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1 imagePRESS 1135P/1125P/1110P/1110S VIP Presentation.

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1 1 imagePRESS 1135P/1125P/1110P/1110S VIP Presentation

2 2 imagePRESS Brand Name New brand name introduced in September 2005 (Canon Expo) –imagePRESS C7000VP launched in June 2007 –imagePRESS C6000VP/C6000 launched in March 2008 100% Canon Inc. developed engine Innovative color technology Largest Canon Office Imaging Products (OIP) Group Investment in R&D

3 3 What is the imagePRESS digital press? Next generation, high-end, high quality digital press High productive with offset-quality Versatility to handle the most complex and lucrative opportunities in the marketplace Largest single R&D investment ever made by Canon office imaging group - Canon sold close to 3,000 presses so far since Canon launched 1 st imagePRESS-C1 in Oct. 2006 imagePRESS 1135P/1125P/1110P/1110S

4 4 Pages in billions Caslon & Company 2007 Mono : 70ppm+ Color : 40ppm+ Digital printing market –Retail Value of color digital printing exceeded the retail value of monochrome printing in 2006. –Still big demand of monochrome in terms of page volumes. –Target Markets: Commercial Printing, Data centers, PFP and CRD/In Plants Target Market

5 5 400K 600K 800K 200K 1000K Mid Production AMPV DocuTech world iR7105 Nuvera 144CP Nuvera 120CP Nuvera 100CP DT 1100 DT 6115 DT 6135 iR Pro 7125VP iR Pro 7110VP iR 7105 XX 4112 KM 1050 XX 4127 Product Positioning iP BW 1110/1125/ 1135

6 6 Machine Population sort by AMPV AMPV iR7105/iR105 Target MPV iR110/7110VP Target MPV Target PV zone of iPR1135/ 1125/ 1110 DutyOptimumTarget AMPV iPR 11353.0M400K – 1M600K iPR 11252.8M250K – 800K400K iPR 11102.4M100K – 700K200K Target MPV/Duty Cycle

7 7 Key Product Features Up to 110, 125, 135 ppm (LTR) printing Excellent image quality: Up to 1200 dpi printing Precision printing with accurate registration New toner technology delivers high quality output Exceptional Finishing with a huge diversity of in-line finishing options including perfect binding, multi-folding, saddle-stitching, punching, one or three edge trimming, and high capacity stackers

8 8 Excellent Image Quality The imagePRESS 1135P/1125P/1110P/1110S offers combinations of advanced technologies. –1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and Newly designed toner Sample quality with crisp thin line –Twin Sleeve Technology & ITB Avoids uneven distribution of toner –Front/back registration +/-0.5mm (C7000VP equal) Better paper registration for simplex/duplex Better front to back registration for duplexing Image Quality

9 9 Main Benefits –Avoids uneven distribution of toner –More consistent distribution of toner across the page Avoids Mottling Better solids What’s Sleeve? –To put toner on the electronic latent image on the drum, sleeve (developing cylinder) supplies toner to the drum. Twin Sleeve Image Quality Applies Toner Photosensitive Drum Toner Hopper ITB Twin Sleeve Smooths Toner

10 10 Excellent Image Quality The imagePRESS 1135P/1125P/1110P/1110S offers a combination of advanced technologies. –1200 x 1200dpi resolution and newly designed toner Sample quality with crisp thin line –Twin Sleeve Technology Avoids uneven distribution of toner –Accurate front/back registrationTarget : +/-0.5mm (C7000VP equivalent) Better paper registration for simplex/duplex Image Quality Deskew rollerShift roller Accurate front/back registration : target +/-0.5mm

11 11 Less down time On the fly –The operator can maintain productivity while the press is running. Load Paper on the fly –All paper trays can be accessed besides the one being utilized Load Toner on the fly –Toner can be added while the Press is running Longer between service calls –New a-Si drum –Stable image quality until end of drum life –Longer life parts Productivity

12 12 Versatility The press handles a variety of paper weights –Media weights Min:52gsm (14 lb. Bond) Max:300gsm (110 lb. Cover) –Coated, uncoated, textured, emboss, label, film, etc, –Media Size Min:7.17” x 7.17” Max:13” x 19.2” New Advanced Feeding Technologies & Multi Feed Detection are designed to ensure reliable and accurate paper feeding The Media Library sets parameters for optimum performance Versatility

13 13 Canon Printer Controller MicroPress Server imagePRESS Server New imagePRESS B&W 135ppm offers a large variety of connectivity options for users requiring both quality and performance at an affordable price point. Print Controllers

14 14 imagePRESS Line Up Middle configuration –Marking Engine (2K sheets x 1), –2 POD Decks, (4K sheets x 2), Multi Insertion Unit, 2 Stacker (10K sheets x 2), Multi hole Puncher, Saddle Finisher, Trimmer for 1-edgeTrimming Full configuration –Marking Engine (2K sheets x 1), Image Reader, DADF –3 POD Decks (4K sheets x 3), Multi Insertion Unit, 2 Stackers (10K sheets x2, LTR), Multi-hole Puncher, Perfect Binder, Paper Folder, Saddle Finisher, Trimmer for 3-edge trimming Small configuration –Marking Engine (2K sheets x 1), Image Reader, DADF –POD Deck (4K sheets), Finisher

15 15 135/125/110ppm engine with Production Finishing Color Image Reader (w/DADF) imagePRESS Server-Low imagePRESS Server-High MicroPress POD Deck Saddle Fin.-Y Paper Fold- ing Unit Perfect Binder High Capacity Stacker (#2) High Capacity Stacker (#1) Booklet Trimmer Profess- ional Puncher & Integration Unit Multi Insertion Unit Marking Engine Two Knife Booklet Trimmer Secondary POD Deck (#1) Secondary POD Deck (#2)

16 16 110ppm engine with Standard Finishing Color Image Reader (w/DADF) imagePRESS Server-Low imagePRESS Server-High MicroPress Paper Deck-X Fin-X Insertion Unit Paper Folding Unit Marking Engine Professional Puncher & Integration Unit

17 17 Enterprise CRDService BusinessPFP CommercialTransaction Data Center Fiery Canon Micro Press Plain Smart Board Micro Press OL/ RSA Canon/ Fiery iW PPM + Canon/ Fiery Canon Fiery Micro Press OL/ RSA Replacement Target

18 18 Thank you! Any and all trademarks used hereunder belong to their respective owners. Neither Canon Inc. nor Canon U.S.A., Inc. represent or warrant any information herein, nor any third party product or feature referenced hereunder. ©2008 Canon U.S.A., Inc. All Rights Reserved

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