopment without this project Contributes the use of serviced land located close to services (reduced vehicle travel) Project Cost$50,000 Funding from: Reserves$50,000

10 Bayview Connector Multi-Use Pathway.75 km separated bike path which will be 1.6-3.0 wide To create high quality cycling facilities to increase the cycling mode share Shifting mode share to cycling will result in reduced GHG emissions Project Cost$79,780 Funding from: Grant (Bike BC) $39,780 Reserves$40,000

11 Bayview Connector - Beautification Installation of trees and other material to create a high quality cycling environment Bayview Connector lacks landscaping Increased cycling reduces community GHG Project Cost$15,000 Funding from: Grants (BC Hydro) $10,000 Operations$5,000


13 Hazmat SCBA’s 4 MSA SCBA one hour packs and spare cylinders Hazmat response Restricts our hazmat operations for air supply when firefighters are using Level B Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Project Cost$24,000 Funding from: Taxation$24,000

14 New Fire Rescue Truck To replace 1986 vehicle Project Cost$455,000 Funding from: Reserves$40,000 Borrowing$415,000

15 Firefighter Turn-Out Gear Replace 5 sets of firefighting turn-out gear To ensure firefighters are meeting NFPA requirements Project Cost$10,000 Funding from: Taxation$10,000

16 Small Portable Pump Portable fire pump Used for marine firefighting and inter- face fires Project Cost$3,000 Funding from: Taxation$3,000


18 Sign boards at 6 th Ave/Methuen Kiosk Installation of vandalism proof sign holders For displaying informative information and photographs of flora & fauna at Holland Creek Working with volunteers, members of Ladysmith Sportsman Club and retired educator, to ensure accurate information Project Cost$2,500 Funding from: Taxation$2,500

19 Aggie Field Ditching Provide a functioning drainage system along the west bank of Aggie field This will address ongoing field drainage issues Project Cost$10,000 Funding from: Taxation$10,000

20 Kin Park Phase III Install playground equipment in the final phase of the Kin Park Project Project Cost$10,000 Funding from: Amenity Fund$10,000

21 Fitness Centre Equipment Replacement To ensure aging equipment is safe To prevent stoppage of service Costs of repairs comparable to purchase of new equipment Project Cost$15,000 Funding from: Taxation$15,000

22 FJCC – Awards Display To show case the various awards the Town has earned A Council directive Project Cost$2,000 Funding from: Taxation$2,000

23 Gym Ventilation Provide proper ventilation from pool area to roof of FJCC This will ensure building is protected from moisture damage Project Cost$10,000 Funding from: Taxation$10,000

24 Misc Upgrades to Ball fields To maintain existing ball fields Repairs to storage building at Holland Creek Field Repairs to batters cage at Holland Creek Project Cost$20,000 Funding from: Taxation$20,000

25 Various Parks Construction of fencing surrounding the Dog Park at Transfer Beach Rubberize Spray Park at Transfer Beach Project Cost$67,000 Funding from: Taxation$52,000 Grant$15,000

26 Floor Scrubber for Aggie Hall To maintain floors at Aggie Hall Ensure compliance with Health & Safety best practices Project Cost$8,000 Funding from: Taxation$8,000

27 Lot 108 Phase II To construct a regulation size baseball field, in conjunction with the community recreation grant program. Project Cost$1,204,000 Funding from: Grants (unconfirmed) $400,000 DCC Parks$100,000 Real Property Reserve (funding unconfirmed) $704,000

28 Continuing Projects Washrooms at Aggie ($15,000) Wickham Park Signs ($5,000) FJCC Improvements ($4,500) FJCC Emergency Backup ($9,688) Project Cost$34,188 Funding from: Prior Year Funding 34,188


30 Symonds Storm Sewer Upsizing the storm sewer on Symonds from 2 nd Ave to 4 th Ave from 200mm to 375mm To ensure adequate storm sewer size to handle runoff from a 25 year storm event Any heavy intensity storm event may damage road system Project Cost250,000 Funding from: DCC$167,500 Taxation$82,500

31 Bertram Storm Sewer To construct a storm sewer on Bertram from the cul-de-sac to Arbutus To reduce the liability of icing in the cul-de-sac from underground springs that surface at that location Crew will ensure that the area is on the priority list for salting during the winter months to ensure safety Project Cost$50,000 Funding from: Taxation$50,000

32 Paving Overlay on 4 th Ave from Belaire to Methuen To ensure the integrity of the road is maintained and eliminate the need for complete rebuild in the future Overlay 4 th Ave to ensure that moisture does not get into the base Project Cost$100,000 Funding from: Taxation$100,000

33 Vehicle Replacement Replace the vehicles per the Public Works Equipment Replacement Plan: Project Cost$363,000 Funding from: Reserve$363,000 Flail Mower $ 25,000 Sand Spreader13,000 Ford Tractor 55,000 Ford F150 Pickup 27,000 Sandpro 19,000 Ford F150 Pickup 27,000 Ford F150 Pickup 27,000 Ford 4x4 30,000 Ford F350 4x4 40,000 580 Case Backhoe 100,000


35 Sound Elimination for Interview Rooms Hardening of ceiling, materials Supply/install approved light fixture Laminated glass barrier between speaker port hole Sound transmission elimination Project Cost$23,830 Funding from: Reserve$23,830

36 Perimeter Surveillance System 4 – CCVE cameras supplied and installed Secure benching Project Cost$8,400 Funding from: Reserve$8,400

37 Exterior Fencing Supply/install 3 strands barb wire on existing fence and 4’ high fence plated on wall Install anti-intrusion bases inside 5 grills of HVAC Project Cost$5,300 Funding from: Reserve$5,300

38 Town of Ladysmith 2012 Preliminary Financial Plan Questions?

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