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2 Remember from Cell unit Enzymes for PHOTOSYNTHESIS are in the ________________ CHLOROPLASTS

3 PHOTOSYNTHESIS HAPPENS IN CHLOROPLASTS = sac-like photosynthetic = stack of thylakoids membranes inside chloroplast THYLAKOIDS GRANUM (pl. grana) Image from BIOLOGY by Miller and Levine; Prentice Hall Publishing©2006

4 SPACES THYLAKOID SPACE STROMA cytoplasm Gel-filled space Inside the thylakoid sac Gel-filled space inside chloroplast surrounding thylakoid sac Gel-filled space OUTSIDE chloroplast but inside the cell membrane

5 Photosynthesis video click on Light-Dependent See a video clip about the LIGHT-DEPENDENT REACTION (Part 1) 8CLIGHT-DEPENDENT

6 PHOTOSYNTHESIS HAPPENS IN CHLOROPLASTS Proteins that are part of the thylakoid membrane contain ________________________________ and the ______________ transport chain ELECTRON Light absorbing CHLOROPHYLL

7 Light Reaction: Takes place in the Thylakoid membrane H2OH2O O 2 waste H e -- Pigment/chlorophyl e -- ATP (Energy released) ATP Electron Transport Chain e—H+e—H+ H NADP ATP To the Dark side!!! *Don’t have an endless supply of e — Need to replace H 2 o H

8 Light Reaction H 2 O is split O is released to atmosphere H provides electrons to chlorophyll pigment Sunlight energy is absorbed by chlorophyll EXCITES electrons that Jump to electron transport chain

9 Light Reaction Controlled release of high energy as electrons travel down the electron transport chain (stairs) and form - ATP At end of Electron Transport Chain (bottom of stairs) NADP bus picks up H and ATP and goes to the dark side

10 LIVING THINGS NEED ENERGY CARRIERS Molecule that carries = _______ Molecule that carries HIGH ENERGY ELECTRONS = ___________ ATP NADP + Images by Riedell

11 ________ + _____ + _____ → ____________ HIGH ENERGY ELECTRONS require a special carrier, too ____________ is one of the carriers that cells use to transport high energy electrons. NADP + 2 e - H+H+ _______= nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate Frying pan image from: BIOLOGY by Miller and Levine; Prentice Hall Publishing©2006

12 PHOTOSYNTHESIS Light-Dependent Reaction Light-Independent Reactions Light & Water Oxygen ATP NADPH

13 Light Reaction – in the Thylakoid (grana) H 2 O + CO 2 ----------  O 2 + C 6 H 12 O 6 But the NADPH bus & ATP trailer keep rolling to the Dark Side……. But the NADPH bus & ATP trailer keep rolling to the Dark Side…….

14 Dark Reaction/Calvin Cycle in the gooey sticky stroma Cycles 6 x to get 1 Glucose H NADP ATP ADP Back to the Light Cycle to recharge Bus back to Light cycle CO 2

15 Dark Reaction (Calvin cycle) NADP bus drops off H and ATP CO 2 is added Calvin cycle goes around 6 times Produces 1 glucose molecule

16 Dark Reaction/Calvin Cycle – in the sticky stroma H 2 O + CO 2 -----------------  O 2 + C 6 H 12 O 6

17 PHOTOSYNTHESIS Light-Dependent Reaction Light-Independent Reactions CALVIN CYCLE Light & Water Oxygen ATP NADPH Carbon Dioxide glucose

18 PHOTOSYNTHESIS OVERVIEW Pearson Education Inc; Publishing as Prentice Hall

19 LIGHT DEPENDENT REACTION Requires ______________ Takes place in the ________________ Made up of __________________ and _____________________ Uses light energy to change ADP + P → _______ NADP + + 2e - + H + → _________ Breaks apart ______ molecules and releases _____________ LIGHT ATP THYLAKOID membranes Chlorophyll ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN NADPH H20H20 oxygen

20 CALVIN CYCLE (also called _________________________) ____________ require ____________ Happens in _________ between thylakoids NADPH donates _______________ ATP donates _________________ CO 2 donates ______________ to make __________ LIGHT LIGHT INDEPENDENT ENERGY STROMA Hydrogen + electrons Carbon & oxygen GLUCOSE DOES NOT

21 Factors that Affect Photosynthesis ____________________ Water is one of the raw materials needed, so A shortage of water can ________________ photosynthesis AMOUNT OF WATER Desert plants and conifers that live in dry conditions have a waxy coating on their leaves to prevent water loss. slow or stop

22 Factors that Affect Photosynthesis Photosynthesis enzymes function best between 0° C - 35° C At temperatures above or below this range, photosynthesis will slow or stop Conifers in winter may carry out photosynthesis only occasionally TEMPERATURE

23 Factors that Affect Photosynthesis ____________________ More light increases rate of photosynthesis up to a certain level until plant reaches its maximum rate of photosynthesis LIGHT INTENSITY See effect of light experiment

24 THE BIG PICTURE PHOTOSYNTHESIS provides the _____________ we breathe and the __________ heterotrophs (like us) consume to survive _____________ + ____________ _______________ + ____________ Carbon dioxide WATER Sugars Oxygen OXYGEN sugars


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