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Literary Analysis.

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1 Literary Analysis

2 General Information MLA Format Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font
Double Spaced 3-5 Pages (approx. 1,050 – 1,600 words) To be passed in with the annotated poem which it is about Due date: Tuesday, March 3rd

3 General Information A literary analysis is about taking the poem apart to see how individual parts and pieces contribute to the theme You are looking closely at the structure, organization, and meaning behind the poem Your paper should be focused on the theme of the poem and what contributes to an understanding How is meaning created by the use of structure, character, setting, and/or other techniques?

4 Thesis Thesis statement: a short statement, usually one sentence, that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay, research paper, etc., and is developed, supported, and explained in the text by means of examples and evidence

5 Thesis Look back to your annotations if you’re stuck. Are there any patterns? Does anything stand out? Your essay should be organized so that every part contributes something to the reader’s understanding of the central idea. Refer to the literary elements you will use in your argument

6 Sample Thesis In the poem “ “, written by ______________, the speaker presents two conflicting views of war; he presents how society is saddened by the war, yet the speaker’s tone suggest that he is grateful for the war. The speaker’s use of symbolism, juxtaposition, and oxymoron portray his happiness of war.

7 Sample Thesis In the poem “ “, written by ______________, the speaker presents a poem that represents the individual’s conflicting psychological thoughts in a postmodern world regarding love. The speaker’s free verse, broken rhyme scheme, and hyphen use reflect her own inner conflicts in a postmodern world regarding love.

8 Sample Thesis In the poem “ “, written by ______________,Although the speaker has a great wife, he conveys a bitter message about marriage. The speaker’s use of dark metaphor, anaphora, and antithesis allow him to reveal his deepest and darkest thoughts about the social institution of marriage.

9 Thesis In the previous examples, each thesis statement states the overall argument and lists about three devices that will prove or support the argument These devices will be discussed in the body of the essay in order to support the argument In our case, it will show how the theme of the poem is constructed

10 Introduction Catch your readers attention!
Your introduction should state the name of the poem and poet It should also give a brief description of the poem Your thesis statement will be included in the introduction After reading your introduction, readers should know what direction your paper is going to take

11 Development of Argument
Linear: in order In this approach you would be going through the poem as it is presented Example: if there is a reoccurring symbol and you want to trace how it changes and develops from the beginning to the end Non-Linear: out of order The poem is examined out of order. You may use support from the beginning of the poem, link it to the end, then go back to discuss the middle Either is fine, but make sure it is organized, your argument is clear, and you can relate it back to your thesis

12 Paragraphs Each paragraph should consist of a point which is credible, relates to and supports your thesis, and is analytical Focus your ideas Remember to always use evidence! Topic sentences are a great idea because they tell the reader the focus of your argument Example: Repetition is the conscious and decisive replication of words or phrases.

13 Evidence You need to you evidence from the poem to back up what you are saying Quotes However, this is an analysis so it is not enough to just quote You also need to analyse the quote and describe, in your own words, how the quote supports the claim you are making Consider the context of the quote (where it is located in the poem) Is the quote part of a pattern?

14 Citation Short Quote: “Roses are red / Violets are blue” (1-2)
The slash mark / indicates where a line ends You do not need to write the poet’s name because your essay is focused on that 1 poem. Longer than 3 Lines: In his poem "My Papa's Waltz," Theodore Roethke explores his childhood with his father: The whiskey on your breath Could make a small boy dizzy; But I hung on like death: Such waltzing was not easy. (1-4)

15 Conclusion Sum up the main points you want the reader to take away from your paper Offer your interpretation of the poem, which by now should be convincing to the reader since you have presented your evidence in the body of the paper Your conclusion should flow naturally and fit with the development of your essay, not be a separate piece


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