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2 2 OVERVIEW  We provide currency management specializing in active management strategies utilizing different strategies and trading approaches that profit from positions in the currency markets with direct and continuous transparency and online validation of the investment value of capital.  As financial services become more and more dominated by ever larger integrated banks and other large financial institutions, aiming to offer a wide scope of services, there is room for a small boutique firm with a very high level of professionalism and integrity, and a major focus on high performance active currency trading management.  Our currency trading management is designed to match the needs of our clients worldwide, be they private or corporate.

3 3 KEY ADVANTAGES OF MANAGED ACCOUNTS  No setup fees on funds submitted to opening an account.  No management fees on the account.  Account holder has 24/7 viewing on account.  Account holder has the ability to stop trading of the account.  Account holder has the ability to withdraw a portion or the total of the account within 24 hours (business days only) after notification.  A performance fee is charged only when a new net profit is realized.  Direct deposits and withdrawals in TBC BANK  Withdrawals can only be made by the investor.

4 4 Our Trading Approach and Automatic System  We have combined 20 years of experience in the currency markets designing and implementation automtic systems To build an automated trading system on the currency market connected 24 hours a day directly to the worlds No. 1 broker's Dukascopy WhiteLabel Partner HDFOREX in Georgia, Tbilisi  The Dukasge system© is a computer program installed on a secured server based in the Geneva, and connected to the HDFOREX JForex platform. This black-box program automatically sends purchase and sell orders from the accounts of customers who have entrusted the management HDFOREX. Our team of traders are located in Tbilisi and in Geneva, continuously monitor the performance of the system and checked at all times Internet connectivity and other factors. This human input is not for decision making, nor even in the placement of orders, but only in monitoring the proper execution of decisions, made in time beyond the capabilities of human reaction (1 to 2 seconds) by the black-box.  The Concept is simple and original and same time

5 5. Dukasge © System perfomance Summary Report Performance  We have been running the system in live environment since 2014 August when HDFOREX launched Jforex platform and every day we confirmed its robustness: As shown on the graph below, there emerges a regular and almost constant with an average yield of 0.4% per day with Portfolio exposure below 5%.  Start Trading and capital August 5, 2014: $ 13500  Net income at November 5, 2009 : $ 3424  Average performance per month : 6%

6 6 Equity Chart Growth

7 7 Detailed Trade analyzis

8 8 MANAGED ACCOUNT FEES  The trading manager will receive as compensation for the management services, a monthly performance (incentive) fee. The performance fee is paid only if an account has new profits.  If the account experiences a loss, the trading manager will not receive another performance fee until the account has subsequent profits.  Accounts less than $50,000 pay a performance fee of 40%  Accounts between $50,000 and $1,000,000 pay a performance fee of 30%  Accounts above $1,000,000 pay a performance fee of 20%

9 9 How to apply? Partnership with us  Separate managed accounts will be managed with absolute, systematic discipline and are specially designed to maximize use of capital and liquidity.  Dukasge© systems is not intended for sale or rent. We offer our customers benefit through a win-win by doing work on your personal trading account.  Investor must open PAMM account HDFOREX branch at kavsadze str3  Investor must sign “Limited power of Attorney” which investor authorize us to manage account (please refer to HDFOREX to sign agreement) After this we start trading on your account  We offer a partnership that combines TRANSPARENCY, SECURITY and PERFORMANCE.  Thank you for Attention

10 10 CONTACT US  Representatives traders are located in Tbilisi, and Geneva.  Call + 995599626828  Email:


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