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Kentucky Housing Association HCV Update

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1 Kentucky Housing Association HCV Update
Milan Ozdinec, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Housing and Voucher Programs

2 Topics Overview of HCV Program HUD’s HCV Objectives
HUD’s Management Plan Goals for HCV Budget Add Overview slide of program and effort for HCV program on shortfall and leasing opportunities, where program stands, storyboard

3 Overview of HCV Program
HCV program currently assists 2.1 million households 31,455 households are assisted in Kentucky 2010 ABA for the entire HCV program was $16.6 billion Kentucky’s total 2010 ABA accounts for $171.2 million 2010 renewal funding for the HCV program is $16.4 billion Excludes new incrementals such as new units and special purpose vouchers Management goals are focused on leasing potential and shortfall prevention Kentucky’s household numbers are as of June 2010 and include UMLs for all Has except Louisville which used UMAs since it is a MTW.

4 Voucher Renewal Funding 2001-2010
$ in millions Note: Does not include incrementals. The 2008 funding excludes the $723 million offset and the 2009 funding excludes the $750 million offset appropriated by Congress funding includes the $150 million set-aside awarded in April.

5 Budget Utilization Trends
$ in millions HAP expenditures have fallen short of budget authority in recent months For June 2010 HAP Budget Authority was $1.39 billion and HAP expenditures was $1.35 billion

6 Trends in the Number of Vouchers
HCV program currently serves 2.1 million households Number of voucher-assisted households increased by 0.4% over last year Note: Includes MTW housing authorities.

7 Trends in Leasing Rates
Additional funding was made available in December 2009 for PHAs facing shortfalls which reduced the decline in leasing at the end of 2009 Leasing continued to decrease in early 2010

8 Our Objectives? Bottom Line – house more people with HCV and stabilize HCV Sept 2009 – Sept 2011 New Increments: VASH, FUP, Disability related, etc. Leasing more of the existing program HUD Efforts Developing spreadsheet tools to identify leasing potential / shortfall prevention Identifying resources, building capacity Being organizationally more flexible Outreach to our partners – training, consultation

9 HCV Initiative: One Year Earlier….
Last Year’s Conference – Problem identified: Inadequate attention to HUD’s largest subsidized housing program Management Commitment to re-focus on HCV HCV Working Group Formed FO and HQ team members

10 One Year Later…. Investment in capacity building in HUD and PHAs
Field Office Points of Contact and Subject Matter Experts identified and trained Training at numerous PHA conferences and at HUD FOs Development of Spreadsheet Tools Nationwide Data Report to Identify Risk and Opportunities Individual PHA Projection Spreadsheet Shortfall Prevention Team and Process launched Utilization SharePoint Site developed to manage process and data Region 4 Pilot initiated

11 Our Objective: Optimizing and Stabilizing HCV Leasing Nationally

12 Optimizing and Stabilizing HCV Leasing in Kentucky
Stabilization and optimization metrics for Kentucky: 4 PHAs with potential shortfalls using projections for end of CY No PHAs in the Top 200, 29 PHAs have some leasing potential using projections for end of CY 12 PHAs in the optimal zone using YTD budget and leasing numbers Comparison of Kentucky to Nation using YTD numbers

13 Building Capacity by Mastering Critical Variables
Hierarchy of HCV Capacity Success Rate Impacting Variables with Policy Choices Good measurement of variables Minimal to Anecdotal Knowledge of variables Turn over Rate Time from Issuance to Lease Per Unit Cost

14 Two Year Forecasting The key to stability: Projecting into Year Two Estimating Funding: Modeling Re- benchmarking Testing Issuance scenarios – monthly updating

15 HUD HCV Management Goals
Increasing Families Served Making VASH work Partnership and problem solving

16 Budget Status 2011 Status 2012 Planning
Relevance to HCV efforts at Optimizing and Stability

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