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Using Social Media Outreach Without Leaving Your Office EMILY SHRYOCK THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN.

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1 Using Social Media Outreach Without Leaving Your Office EMILY SHRYOCK THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN

2 Life in the Disability Services Office

3 Outreach- Always on the Back Burner? Reactive Staff time spent reacting to student needs, instructor concerns, accessibility challenges, etc. leaves limited time to proactively address these same tasks on a larger level through outreach Proactive Initial investment in proactive outreach can reduce reactionary situations and free up staff time to re-invest in other tasks

4 A New Way of Thinking About Outreach Typical outreach (tabling, presentations) involves a lot of staff time for limited impact Creative outreach efforts can expand your reach while with limited resources Engage partners and build relationships that allow for a more supportive and inclusive environment for people with disabilities

5 Consider Your Outreach Audience Target Audiences: Students (with and without disabilities) Faculty/Staff Community Target messaging: Who you are What you do Who you serve Accessibility/Equal access Disability as diversity

6 Develop Your Online Presence Website/Blog Videos Facebook Online training modules Twitter

7 Considerations for Development Learn about your institution/department’s social media policies Create specific guidelines for managing content: Specify who develops/screens/posts content Develop guidelines for prioritizing content Start small: Choose one medium to start Practice building content before going “live” Must have commitment to keeping content fresh and up to date

8 Website and Blog Content is managed by DS office staff which allows for timely updates and edits Information is arranged by audience for easy navigation Includes blog feature to make site fresh and engaging Graphics make pages less text heavy

9 Social Media Facebook Easy way to update students & partners about office events, news, etc. Provide general disability news and educational resources Anyone can “like” and learn- not restricted to students with disabilities Twitter Provide real time updates (during events, etc) Engage with others on the same topics via hashtags Stay informed about those you follow (campus offices, community organizations)

10 Videos/Online Modules DS offices are content experts- figure out how to share content Initial investment of time pays off with end product Find partners with specialized skills/equipment who want to invest in your content

11 New Faculty Orientation Video Following “flipped classroom” model, content was provided to faculty prior to orientation SSD developed script and provided “actors”, CTL provided videographer and editing Result: 6 minute captioned video explaining the basics of providing accommodations at UT

12 Safety Education Program Safety education trainings are provided via online modules with quizzes upon completion SSD provided content, SEP program staff incorporated into module Result: 14 slide online module covering disability awareness basics

13 Moving off the back burner How might you “start small” with a new outreach effort? What campus partners have a vested interested in your work? Where might you find skills/expertise to develop online content?

14 Questions? Emily Shryock Disabilities Services Coordinator The University of Texas at Austin Services for Students with Disabilities 512-471-6259

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