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June 26 th, 2010 Presentation to the Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc.

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1 June 26 th, 2010 Presentation to the Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc.

2 Township of Galway Cavendish and Harvey 2010 Budget

3 Total Dollars to be Collected by Township of Galway Cavendish & Harvey County$5,793,943.00 Education$4,211,469.87 Township$6,304,424.28 Total$16,029,286.15


5 Galway Cavendish & Harvey’s Share of 2010 County Levy 5.67% Increase over 2009 Budget GCH Pays 18.69% of the County Levy of $31,005,922 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $5,483,156.00$5,553,812.52$5,793,943.00

6 Galway Cavendish & Harvey’s share of 2010 County Levy Includes Waste Management Weed Control Emergency Planning Roads Fairhaven Home for the Aged Land Use Planning Lang Pioneer Village Land Ambulance Social Services & Housing Hospital

7 Galway Cavendish & Harvey’s Share of 2010 Education Levy 4.51% Increase over 2009 Budget English Public English Separate French Public French Separate 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $4,029,629.76$4,068,844.40$4,211,469.87

8 Total 2010 Budget Costs Municipal 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $10,318,984.69$10,339,543.92$10,233,469.87 Budget has decreased mainly due to completion of the grant projects funded through the Infrastructure Stimulus funds. Actual tax collection in 2009 was $5,920,139.28 In 2010 it is estimated at $6,304,424.28

9 Township Revenues Includes Taxation Grants –OMPF, Gas Tax, BCF, ISF Building & Plumbing Permits Fines Inspections 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $10,318,984.69$10,525,977.96$10,233,469.87

10 Township Expenses General Government Includes Council Costs Administrative Costs Office Expenses Economic Development Committee Buckhorn Regional Health Centre Kinmount District Health Centre 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $1,344,144.00$ 1,540,744.00$1,546,560.00

11 Township Expenses con’t Fire & Rescue Services Includes Administration Costs Fire Agreements Fire Hall & Equipment Costs Emergency Planning Training & Occurrences Fire Master Plan (1/2 2009 1/2 2010) 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $ 755,345.90$890,253.94$755,345.90

12 Township Expenses con’t Fire & Rescue Services Capital Expenses $260,000.00 – New Truck Firehalls 2&3 $35,000 - Purchase of New Pick-up Truck

13 Township Expenses con’t Other Protection Services Includes Building & Plumbing Inspections Administrative/Legal Costs By-Law Enforcement Animal Control O.P.P. Levy-Down 0.96% ($852,000.00) Conservation Levy –Up 13% ($50,907.00) Land Use Planning 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $1,470,367.00 $1,577,701.24

14 Township Expenses con’t Public Works Includes Road and Snow Maintenance Construction Projects & Traffic Signs Administrative Costs Parks & Recreation Environment Services 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $ 3,961,627.79$4,193,649.70$4,511,651.77

15 Township Expenses con’t Water Testing Service required under Regulation 170/03 Includes Testing at all Municipally owned Facilities Well at Lakehurst Hall Upgrades at all Municipally owned Facilities 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $5,300.00$ 6,432.04$33,400.00

16 Township Expenses con’t Environmental Services Includes All Landfill Site Operations Costs Cost for Closures From Reserves Budgeted From Previous Years Recycling Programs Administrative Costs 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $1,111,600.00$1,290,885.37$1,064,800.00

17 Township Expenses con’t Parks, Recreation, Culture & Heritage Includes Costs & Maintenance of all Recreation Facilities & Libraries Library Levy up 9.62% ($ 57,000.00) Grants 2009 Budget2009 Actual2010 Budget $213,627.79$264,885.58$267,451.77

18 Township Expenses con’t Public Works Capital Expenses 3 Ton Truck ½ Ton Truck Tower Roof at Galway Hall

19 Total per 100,000 of Residential Assessment (includes County & Education) 20092010Decrease $999.41$963.14$36.27

20 Tax Rate Comparison Municipal Tax Rate 3.21% lower than 2009 Total Tax Rate (Includes County & Education) 3.63% lower than 2009

21 Assessment Increases The average assessed value in the Residential Class in 2010 is $267,518 which is an increase of 7.20% from 2009. Overall with the Municipal, County and Education Rates combined, the property will see a $95.00 tax increase (3.85%) due to the new second year phased-in assessment.

22 2010 Elections Preliminary List of Electors – Make sure your name is on the voting list If you are not on the list you must fill our a form and provide photo ID Nomination Day – September 10, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.

23 2010 Elections (Cont’d) Vote by mail – you should receive ballot by the week of October 4, 2010. Please make sure you mail your ballot back right away to ensure it is delivered on time. Please make sure you sign the declaration card. Your ballot cannot be counted if the card isn’t signed.

24 2010 Elections (Cont’d) Elections for the following positions: - Reeve, Deputy Reeve and Councillor at Large (elected by everyone) - Harvey Ward Councillor - Galway-Cavendish Ward Councillor Fee - $200.00 for Reeve position $100.00 for Deputy Reeve and Council Members

25 2010 Elections (Cont’d) Election Day – Monday, October 25, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. One polling station this year at the Township office – from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. New Council gets sworn in December.

26 Public Meeting for Planning Applications On July 13 th, 2010 there is a public meeting on the following planning applications Change to the zoning by-law to establish the minimum water yard setback of 100’ instead of 70’ in County and Twp OP Change to the zoning by-law to allow boathouses to be located 5’ from the side lot line instead of the current 50’

27 July 13, 2010 Planning Meeting If you have any concerns or comments you can either attend the public meeting or submit your comments to the Secretary Treasurer Council directed staff to prepare report on these issues.

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