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1 What’s Up With Cement Plant Permitting? What’s BACT? Presented by A. A. Linero, P.E. Adminstrator New Source Review Section June 27, 2001.

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2 1 What’s Up With Cement Plant Permitting? What’s BACT? Presented by A. A. Linero, P.E. Adminstrator New Source Review Section June 27, 2001

3 AWMA Conference, June Overview zKiln Construction is Back zFocus on Preheater/Calciner Process zFormation and Control of Pollutants zWhat’s Going on in Europe zSome BACT and LAER Ranges zLook at a Current Project zWhat Next? Questions?

4 AWMA Conference, June Views are Author’s ! zNot Opinions of Florida DEP zWe do Case-by-Case Reviews zLiterature Search, Not a Technical Paper zAs Seen by a Permitting Engineer zThere are Very Diverse Opinions zGreatly Simplified

5 AWMA Conference, June Dry Process Preheater Calciner Kilns

6 AWMA Conference, June Limited to New Dry Process Preheater Calciner Kilns Rinker Photo By FDEP

7 AWMA Conference, June From Top of Preheater Devil’s Slide Photos by FDEP

8 AWMA Conference, June Leaning Tower of Polysius? Florida Rock Photo by A. Linero

9 AWMA Conference, June Lot’s of Projects zProduction is up Nationwide. 80 Million TPY zFlorida Rock – First New Kiln in a Dozen Years zNew Plants – CO, FL, MS, NY, TX zModernizations and Expansions zAL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, IN, MS, SC, TX, UT zMost Require PSD Review and BACT (or LAER) zOthers “Net Out” – Switch Wet to Dry Process

10 AWMA Conference, June Pollutant Formation - NO X zThermal NO X zTemp. > 1200 O C zKiln Burner ~ 2000 O C zOxidizing Conditions zCalciner ~ 1000 O C zFuel NO X zKiln and Calciner Devils’ Slide Photo by FDEP

11 AWMA Conference, June Pollutant Control - NO X zMinimize T and Raw Materials Fluctuations zOptimum Process and Raw Mix Control zIntelligent Systems – Linkman, PyroExpert zMinimize Primary Air from Coal Mill zMaximize Hot Air From Clinker Cooler zAll New Projects Do These Things

12 AWMA Conference, June Kiln Burner NO X Graphic Source: F.L.Smidth/Fuller zMulti-channel Burner zPyrojet, Swirlax, Duoflex, GyroTherm, Rotoflam zFlame Shaping and Localized Reducing Conditions zHigh Momentum Primary Air Envelope zCompatible with Low NO X. All New Projects Do.

13 AWMA Conference, June SC Calciner zStaged Combustion (SC) zLower Stage – Reducing Zone zTires (15%), TDF, DDF, Bottle Caps zTertiary Air and Fuel zUpper Stage – Top Air zFlorida Rock Installing zMaybe 30 – 45% Reduction zAll New Projects Do This Graphic Source: Polysius

14 AWMA Conference, June Diaper Derived Fuel? z Devil’s Slide Filmed by FDEP

15 AWMA Conference, June Tire Gasification and SC zWhole Tires zMaybe 40% Tires zJura Cement - Wildegg zPossible at Suwannee, FL Graphic Source: Polysius

16 AWMA Conference, June SNCR zAmmonia or Urea Injection zHigh T, Near Calciner z15+ Kilns in Europe zTaiwan zMost Without SC zZero in U.S. Graphic Source: Fueltec

17 AWMA Conference, June SNCR – Problems? zMuch Resistance in U.S. z“Slip” and Possibility of Detached Plume zOften Occurs Even w/o SNCR zAmmonia Sulfates and Chlorides zCompatibility Question With SC Graphic Source: EnviroCare

18 AWMA Conference, June SNCR – Opacity? zNo Steam Plume in Dry Preheater Calciner Process zBaghouse Will Help Ameliorate Problem zAuthor saw No Plume at Siggenthal zStill Getting Plume? zManage and Solve Detached Plume Problem zWell Described by EnviroCare and CTL, Inc. zIncorporate Into SO 2 Control zHydrated Lime MicroMist, Avoid Aluminum Dross Siggenthal Photo by A. Linero

