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HID Proprietary & Confidential HID Technologies Nathan Cummings Director of Product Line Management HID Corporation 03/14/06.

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1 HID Proprietary & Confidential HID Technologies Nathan Cummings Director of Product Line Management HID Corporation 03/14/06

2 HID Proprietary & Confidential Legacy Technologies

3 HID Proprietary & Confidential Swipe Magstripe / /

4 HID Proprietary & Confidential Swipe Wiegand

5 HID Proprietary & Confidential 125kHz Prox

6 HID Proprietary & Confidential New 13.56MHz Technologies

7 HID Proprietary & Confidential iCLASS

8 HID Proprietary & Confidential Readers

9 HID Proprietary & Confidential Multi-Technology Readers and Writers R10/RW100 R30/RW300 R40/RW400 RK40/RWK400 OEM Modules OEM100/OEM300 OEM50RWKL550 RWKLB575 Keypads and BiometricsReader/WritersMifare Reader(/Writer) 6055 OEM Exp. Module

10 HID Proprietary & Confidential iCLASS Evolution  Original iCLASS  225ma avg current  Only  Fixed Tuning  Tamper Magnet  Non-config 57.6kbps max serial  No expansion capabilities  Generation II iCLASS  <100ma max current  15693, 14443A and B compatibilities  Auto-tuning  Tamper Switch  Configurable 115kbps max serial  Expansion board upgrades

11 HID Proprietary & Confidential Other readers

12 HID Proprietary & Confidential Other readers ISO ONLY.

13 HID Proprietary & Confidential Part Numbers  6100AKN0000  Model  Revision  Color  Hardware Options  LED and Beeper Configuration  Security  Mifare Output

14 HID Proprietary & Confidential ISO Compliant Technologies  Inside  PicoTag / PicoPass (14443A, 14443B, 15693)  Since 2001  256 or 2kbytes  64bit diversified keys  iCLASS  Based on Inside with enhancements  Expanded to include other technologies  Philips  Mifare (14443A 1-3)  Since 1995  1 or 4kbyte  48bit keys  DESFire (14443A 1-4)  Since 2003  4kbytes  3-DES  Currently the only GSC compliant chip  ICODE (15693)  Asset Tracking  TI / GE (15693)  Asset tracking and access control market Mifare and DESFire are not the same technology and can require different readers!

15 HID Proprietary & Confidential Non-ISO Compliant Technologies  Others  Sony (Felica)  Asian transit market (Octopus)  4kbytes (only 1.5 available for other apps)  3-DES  Legic  European multi-application market  Expensive licensing fees  Cubic (Go Card)  US transit market The US Government will not consider using non-ISO compliant technologies! iCLASS

16 HID Proprietary & Confidential iCLASS VS Mifare  iCLASS  Since 2001  Designed for access control  Multiple ISO protocols  64 bit diversified keys  Dynamic memory  Key management options  ISO 7816 based serial protocol  HID has lifetime warranty on all cards and readers  Mifare  Since 1994  Designed for transit  Single ISO protocol  48 bit static keys  Fixed memory  User defined key management  Proprietary serial protocol  Quality is manufacturer dependent

17 HID Proprietary & Confidential Other Standards Concerns Things not covered in ISO Memory Allocation Keys & Mutual Auth. (no ref. to ISO 9798) Security Algorithms Reader Serial Protocol Other Standards NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) FIPS (Federal Information Publications) FIPS-46 Data Encryption Standard (DES) FIPS-180 Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) PIV II/GSC-IS FIPS-201 Interoperability Standard

18 HID Proprietary & Confidential Cards

19 HID Proprietary & Confidential Multi-Technology Credentials iCLASS Tag iCLASS Key iCLASS embeddable iCLASS/ Prox embeddable iCLASS/ Wiegand Mifare embeddable Mifare /Prox embeddable Mifare / Wiegand embeddable DESFire embeddable Other 13.56MHz technologies could be used in place of ISO standard technologies.

20 HID Proprietary & Confidential Part Numbers  2002PGGMN  Model  Programming  Front Packaging  Back Packaging  Inkjet  Slot Punch

21 HID Proprietary & Confidential Memory Mapping HID App Format Info

22 HID Proprietary & Confidential Memory Mapping 8 Bytes per block CardSerialNum. Cnfg.Block StoreValueArea Key 1 Key 2 App.IssuerArea Block

23 HID Proprietary & Confidential Multi-Technology Credential MHz “Contactless Smart” 125 kHz “Proximity” Magnetic Stripe Contact Smart Chip Module Photo ID Anti-Counterfeiting: Hologram, UV Ink, Micro Printing Optional Polyester Layers Optional Wiegand Load (not shown)

24 HID Proprietary & Confidential Security

25 HID Proprietary & Confidential Security - Format Existing infrastructure can be utilized by encoding current wiegand format into contactless smartcards for access control. Alternate formats, like Corporate 1000, can be encoded into credentials and still ensure compatibility with the existing access control panels. Certain formats are designated as proprietary to a specific OEM which may limit their distribution!

26 HID Proprietary & Confidential Security – Mutual Authentication Secure communications between the credential and reader using mutual authentication ( iCLASS, Mifare and DESFire) Random number generation during mutual authentication ensures no two transactions are alike. The transmission cannot be recorded and played back to the reader. TI, GE, and ICODE (15693) technologies do not use mutual authentication!

27 HID Proprietary & Confidential Security - iCLASS Key Management Advanced key management systems to reduce the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards. Standard Security Programmed by HID with any format. All Standard cards work with all standard readers. iCLASS Elite Programmed by HID with any format and a custom site- specific key. Only your cards work with your readers. Field Programmer Cards and readers are programmed by you. Either Standard or Custom key security can be used. Other key management schemes are possible depending on the selected technology.

28 HID Proprietary & Confidential Development

29 HID Proprietary & Confidential Application Development How else can a contactless smartcard increase employee productivity or improve the workplace experience?  Completely Open  Developer defined key management  Full access to all unused areas of the credential  Easy to Use Protocol  ISO compatible (7816-4)  Reduced development time  World class support

30 HID Proprietary & Confidential Flexibility

31 HID Proprietary & Confidential Proven Flexibility  United States Navy Deployed since 7/03  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii SEIWG Container  GSC-IS 2.1 US Government Standards FIPS/PACS Level 1/2 Compliant  Level 3 under review FASC-N Container DESFire Compatibility Minimum 32bit (max 200bits) format output is not compatible with most access control panels available today! Flash Upgradable

32 HID Proprietary & Confidential DESFire GSC-IS iCLASS Mifare TI / GE Sony The Open and Interoperable 13.56MHz Technology iCLASS

33 HID Proprietary & Confidential ? Questions

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