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IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Responsibility for Radiation Safety Day 8 – Lecture 4.

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1 IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Responsibility for Radiation Safety Day 8 – Lecture 4

2 IAEA 2 To understand the role of the registrant or licensee in providing adequate safety; and How specific aspects of responsibility are delegated within authorized practices. Objectives

3 IAEA 3 Responsibilities are held by: the registrant or licensee who holds a licence or registration; Responsibility for Safety Radiation Protection Officers (RPO); workers; employers, in relation to occupational exposure; suppliers; qualified experts; Medical physicists; medical practitioners; ethical review committees.

4 IAEA 4 Primary responsibility rests with: the registrant or licensee who holds the registration or licence; and employers of occupationally exposed workers. Primary Responsibility for Safety

5 IAEA 5 Subsidiary Responsibility for Safety Subsidiary responsibility The registrant or licensee may appoint other parties or people to carry out certain actions and tasks; However, overall responsibility for protection and safety always remains with the registrant or licensee.

6 IAEA 6 develop, implement and document a protection and safety Program; ensure compliance with the requirements set out in the legislation and the regulations. Responsibilities of Registrants and Licensees Registrants and Licensees and employers shall: establish radiation safety objectives;

7 IAEA 7 shall have sufficient resources (financial and personnel) to implement required safety requirements; should be verified at regular intervals to ensure that the radiation safety objectives are being achieved. Responsibilities of Registrants and Licensees (cont) The protection and safety Program: shall be subject to regular review of the measures needed to achieve radiation safety objectives;

8 IAEA 8 will provide for consultation and cooperation between all relevant parties with respect to radiation safety; will ensure that appropriate records are maintained regarding the discharge of responsibilities. Responsibilities of Registrants and Licensees (cont) The protection and safety Program: shall identify, prevent and prompt corrective actions or any failures or shortcomings in the radiation safety measures;

9 IAEA 9 radiation protection performance requirements; Responsibilities of Registrants and Licensees (cont) Registrants and Licensees are also responsible for: verification of protection and safety; occupational, public and medical exposure protection; management requirements; safety of sources.

10 IAEA 10 be formally appointed by the registrant or licensee; be formally approved by the Regulatory Body; have appropriate authority within the registrant or licensee’s organization to take care of the allocated responsibilities and duties. Responsibilities of the RPO The RPO shall: have received radiation protection training in accordance with any qualification and / or training criteria required by the Regulatory Body for the type of radiation practice;

11 IAEA 11 issuing instructions and ensuring that workers are trained to work safely; ensuring that appropriate protective equipment and radiation survey meters are available and used; Duties of the RPO monitoring radiation protection and safety; The RPO’s duties include:

12 IAEA 12 ensuring that licence details and safety arrangements are updated as necessary; Duties of the RPO (cont) The RPO’s duties include: providing information and notifications to the Regulatory Body as may be required by the legislation; keeping the registrant or licensee informed.

13 IAEA 13 appropriately use the monitoring devices, protective equipment and protective clothing provided by the employer / registrant or licensee; cooperate with the employer with respect to protection and safety and the operation of radiological health surveillance and dose assessment Programs; Responsibilities of Workers follow applicable rules and procedures for protection and safety; Workers shall be directed to:

14 IAEA 14 report to the employer, RPO or registrant or licensee any observed circumstances that could adversely affect compliance with regulations or safety. accept information, instruction and training concerning protection and safety; Responsibilities of Workers (cont) Workers shall be directed to:

15 IAEA 15 ensure that radiation sources are transferred only to persons / organizations holding an appropriate license; Responsibilities of Suppliers Suppliers shall: maintain records of source transfers; ensure that sources are supplied with:  relevant certificates;  user, maintenance and transport instructions;  radiation protection and safety instructions.

16 IAEA 16 responsible for tasks related to assessing radiation protection of workers, the public and patients. appointed to advise the registrant or licensee or the employer on the observance of regulations; Responsibilities of Qualified Experts Qualified experts may be:

17 IAEA 17 protection shall be optimized e.g. use of guidance levels; medical practitioners are responsible for ensuring overall patient protection related to medical exposures. Responsibilities of Medical Practitioners Justification of medical exposures medical exposures shall be prescribed by a medical practitioner;

18 IAEA 18 to assess the consequences of possible over exposure and to deliver opinion on the continuity of work; the medical treatment of persons who have received high radiation doses. Responsibilities of Medical Practitioners (cont) Health surveillance of workers to ensure initial and continuous fitness of workers for their intended tasks;

19 IAEA 19 the justification of screening procedures (e.g. chest screening, mammography screening); Responsibilities of Ethical Review Committees the justification of, and define dose constraints for, medical research purposes not producing a direct benefit to exposed individuals; An Ethical Review Committee shall assess: the justification of examinations undertaken for occupational, legal or health insurance purposes.

20 IAEA 20 Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards. General Safety Requirements Part 3. SR (IAEA Safety Standard Series No. GSR Part 3 (Interim)), Vienna 2011. Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Safety. General Safety Requirements Part 1 (IAEA Safety Standard Series No. GSR Part 1). Vienna 2010. References

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