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DECADE ASSOCIATION. 1960s Freedom Summer Greensboro sit-ins U-2 incident détente.

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2 1960s Freedom Summer Greensboro sit-ins U-2 incident détente

3 1880s pragmatism (William James) John Dewey Edward Bellamy (Looking Backward)

4 1920s “Lost Generation” Warren G. Harding Henry Ford Sacco and Vanzetti Marcus Garvey

5 1600-1650 Pilgrims/Separatists Anne Hutchinson headright system city on a hill Covenant of Grace

6 1840s Mexican American War Mormons free soilers American Anti-slavery Society

7 1930s Agricultural Adjustment Adm. (AAA) phony war Congress of Industrial Organization brain trust Huey Long (Kingfish)

8 1760s Quartering Act Stamp Act Sugar Act no taxation without representation

9 1950s Alger Hiss NSC 68 NATO

10 1970s SALT I Treaty Hippies Camp David Accords Mayaguez incident Bakke v Board of Regents

11 1820s American Colonization Society Missouri Compromise Era of Good Feelings Tariff of Abominations South Carolina Exposition

12 1790s Federalist party Pinckney Treaty undeclared naval war assumption of state debts

13 1880s American Federation of Labor Dawes Act Alfred Thayer Mahan horizontal/vertical integration Haymarket Square Incident

14 1700-1750 Peter Zenger trial Great Awakening James Oglethorpe George Whitefield Jonathan Edwards

15 1840s Seneca Falls Convention Irish immigration Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo Wilmot Proviso

16 1950s baby boomers Sputnik beat generation Brown v Board of Education Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

17 1940s Servicemen's Readjustment Act George Kennan United Nations Korematsu v U.S.

18 1930s Bank holiday National Recovery Administration Scottsboro trial Wagner Act

19 1890s settlement house movement William Jennings Bryan Atlanta Compromise Jingoism Sherman Silver Purchase Act

20 1790s Bank of the United States Virginia-Kentucky Resolutions XYZ Affair Whiskey Rebellion Jay Treaty

21 1780s Shay's Rebellion Northwest Ordinance Three-fifths Compromise Articles of Confederation Annapolis Convention

22 1830s Bank war spoils system Second Great Awakening Transcendentalism gag rule

23 1880s Social Gospel Knights of Labor Jim Crow Laws A Century of Dishonor Social Darwinism

24 1770s Battle of Saratoga Thomas Paine’s Common Sense Coercive/Intolerable Acts Boston Tea Party

25 1890s Spanish-American War Booker T. Washington Gospel of Wealth yellow journalism Sherman Anti-trust Act

26 1960s Bay of Pigs Malcolm X War on Poverty Warren Commission Ralph Nader (Unsafe at any Speed))

27 1900s spheres of influence Big Stick Policy Lochner v New York Gentlemen's Agreement muckrakers

28 1870s Bland-Allison Act Thomas Nast Henry George (Progress and Poverty) Munn v Illinois

29 1760s Stamp Act Congress Sons of Liberty Pontiac's Rebellion Townshend Acts

30 1890s Dingley Tariff Coxey's Army Frederick Olmstead Teller Amendment Wounded Knee

31 1980s supply-side economics Iran-Contra Oliver North “evil empire”

32 1910s Committee on Public Information League of Nations Federal Reserve System International Workers of the World 16th, 17 th, 18 th Amendments

33 1770s Tea Act Boston Massacre First and Second Continental Congress

34 1780s Great Compromise Virginia/New Jersey Plans Barbary Pirates Treaty of Paris

35 1870s The Grange Crédit Mobilier Scandal long drives Horatio Alger Chief Joseph

36 1600-1650 indentured servants Mayflower Compact Roger Williams Great Puritan Migration House of Burgesses

37 1910s Creel Committee Henry Cabot Lodge "Birth of a Nation” Article X Wobblies

38 1900s Theodore Roosevelt Upton Sinclair (The Jungle) Emilio Aguinaldo Pure Food and Drug Act Anthracite Coal Strike

39 1840s cult of domesticity Manifest Destiny James K. Polk Lucretia Mott

40 1650-1700 Trade and Navigation Acts Bacon's Rebellion King Philip's War Salutary neglect Halfway Covenant

41 1930s Securities and Exchange Commission Neutrality acts court packing scheme "share the wealth” Indian Reorganization Act

42 1850s Dred Scott v Sandford Fugitive Slave Law Gadsden Purchase Bleeding Kansas Sumner-Brooks Affair

43 1860s Emancipation Proclamation Homestead Act Battle of Antietam Crittenden Compromise

44 1830s Trail of Tears Dorothea Dix Nullification William Lloyd Garrison/Liberator Worcester v Georgia

45 1920s F. Scott Fitzgerald quota system Harlem Renaissance, Washington Naval Conference

46 1810s Treaty of Ghent Hartford Convention Adams-Onis Treaty War Hawks American System

47 1940s Fair Deal Japanese interment Truman Doctrine Yalta Conference Taft-Hartley Act

48 1910s Volstead Act Bull Moose Party Federal Reserve Act “he kept us out of war” Triangle Shirtwaist fire

49 1930s Fair Labor Standards Act New Deal Bonus March 21st amendment “3 R’s”

50 1830s Whigs Force Act Independent Treasury Specie Circular

51 1860s Seward's Folly Sharecropping Tenure of Office Act scalawags

52 1970s War Powers Act Equal Rights Amendment OPEC Helsinki Accords Kent State

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