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State Street State Street Reconstruction September 2003.

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1 State Street State Street Reconstruction September 2003


3 Project Schedule Public Informational Meeting #1 September, 2003 Public Informational Meeting #2 November, 2003 Final Plans for 100 Block Due January 1, 2004 100 Block Construction 2004 Final Plans for 200 Block Due January 1, 2005 200 Block Construction 2005 or 2006

4 Construction Overview

5 Construction Scope Reconstruct Sidewalk and Roadway Replace Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, and Water Main New Street Lights and Traffic Signals Streetscape, Wayfinding, Logo, and Public Art Opportunities

6 1. Improve State St. …as a place for people 2. Promote environmental quality, character, safety, comfort, interaction, and flexibility of use 3. Reduce air and noise pollution Goals

7 4. Insure commercial retail viability by increasing the area’s attraction as a shopping and entertainment center 5. Strengthen the imagery of Downtown Madison 6. Capitalize upon the unique physical and symbolic attributes of the City, Capitol and University Goals State Street Capitol Concourse Plan - City of Madison. Paul Friedburg & Associates

8 A symbol of the community and its history A place for escape and romance A place to act and dream A place to remember

9 Save as many trees as possible Improve growing conditions with a continuous soil trench between trees Plant new trees using a variety of species Trees

10 Pavement Test Pavement - C1 Non-colored concrete Black and red aggregates Accent areas of special pavement treatment

11 Benches facing each other Planters Overture Block Street Ends Special Places

12 100 Block

13 Dark Sky Organization Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook Version 1.14 December 2000 / September 2002 State Street will be designed for Zone E4 Class 1 Lighting – Areas of high ambient brightness where color rendition is important. Normally these are urban areas that have both residential and commercial use and experience high levels of nighttime activity. Lighting

14 3 Types Area Pedestrian Accent/Banner Lighting

15 Area Lighting Amber Glow High Pressure Sodium Full cut-off optics Mounted at 30 feet Lighting

16 Pedestrian Scale White Color Metal Halide Low lumen output and prismatic lens Mounted at 14 feet Lighting

17 Accent/Banner Lighting White LEDs will replace the glitter poles through the new banner bracket design. Lighting

18 Tree/Seasonal Lighting Permanently mounted lights will replace the tree mounted lighting to minimize maintenance. They will only be used during the fall/winter months.

19 Proposed Lighting















34 Public Art Retain sculpture location Make needed repairs to sculpture and its lighting Provide an unobstructed view of the sculpture Create new context and setting for sculpture: pavement, seating, plantings, lighting Make the sculpture a focal point

35 Multi-tiered program Invite renowned artists Hold competition of local and regional artists Begin mentorship between young and experienced artists Create program for temporary art Encourage partnerships for public/private contributions Provide for long term maintenance

36 Public Art Opportunities Objects manhole covers, tree grates, storm drains, paving, kiosks, etc. Intersections Capitol Entrance Mifflin Street Court Overture Center Terrace Peace & Concrete Parks Continuum of Opportunities

37 State Street State Street Reconstruction September 2003

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