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RFID / ID Security: Card Identity Solutions

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1 RFID / ID Security: Card Identity Solutions
HID Global Booth 531 RFID / ID Security: Card Identity Solutions Kelly Josephson 1

2 Agenda: 1. RFID Trends in ID Security 2. Market Opportunities
3. HID Global Solutions for your customers 4. Closing Summary

3 What Market Segments do you work with?
In every vertical market there are people who are concerned with security – it depends on who we are talking to. Security is important with some pull. It’s difficult to quantify ROI in security. It’s our job to help decision makers “sell security” in their organization. If we are just selling a printer and plastic cards – we aren’t needed – what value are we adding? Customers value experts who can offer a solution. To get your involvement, a few of you that show outstanding input today will receive this Fargo Sales and Marketing Binder (show it) I only have a few to give away……otherwise…its $50. The next few slides list big name customers who we hope value the importance of security.

4 Military Transportation Government Corporate/Education Airports Events
Security is an everyday discussion at schools, corporations, government agencies, airports, and just about every facility involving people. Organizations around the world are open to identity-related security vulnerabilities that could potentially cost them time, money or even lives. No one can guarantee security, But you can improve security with the use of ID Cards. And although no one can guarantee the absolute authenticity of an ID Card or the system that produces it, one can enhance the security of the system that produces the ID Card – this will be our differentiator in the market. With over 32 manufacturers of ID Card Printers, a decreasing Average Selling Price and a market push toward commoditization at the low end - More and more, end-users and dealers believe that “all card printers are created equal”. We must set Fargo apart from this thinking. ID Security card programs are an everyday discussion in schools, corporations, government agencies, airports, and just about every facility involving people. Organizations around the world have an interest in utilizing personalized data stored on cards. The need to secure assets and improve efficiencies are all around us.

5 Who do we turn to?

6 HID Global Clear market leader in contactless cards and readers for Access Control Award-winning products are used in over 70% of Fortune 1000 companies The most highly recognized brand in the security industry worldwide 250 million identity devices and 3.5 million readers shipped in 2009 Network of over 100 application solutions partners worldwide

7 Fargo Electronics Global leader in development of secure technologies for Card Identity Systems, including: Secure printer/encoders Secure materials Secure software Dominating market share: Over 185,000 systems shipped in the U.S. and over 80 other countries

8 Product Portfolio – HID Global

9 Application Opportunities
Data and Network Security/Public Key Infrastructure Card Management Software Visitor Management Asset Tracking You can see why it is “all in the card” The card selected to facilitate the desired applications will drive the other pieces of the solution: the access system, the readers, the printers, the consumables, hardware and software needed to secure the credential – audit the credential path and process the information. Reference “It’s All in the Cards” article – Fargo Facility Story Loyalty/Membership Programs Access Control Time and Attendance Parking

10 Evolution of the Card A large amount of text and image information can be stored on the card, retrieved visually. Additional technologies are available to process and transfer data. Kelly Josephson Rabid Gopher Fan 6533 Flying Cloud Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 x 190

11 Card Technologies - Barcodes
To hold even more data, barcodes became common.

12 Card Technologies – Mag Stripe
Magstripe: Holds magnetically encoded bits of data. Materials require different energy encoding levels. HiCo = High Coercivity (Usually black in color) LoCo = Low Coercivity (Usually brown in color)

13 Card Technologies – Smart Chip
To make the information more secure, the Smart Card was developed.

14 Card Technologies – Smart Chip
A miniature microprocessor is embedded in the card.

15 HID Card Technologies – Prox and iCLASS™
For Smart Card security without contact, HID offers contactless cards

16 Card Technologies – Prox and iCLASS™
These cards use an embedded antenna to broadcast data into RFID waves.

17 Combining technology helps migrate customers
Legacy POS Time and Attendance Log On & SSO PKI Data Encryption Certificates Legacy Physical Access New Physical Access Cafeteria Purse Keystroke Emulation

18 The Ideal Solution? HID iCLASS™
PC Login Time & Attendance Personal Data Photo Cafeteria Vending Free Free

19 Deploy the Benefits: iCLASS Campus Cards
Identification – Disable remotely Library Circulation Control – Encode last checked items. Registrar Services – Encode current classes for exam attendance Access Control to Events – Order tickets on-line, then write the authorization/seat, etc. on the card during card presentation. Online Debit System – Cashless Vending Arizona State University Migrating from proximity with magnetic stripe to Contactless iCLASS Cards with magnetic stripe

Card Personalization

21 Asure ID Card Application Software
Design Print Manage Share Control Design Print Manage Share Design Print Manage Design Print At the end of March, we announced a new line of badging software, Fargo Asure ID. For those familiar with Synercard, an HID company like Fargo is, it is the same application that Synercard has offered over the last 7 years. Synercard has over 15,000 installations worldwide. Now, Fargo Asure ID is available to our partners Solo…free software for single sided, magnetic stripe applications; no external database connectivity. The Solo CD includes a 20 day trial version of Express. Express…$825 and provides dual sided printing and external database connectivity (ODBC) Enterprise…$1595…for network environments Exchange…$2895…for smart card applications as well as real-time data exchange with other application’s databases such as access control systems. Languages supported are Spanish, English, French and German

22 Direct-to-Card (DTC™) Printing

23 High Definition Printing™
HDP 5000 HDP 5000 w/Lam

24 High Definition Printing (HDP)
Since electronics often leave an uneven surface, HDP is used to create the image first, then transfer it to the card.

25 HDP5000 – Versatile Create user’s ideal printer configuration. Modules can be added at time of purchase or in future as applications change. Any combination of components = Add any combination of components to create the perfect end user configuration – contact/contactless smart card encoding, visual security, dual-sided printing, dual-sided simultaneous lamination, etc. Partner benefit – fewer printer sku’s with more generic inventory gives the partner the ability to configure a system on the fly to a customer’s specific needs. End user benefit – shorter lead times from the partner and buy only what is needed, knowing the printer can easily be upgraded in the future as needs change. Fully configured printer/encoder to customer requirements Base Printer Module

26 Title of Presentation IDENTITY ON DEMAND SERVICES

27 HID Identity On Demand Services
From technology card and reader manufacturing to desktop card printers for personalization, HID Global has provided a number of access control and photo identification solutions to several markets for nearly two decades. Recognizing the market need for convenient and secure card personalization services, HID Global has created a turnkey solution for customers, encapsulated in the Identity on Demand services.

28 Identity on Demand Services
IoD services represents the global know-how, tools, delivery and speed to personalize even the most demanding credential programs.

29 Market Trends: End user Benefits
Administrative and logistical challenges for organizations with multiple locations Cost Control Regulatory compliance, i.e. HIPPA, SOX Better control of existing population Organizational re-badge projects Acquisitions, re-branding, etc. Card technology migration/convergence Magnetic Stripe, Prox, iCLASS, Crescendo, MIFARE, DESFire

30 Channel Benefits of IoD Services
Customer retention as an end-to-end solution provider Increase unit revenue opportunities Convenience - No capital equipment - No dedicated labor required - HID will ship finished product directly to end-user Complete service portfolio – world-class capabilities Customer data managed by HID’s secure delivery infrastructure and established security policies and procedures

31 Come see us at Booth #531 HID Global Web Page
For more information: Come see us at Booth #531 HID Global Web Page Thank you!

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