19 AWMA Conference, June SNCR – SC Compatibility zFor SNCR to Work, Need High T and O 2 zIn SC Calciner, T is High where O 2 is “Low” zOutside of Calciner, O 2 is “High” and T is “Low” zIs Lower End of Window 800 or 900 O C zJura Zement Has SC and SNCR and Gasification! z“No Effect on (Pre-SNCR) Excellent Plume Opacity” zNo Ammonia Slip (Low Removal Objective?) Graphic Source: Jura Zement

20 AWMA Conference, June Selective Catalytic Reduction zCatalyst and Low T Ammonia Injection zDemonstration Stage at Solnhofen zExtremely Dusty Environment zOr Need to Re-heat Stack Gas zMaybe Exotic Compared to Other Options zBetter to See What SC, SNCR, Achieve First

21 AWMA Conference, June European Emission Limits Polysius Graphic Modified by A. Linero

22 AWMA Conference, June SNCR at Leimen Plant - Germany Graphic Source: Heidelberger 2.3 lb/ton 3.7 lb/ton ~1.3 ?

23 AWMA Conference, June What is BACT? z2.5 lb/ton at Kiln Built Circa 1980! zSlug of 2.3 – 2.9 lb/ton BACTs, e.g. FRI 2.8 in 1996 z~ 1 lb/ton in Slite, Sweden (80% Reduction) z~ 1 lb/ton in Taiwan by SNCR z~ 1 lb/ton in 1994 Ash Grove SNCR Test z~ 1.2 lb/ton Annual Limit at Holnam Midlothian zEuropean IPPC BAT (200 – 500 mg/m 3 ) zEquals 0.9 to 2.3 lb/ton zLAER? Must Be Near 1 lb/ton. Lower if SCR Photo Source: RMC Lonestar

24 AWMA Conference, June Pollutant Formation – SO 2 zFuel Sulfur – Kiln/Calciner zRoasting of Pyrites in PH Graphic Source: F.L.Smidth/Fuller

25 AWMA Conference, June Pollutant Control – SO 2 zRaw Material Selection (Avoid Pyrites!) zFine CaO in Calciner Scrubs Kiln ~ 100% zMove CaO by  P to Upper Preheater zCan Reduce Pyritic Emissions ~ 20-30% zCapitol Cement and Ash Grove Chanute zNeed More Fuel, Balance Heat zCapital Investment Looks Low Graphic Source: F.L.Smidth/Fuller

26 AWMA Conference, June Pollutant Control – SO 2 zCaCO 3 and Moisture on Raw Mill Surface zSome of the CaO from D-SO X zMaybe Together 70+ Percent of Residual SO 2 zWhen Raw Mill Out – Control Gas Temperature zSpray Fine Ca(OH) 2 Mist into Conditioning Tower zNot Enough - More Conventional Scrubbers zAchieve as much as 90 Percent Removal Pfeiffer Raw Mill

27 AWMA Conference, June Effect of Raw Materials & Process on SO 2 zPH/Calciner Kilns in TX – 1000’s of TPY of SO 2 zHigh Pyrites in Raw Materials zWet Kilns in Florida – 1000’s of TPY of SO 2 zFuel Sulfur, No Calciner - less Self Scrubbing zPH/Calciner Kilns in Florida – << 100 TPY zNo Pyrites in Raw Materials zFlorida Rock Kiln, Rinker Modernization zFrom TPY to ~ 20 TPY Florida Rock Photo By FDEP

28 AWMA Conference, June What is BACT? z< 0.23 (or Better) in Florida With No Controls z~ 0.05 at Siggenthal by (Incidental) Coke Filter z~ 1.3 lb/ton at TXI Midlothian to Avoid PSD z< 1 lb/ton at Slite, Sweden (90% Reduction) zEuropean IPPC BAT (200 – 400 mg/m 3 ) zEquals 0.9 to 1.8 lb/ton zD-SOx & Lime Mist With Moderate Pyrites z90 % Scrubber Control With Very High Pyrites

29 AWMA Conference, June Pollutant Formation - CO & VOC zCO From Incomplete Combustion zVery Little VOC From Kiln and Calciner zEvolution in Preheater zOrganic Carbon from Raw Materials zCarbon from Coal Ash zVOC from Mill Scale, etc.

