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Chapter 18 Test Review The Cold War

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1 Chapter 18 Test Review The Cold War
Question and Answer Samples and Techniques

2 The main goal of this was to stop the spread of communism
Truman Doctrine

3 The Soviet Union set this up in response to efforts from the West to reunify
Berlin Blockade

4 Best known for investigating communism in the film industry
HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee)

5 Defeated in the Civil War in China despite two billion dollars in aid sent to them from the United States Nationalists

6 The leader of the Communists in China
Mao Zedong

7 Commanded the US forces in Korea
General Douglas MacArthur

8 South Korean and UN Forces
Appeared to be winning the Korean War until China actively entered the conflict South Korean and UN Forces

9 The United States responded to fear of Soviet military action in the Middle East by issuing this
Eisenhower Doctrine

10 Making unsupported accusations on suspected Communists in the early 1950’s

11 US development of the hydrogen bomb
When the Soviet Union exploded an atomic bomb, the US responded by intensifying efforts to develop this US development of the hydrogen bomb

12 Northernmost NATO member in 1955

13 Warsaw Pact country isolated from other Warsaw Pact countries

14 Body of water not bordered by a nonaligned country
Black Sea

15 Number of countries that belonged to the Warsaw Pact

16 Three NATO countries border Warsaw Pact countries
Turkey, Greece, West Germany

17 Where is Berlin located on the map and why was the Soviet Union able to cut off highway and rail traffic into West Berlin? Berlin’s location in the middle of East Germany, a Warsaw Pact nation, made it possible for the Soviet Union to control all ground access to the city.

18 Where are most of the Warsaw Pact nations located
Where are most of the Warsaw Pact nations located? Why do you think the Soviet Union wanted to control these countries? Most of the Warsaw Pact countries are located near the Soviet Union’s western border. The Soviet Union effectively expanded its own boundaries by controlling these Warsaw Pact nations. It also protected or “padded” its borders by surrounding itself with allies.

19 Considering its geographical location, why might Turkey have been an important addition to NATO?
Turkey extends far east into “Warsaw Pact” territory. Turkey’s northern border on the Black Sea could prove to be a strategic site for a military base because of its access to Soviet ports. If SU gained control of Turkey, it would have access to the Mediterranean & greater influence in countries along the Mediterranean and beyond.

20 In July 1955, Geneva, Switzerland, hosted a meeting between the US and the SU. Why was Switzerland a good location for this meeting The map shows that Switzerland was a nonaligned nation and it is located in the center of Europe. Therefore, Geneva was a neutral and central location for the meeting.

21 State the goals met by the US during the Cold War.
Stabilizing Western Europe through aid provided by the Marshall Plan Defeating the blockade of West Berlin Containing Communism within North Korea Developing a hydrogen bomb Launching a space satellite

22 Explain how the fear of communism affected American life during the early years of the Cold War.
No American was safe from accusations of being a Communist President Truman set up the Loyalty Review Board The House Un-American Activities Committee investigated members of the film industry Americans were accused of spying for the Soviet Union (Hiss & Rosenbergs) McCarthyism

23 List the U.S. and the Soviet actions that contributed to the Cold War.

24 List the Soviet and U.S. military capabilities.

25 Explain how the fear of communism affected American life during the early years of the Cold War.

26 How to Use the Quiz Show Template
To choose a Question & Answer layout, on the Home tab, under Slides, click the arrow next to New Slide. Follow the placeholder prompts and fill in your actual questions and answers View the presentation in slide show to see the animations that reveal the answers Suggested Uses: Reinforcing teaching through audience participation Introduction to subject matter Recreational gatherings

27 Sample Question and Answer
The following slides are example questions using the layouts in the Quiz Show template. View them in slide show to see the answer animations.

28 The Sun is a star.

29 What is the name of our galaxy?
The Milky Way

30 How many planets in the solar system have rings?
Four planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have rings.

31 What is inertia? Measurement of electrical resistance
A ratio between mass and velocity Resistance to motion or change The speed at which an object falls All of the above

32 Match the device to what it measures:
Stop Watch Distance Scale Temperature Thermometer Elapsed Time Speedometer Weight Odometer Rate of Travel

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