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Northampton Generating Company, L.P. Northampton, PA

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1 Northampton Generating Company, L.P. Northampton, PA
Electricity Generation and Land Reclamation

2 Northampton Generating Plant

3 Project Benefits Generate electricity for 110,000 homes Principle fuel is anthracite waste coal (culm) Advanced coal burning technology (CFB) Cleaner energy with low emissions Operations conducted inside buildings Reclamation of abandoned mine sites

4 Rebirth of Atlas Cement Site (construction incorporated existing Atlas buildings)

5 Fuel Unloading Inside Fuel Building

6 Fuel Handling Inside Fuel Building (dust collection systems control emissions)

7 Fuel Capabilities Facility Designed to Burn 7,000 Btu/lb Material Primary Fuel is Culm (Anthracite Waste Coal) Transition and Startup Fuel is Propane Capable of Burning Solid Alternative Fuels Fuels Fed via Conveyors to Silo or Blown into Boiler Fuels Limited by Air (Stack) and Waste Permits (Ash) Fuels Limited by Borough of Northampton Resolution NOT Capable of Burning Liquid Fuels (e.g. Oils) NOT a TSDF for Hazardous Waste NOT an Incinerator or Trash Burner

8 Permitted Fuels (Actual 2006 numbers in parenthesis)
Co-firing of Alternative Fuels w/Culm Total Charging Rate = 105 TPH - (102 TPH) Minimum % of Fuel Mix = 50% Culm - (76% Culm) Coal (anthracite or bituminous) = 15 TPH - (0 TPH) Petroleum Coke = 32 TPH - (11 TPH) Paper Processing Residue = 25 TPH - (6 TPH) Virgin Wood Chips = 20 TPH - (0 TPH) High Carbon Ash = 50 TPH - (4 TPH) TDF (Pending Approval) = 23 TPH - (4 TPH) Propane = as needed for Start-up and Transitions

9 2006 Fuel Consumption Total Solid Fuel = 813,651 tons Total Ash = 474,820 tons Culm = 742,951 tons Coal (anthracite or bituminous) = 0 tons Petroleum Coke = 23,939 tons Paper Processing Residue = 37,522 tons Virgin Wood Chips = 0 tons High Carbon Ash = 6,266 tons TDF = 2,972 tons Propane = 260,682 gallons

10 Control Room manned 24/7

11 Air Emissions Continuously Monitored/Controlled

12 NGC Plant Emissions Comparison


14 CFB Operation (Circulating Fluidized Bed)
CFB technology known for fuel flexibility Fuel suspended on cushion of air in boiler Combustion occurs at 1,400-1,700 deg F Fuel and ash re-circulated using cyclones Achieves higher combustion efficiency Results in lower stack emissions Limestone injected w/fuel to reduce SOx Ammonia injected into CFB to control NOx Baghouse filters capture 99.9% of particulates

15 Truck Proceeding to Enter Building for Ash Loading

16 Limitations on Ash Beneficial Use Permit – WMGR068 “The following carbonaceous wastes: petroleum coke, uncontaminated, untreated wood chips and other paper and wood industry wastes comprised primarily of wood fibers: and the ash generated from the burning of that waste.” Limits on As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Mn, Ni, Se, Zi Surface Mining Permits – Mod 25 Coal and Ash Leachate Analysis Maximum Acceptable Leachate Concentrations Limits on 17 metals, sulfate, chloride, and pH

17 Ash Trucks Washed after Loading prior to leaving plant

18 Northampton Fuel Supply Company (located in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Area)

19 Culm Removed and Ash Returned

20 Top Soil used for Cover

21 Kaminski Site Before and After

22 Huber Site Before and After

23 Project Environmental Awards
1996 PA Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence Construction of plant on brownfield site using advanced technology PA Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence Reclamation of 117 Kaminski Site DOI National Award for Excellence in Reclamation Reclamation of 117 Kaminski Site

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