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Truman Burbank vs. Guy Montag

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1 Truman Burbank vs. Guy Montag
After viewing The Truman Show and reading a majority of Fahrenheit 451, many parallels can be drawn between the characters of Truman Burbank and Guy Montag. Taking note of their similarities, compare and contrast the impact these similarities ultimately have on each character’s quality of life. Consider these questions to help your focus: How do their similar struggles influence their decision-making and eventually actions? How do their struggles impact the person on the inside?

2 Truman Burbank vs. Guy Montag
Maintain the following expectations of good written essays: Clear and convincing thesis statement Engaging introduction Well-developed Jane Schafer body paragraphs Fulfilling and satisfying conclusion

3 Introduction Engage the reader to want to continue reading the paper. What is your topic? What point will you be making regarding your topic? (Remember your thesis is the last sentence of this paragraph)

4 Thesis Statements The differences [similarities] between __________
and _________ are ________ , and they ____________ pronounced deserve striking merit ____________. thorough investigation rigorous scrutiny examination __________________ some ____________ similarities, Although they bear superficial Despite bearing minor the differences between _____________ and ___________ are . clear remarkable striking pronounced While some differences between ______ and ____ are _______________, the similarities are _____________ . evident striking noticeable pronounced salient

5 Conclusion This paragraph consists of three main elements:
Thesis restatement without word for word repeating. The summary of the claims/arguments presented in the body of the essay. The major final statement, implying all the mentioned above and clarifying the true essence of the essay.

6 Topic sentences – Yellow Evidence, quotes, facts – Green
Underline / Highlight your paper according to the following characteristics: Thesis statement – Red Topic sentences – Yellow Evidence, quotes, facts – Green Claims, commentary – Blue Concluding Sentences – Orange The color-coding of your essay should help reveal if there is a feature of the essay missing. If you’re struggling to identify what to color-code see me.

7 Writing Workshop Introduction – Does it make you want to continue reading the paper? Thesis – Does the paper flow logically from the thesis? Are there any issues in the paper that are not covered by the thesis? Jane Schafer – Are there at least 2 Concrete Details in each of the body paragraphs accompanied with at least 4 Commentary? Conclusion – Is the Thesis Statement re-stated in a different way? Are the body paragraphs summarized? Is there a concluding statement that makes the reader think? Spelling / Grammar – Check to see if it is accurate MLA – General Format / Internal Citations / Works Cited

8 Burning Bright - A Word Study: In the following flow chart, consider three possible meanings for this phrase. Remember that connotation is the idea that there can be several implied meanings to a word. Both burning and bright have several connotations to them. As the title to the 3rd chapter, maybe there are some meanings that are intended for the reader to take with them before they embark into the text. Determine 3 meanings, Then, flow chart down the rest of the page to hypothesize why these meanings might have significance understanding Montag’s current circumstance, what meanings they have for our society, and what thoughts just jump to your mind in thinking deeper and deeper about the meanings you choose. Burning Bright

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