30 AWMA Conference, June Pollutant Control - CO & VOC zHot Excess Air, Mixing zTertiary Air After Calcining zE.G. Pyrotop after SC zRaw Material Selection – e.g. Millscale z~ 70% VOC Reduction at Florida Rock zMust Install Continuous Monitor zGrind and Introduce Directly into Kiln Graphic Source: KHD

31 AWMA Conference, June Regenerative Thermal Oxidation zTexas Cement Midlothian zAbout 10 Modules zArea of a Football Field zEnter Market at Earliest Date zAvoid PSD Delays “up to 3 Years” z$17,500,000 for RTO z$13,000,000 for SO 2 Scrubber Graphic Sources: Durr/Reeco

32 AWMA Conference, June Active Coke Filter zSiggenthal Switzerland zIn Conjunction with Dried Sludge Burning z$15,000,000 Partly Funded by Zurich z“Environmentally Friendly Dried Sludge Burning” zConcern Was Thallium and Mercury (on Cows?) zAlso Cleans up, SO 2, dioxin/furan, and Ammonia zWith SNCR Constitutes POLVITEC by Polysius

33 AWMA Conference, June What is BACT? zVOC = ~ 0.1 lb/ton in Florida (Hard to Meet!) zVOC = ~ lb/ton at TXI (By RTO - LAER?) zCO = ~ 2 – 3.6 lb/ton in Florida zCO = ~ 6 – 8 lb/ton in SC zCO = ~ 0.37 lb/ton at TXI (By RTO - LAER?)

34 AWMA Conference, June European Rule 2000/76/EG PollutantConcentrationProcess Limit Dust30 mg/m 3 ~ 0.14 lb/ton NO X 500 mg/m 3 *~ 2.3 lb/ton * 800 mg/m 3 **~ 3.7 lb/ton ** SO 2 50 mg/m 3 ***~ 0.23 lb/ton *** Mercury0,05 mg/m 3 ~ lb/ton Fluorides 1 mg/m 3 ~ TOC 10 mg/m 3 ***~ lb/ton *** CO _ * New Sources ** Existing Sources (Swedish non-EU standard is 200 mg/m 3 ~ 0.9 lb/ton) *** Non Raw Material-Specific Emission

35 AWMA Conference, June PollutantConcentration Process Limit Chlorides 10 mg/m 3 ~ lb/ton Cd and Thallium0.05 mg/m 3 ~ lb/ton Sb+As+Pb+Cr+ Co+Cu+Mn+Ni+V 0.5 mg/m 3 ~ lb/ton Dioxin and Furan 0.1 ng ITEQ/m 3 European Rule 2000/76/EG

36 AWMA Conference, June Ozone Non-Attainment Area PollutantRequirementTop LimitTechnologyDraft Limit Proposed Control NO X (4121 tpy) LAER~ 1SNCR ,3 SC SC & SNCR(?) VOC (129 tpy) LAER0.026RTO~0.11Materials? SO 2 (850 tpy) BACT0.23Varies~0.74Scrubbers CO (3983 tpy) BACT0.37RTO~3.5Materials? 1.Initial Limit is 3.6 lb/ton during first two years by Staged Combustion 12-Month Average 2.Limit is stepped down from 3.6 to 2.8 lb/ton between years 2 and 3 3.Company proposes LAER after 38 months of operation. Department sets LAER (2007 ??)

37 AWMA Conference, June Final Thoughts z4000 TPY of NO X equates to z50 Gas-fired Combined Cycle Plants = to 12,500 MW zAt 3 million Btu/ton of Clinker z3.6 lb NO X /ton limit equates to z1.2 lb NO X /million Btu heat input zOrder of magnitude > than new coal power plant zTwo orders > greater than gas-fired power plant zSome low hanging fruit to pick here.

38 AWMA Conference, June

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