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Workshop TiA Energy conversion-energy storage 8 th of May 2014 Bruges 1 Heat recovery systems.

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1 Workshop TiA Energy conversion-energy storage 8 th of May 2014 Bruges 1 Heat recovery systems

2 Content Europem in a nutshell –Profile –Financial figures –Engineering and consultancy –Clients –Products and solutions Waste –Case tank storage industry Energy conversion 2 Heat recovery systems

3 Profile Founded in 1999 by a team of combustion engineers Specialized in advanced thermal treatment and energy recovery systems Treatment of waste: gaseous, vapor, liquid, solid Engineering and consultancy, design, manufacturing, projectmanagement and commissioning services Activities: oil, gas, petrochemical, tank storage, food, process industries >200 references in 20 countries –Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa IS0 9001 & VCA ** certified 3 Heat recovery systems

4 Financial figures Annual growth – over 10% Revenue – 7.5 m€ 2012 – 8.5 m€ 2013 Healthy operating profit Stable shareholder structure – Industrial shareholders (partners-suppliers) – Management 4 Heat recovery systems

5 Engineering and Consultancy Process design Computational Fluid Dynamics Mechanical 3D Design Basic and detailed engineering Procurement Fabrication Erection Commissioning Specialist services ATEX studies vapor management systems Plant revamping and debottlenecking Energy efficiency studies 5 Heat recovery systems

6 Clients ARCELOR MITTAL 6 Heat recovery systems

7 Products and Solutions Tank Farms and Terminals 7 Heat recovery systems

8 Vapor extraction and treatment Feasibility and FEED studies ATEX Zone 0 Extraction Systems Static and dynamic flame arrestors On-line vapor analysis Advanced management and control software Elevated & Ground Flares, Combustors Experience with wide range of chemical products Knock-out drums Fuel/air/vapor control skids 8 Heat recovery systems

9 Products and Solutions Flares and Combustors 9 Heat recovery systems

10 Elevated Flares & Flare Tips Elevated flares Self supporting Guy wire support Derrick support Demountable Assisted flares Steam Air Gas Air/steam Features Reliable technology Efficiency > 98.5%- 99.99% 10 Heat recovery systems

11 Ground Flares & Combustors Ground flares / Combustors Natural draft Forced draft Temperature controlled Auxiliary equipment Knock-out drums Ignition burners Fuel skids 11 Heat recovery systems

12 Products and Solutions Furnaces, Incinerators and Energy-from-Waste 12 Heat recovery systems

13 Industrial Furnaces Static Furnaces Vertical Horizontal Multi-stage Rotary Kiln Furnaces Fluidised Bed Furnaces 13 Heat recovery systems

14 Energy from Waste Plants Flame Tube Waste Heat Recovery Boiler 1.60,000 kg/h @ 16 bar sat. 2.8,000 kg/h @ 8 bar, sat. 3.10,000 kg/h@ 12 bar, sat 1 2 3 Crude Oil Bath Heater 165,000 kg/h @ 17,5 bar, 80°C. Thermal capacity: 27.5 MW Duplex coils 3-stage Air Heater 40,000/88,000 kg/h @ 50 mbar 20-465°C/850-185°C Capacity: 3.4+6.9+1.1 MW Stainless 304/321/316L Courtesy of Vapotech 14 Heat recovery systems

15 Products and Solutions Services 15 Heat recovery systems

16 Services & Maintenance Service Level Agreements Periodic inspections Preventive maintenance Curative maintenance Spare parts management 24/7 support Remote monitoring Maintenance interventions Emergency interventions Spare parts supply and management Burner maintenance Refractory repair and replacement Plant debottlenecking and upgrades 16 Heat recovery systems

17 No waste to lose WASTE 17 Heat recovery systems

18 Case tank storage industry 18 Heat recovery systems

19 CxHy CxHyOz CxHyNz Sources of VOC 19 Heat recovery systems

20 VOC emissions Contribute to formation of photochemical oxidants (e.g. ozon) High conc. Ozon can impair human health High con. Ozon can damage vegetation and materials  Some VOC emissions are classified as:  Toxic  Carcinogenic  Teratogenic  Requirement for VOC abatement technologies 20 Heat recovery systems

