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1 P N VIJAY FINANCIAL SERVICES Portfolio Advisory Service-Equity.

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1 1 P N VIJAY FINANCIAL SERVICES Portfolio Advisory Service-Equity

2 2 Contents  Portfolio Management Service PNVF Credentials Product Features Pricing and investment style

3 3 About Us  Promoted in May 1990, PN Vijay Financial Services (P) Ltd (PNVF) is a SEBI-Authorized Portfolio Manager.  P N Vijay, the promoter of PNVF is a well known Investment Analyst with an experience of over 30 years in the financial sector.  Started career at SBI, moved on to ANZ Grindlays, and served as VP and Country Head, Merchant Banking at Citibank.

4 4 Why Us  We are a specialized research driven company with Corporate Office in New Delhi and a network of three branches at Noida,Greater Kailash II and Gurgaon.  Qualified professionals well versed in latest techniques of investment analysis.  Latest communication and automation systems with access to real time data.  Close links with Corporates and leading market players.

5 5 Portfolio Advisory Service  Discretionary Portfolio Advisory Service.  Investment in Stocks.  Minimum Investible funds stock/cash: Rs.25 lacs.  Customized Portfolio designed after ascertaining the risk return profile of the client.  Investment horizon of one year and above.

6 6 How It Works  The client provides information on his existing holding of shares/cash available.  Based on his risk profile and return expectations, we design a tailor made portfolio.  Agreement prescribed by SEBI and necessary Broker documents as per NSE are executed.  Arrangement is renewed automatically after a year.

7 7 Documents  Portfolio Advisory Agreement setting out the terms and the fee structure.  Individual client information form.  Authority letter favoring PNVF to execute transactions.  Account opening form with our designated broker.  Depository opening form with our designated depository.

8 8 How It Works…  Based on the research we undertake and our perception of market forces and timing, we make buy/sell decisions in stocks.  The delivery is made by the client and payments are made to the broking account in case of a debit balance.  Client receives monthly reports of the portfolio incorporating performance,portfolio details, dividend details, broker's ledger, transaction detail and DP holding.  The aim is to actively manage his portfolio so as to give optimum returns.

9 9 Fees  Option 1 The advisory fees payable would be 2 percent (of the value of the portfolio) per annum. (The minimum portfolio size under this service is Rs 25 lakhs.).

10 10 Fees  Option 2 PNVF will receive as share profit 30% of the profits in excess of 10% per annum. Profits would mean the sum of realized gains, unrealized gains and dividends received. Service tax will be borne by the client..

11 11 Other charges  Brokerage of 0.5% per transaction on delivery based trades payable to broker.

12 12 Our Investment Style  Discipline  Tools  Research  Client Reporting

13 13 Discipline  Portfolio is tailor made to client requirements.  Our focus is on value based investment with medium to long term perspective.  Diversified portfolio: with no undue concentration in any sector or stock.

14 14 Research  Our research team is responsible for establishing the investment strategy and providing us with real time information to support our portfolio managers  Research team works closely with fund management.Latest tools of fundamental and technical analysis are used for carrying out research.  Direct interaction with companies is also called for.

15 15 Client Reporting  We have got a very effective and prompt system of reporting in place. Our monthly report contains:  Account performance summarizing returns generated in the client’s portfolio.  Composition and the value of the portfolio- Description of security, number of securities, value of each security held in the portfolio.  Realised and unrealised income.  Transaction statement.  Our Relationship Manager are constantly in touch with the clients to understand their needs and get their feedback.

16 16 Taxation  Dividend income is tax free in the hands of investor.  Short term capital gains is taxed at 10%.  Long term capital gains attract no tax.

17 17 We realise your money matters to you. It does for us too. We are committed to do our utmost so that you get the best out of it.


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