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HUD-VASH Operating Requirements

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1 HUD-VASH Operating Requirements
All regulations of 24 CFR Part 982 will apply with exceptions to follow New website for HUD-VASH

2 Family Eligibility Eligible HUD-VASH families are homeless veterans that are not required to have chronic mental illnesses or chronic substance abuse disorders.

3 Family Selection The VAMC will refer HUD-VASH-eligible families to the PHA. All screening will be done by the VAMC with the exception of family members subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a state sex offender registration program. PHAs will only be able to deny admission for this reason.

4 Income Eligibility PHA must determine income eligibility for HUD-VASH families. Income targeting requirements do not apply. However, the PHA may choose to include the admission of extremely-low income HUD-VASH families in its income targeting numbers for the fiscal year in which these families are admitted.

5 Initial Term of the HCV HUD-VASH vouchers must have an initial search term of at least 120 days. Any extensions, suspensions and progress reports will remain under the policies in the PHA’s administrative plan, but will apply after the minimum 120 day initial search term.

6 Initial Lease Term Initial leases may be less than 12 months regardless of prevailing market practice.

7 Ineligible Housing HUD-VASH families will be permitted to live on the grounds of a VAMC in units owned by the VA Therefore, these units will not be considered ineligible housing for these families only.

8 Mobility and Portability
Restrictions apply in the following cases based on the location of the VAMC: If a family moves under portability (short distance), but will be served by the same VAMC, the receiving PHA must bill the initial PHA. If a family moves long distance and will be served by another VAMC, the receiving PHA must absorb the family if a HUD-VASH voucher is available.

9 Case Management As a condition of HCV rental assistance, a HUD-VASH eligible family must receive case management services from the VAMC. A HUD-VASH participant family’s HCV assistance must be terminated for failure to participate in case management, without good cause, as verified by the VAMC. However, a determination by the VAMC that case management is no longer required, is not grounds for termination of HCV assistance.

10 Turnover of HUD-VASH Vouchers
HUD-VASH vouchers must continue to be issued to eligible families referred by the VAMC.

11 Moving to Work Agencies
HUD-VASH vouchers must be administered in accordance with the prescribed operating requirements and are not eligible for fungibility under a PHA’s MTW agreement.

12 Project-Based Vouchers
The Department will consider, on a case-by-case basis, requests from the PHA (with the support of the VAMC) to project-base some or all of these vouchers. Applicable statutory or regulatory waiver requests (including competition) will be considered.

13 SEMAP Since leasing of HUD-VASH vouchers will be dependent on referrals from the VAMC, the unit months and budget authority associated with these vouchers will not be included in the SEMAP leasing indicator denominator. Utilization of these vouchers will be monitored separately through HUD systems.

14 PIC Reporting Requirements
A new code (VASH) has been established on line 2n of the Family Report (form HUD-50058). This code must remain on the HUD for the duration of the HUD-VASH family’s participation in the program. The PHA that administers the HUD-VASH voucher on behalf of the family (initial or receiving PHA under portability) must enter and maintain this code on the form HUD

15 VMS Reporting Requirements
Information regarding unit months leased and HAP expenses for HUD-VASH families will be tracked through VMS. Instructions to follow.

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