21 EPC for vapor treatment systems Applied technology: combustor 21 Heat recovery systems

22 Vopak Rotterdam Stack natural draft MW’s available energy MW Vapor treatment system operational since 2008 System provided with connection flange for energy recovery purposes 22 Typical flue gas heat release 1 MW up to 20 MW for combustors Heat recovery systems

23 Challenging operational conditions Changing flow Changing composition 0- 100 % inert vapors VOC concentration = f ( T, product, operation) Potential explosive mixture Changing heat content 23 Heat recovery systems

24 Profile of terminal emissions 24 Heat recovery systems

25 Profile of terminal emissions 25 Heat recovery systems

26 Main volatile loaded products:  Gasoline  Petroleum products diesel and kerosene  Organic chemicals  Crude oil Emission rate:  Figures from 1999  Figures for European area  VOC emissions ~ 14,5 Mio ton/y  Tendency throughput products + 10% /y (Source: AEA Technology Environment August 2001) Emission rate today:  ~29 Mio ton/y VOC mass load 26 Heat recovery systems

27 Equivalent to:  41.500 MW energy  1,4 MIO domestic heat systems  40.500 MIO Nm3 nat gas consumption (@ 32 MJ/Nm3)  40.500 MIO Nm3 eq. to 18 MIO € (@ 0,05 €/kWh)  79.000 MIO ton avoided CO2  79.000 MIO ton CO2 eq. to 790.000 MIO € ( @ 10 €/ton C02) 29 Mio ton VOC/y 27 Heat recovery systems

28 Energy conversion 28 Heat recovery systems

29 Hot water production potential Heat recovery 29 Heat recovery systems

30 Thermal oil production potential Heat recovery 30 Heat recovery systems

31 Steam production potential  1,4 MIO domestic heating systems !! Heat recovery 31 Heat recovery systems

32 Existing vapor treatment system with steam production Base of design:  Production of saturated steam  Thermal treatment of 3 different waste vapor streams  Safe transport of vapor mixtures within explosive limits (zone 0) Construction:  3 VOC waste flows 2.000-2.000-1.000 Nm3/h  Horizontal thermal treatment system heat duty 8,7 MW  Forced draft support burner with (fuel)/ natural gas  Recovery boiler 10 ton/h saturated steam @ 10 barg  Downstream installed exhaust gas extraction fan  Safe vapor displacement system concept approved by TÜV-Sued GmbH Customer: ADPO Operational: 2001 32 Heat recovery systems

33 Available heat Flue gases: 24.000 Nm3/h @ 250 °C ~ 1.000 kW available for ORC system ORC system: ORC 1000 feasible Electrical supply from ORC 110 up to 140 kW 33 Heat recovery systems

34 Energy conversion Waste source ORC system 850 °C250 °C 34 120 °C Feasible energy conversion of ~ 1.000 kW on existing vapor treatment system; output of ORC 110-140 kW Heat recovery systems

35 Energy conversion How to transport-distribute converted energy?  Difficult for steam, hot water, thermal oil Easily for electricity 35 Heat recovery systems

36 Solutions for energy conversion How to transport-distribute converted energy?  Difficult for steam, hot water, thermal oil Easily for electricity 36 Heat recovery systems

37 Solutions for energy conversion Energy conversion system depends on waste flow nature:  continue  discontinue, e.g 20 % on/ 80 % off  discontinue, e.g. 80 % on/ 20 % off Feasibility study recommended. 37 Heat recovery systems

38 Continious offer of waste Waste source ORC system 850-1000 °C 38 120 °C Heat recovery systems

39 Discontinious offer of waste Waste source Thermal Storage vessel ORC system 850-1000 °C 39 120 °C Size and medium of thermal storage vessel depends on nature of waste flow ORC system on low operational regime @ waste flow shut down Heat recovery systems

40 Tank storage industry with high potential for energy conversion Design of thermal storage vessel depends on nature of waste flow Energy conversion system to define by means of feasibilty study Make waste to a success !! Conclusion 40 Heat recovery systems

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