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Presentation Ending Chronic Homelessness October 30, 2013 Maine Affordable Housing Conference.

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1 Presentation Ending Chronic Homelessness October 30, 2013 Maine Affordable Housing Conference

2 Connecting HCV and Homelessness PHA’s Section 8/HCV Programs What is a HCV Set Aside Creating the Homeless Set Aside Process and Timeframe How it works

3 PHA Section 8 Programs  Section 8 Programs Administered:  Housing Choice Vouchers: 1,789 including: Tenant-Based Vouchers: 1,540 Project-Based Housing Choice Vouchers: 164 (14 properties) Homeownership Vouchers: 50 VASH Vouchers: 35  HUD Moderate Rehabilitation Units: 105 (2 properties)  Housing Choice Voucher Residents: 4,100  Number of new families housed in FY13 – 140  60% of all PHA voucher holders are non-elderly disabled households

4 Portland Housing Authority Recent Homeless Initiatives:  2005: Logan Place, 30 PBV  2009: Florence House 25 PBV  2010: 35 VASH vouchers homeless/vets  2013: 40 HVC Homeless Set Aside  2013: 20 VASH vouchers homeless/vets

5 HCV Waiting List Shared Waiting List: (Portland, South Portland Westbrook)  3,493Total applicants  452 In shelters and/or chronically homeless 116In shelters and chronically homeless 238In shelters not chronically homeless 98Not in shelter and chronically homeless

6 What is a HCV Set Aside Locally established voucher preference Addresses a documented need or priority In conjunction with the creation of a program that provides supportive services Allows use of a limited number of vouchers In partnership with local service providers Uses existing voucher funds, no special HUD program application Must be part of the HA’s Annual Agency Plan o Section 8 Admin Plan HUD review required

7 Creating the Homeless Set Aside Proposed Program: Scattered Site/Housing First PHA would establish a set-aside of 40 HCVs to provide affordable housing for chronically homeless, non-elderly disabled individuals living in emergency shelters, at scattered sites with supportive services. Services will assist clients maintain housing stability, access services, and promote success and self- sufficiency. Documented Need: Proposal would address a continuing and growing need for affordable housing for chronically homeless individuals with disabilities who place heavy demands on scarce community resources by residing long-term in Portland’s emergency shelters. Well documented by City; numbers and costs, as well as City’s Task Force To End Homelessness. Partners/Resources: Preble Street, City’s Dept. HHS, The Opportunity Alliance. Supportive Services are provided with funding from Maine DHHS Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH).

8 Creating the Homeless Set Aside Timeframe: August/September 2012: Initial staff discussions with City/Preble Street October 4, 2012: Initial discussions with PHA Board November 1, 2012: Board Presentation by City/Preble Street November 15, 2012: Begin process to amend the agency plan December 6, 2012: Initial Board approval January 3, 2013: PHA Board Final Approval Resources: TA: HUD and Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

9 Creating the Homeless Set Aside What were the questions and concerns?  Is it consistent with PHA’s 5 Year Plan  How are the support services funded and how will they work? What is the PATH Program?  What about chronically homeless families?  Won’t this cause other applicants to wait longer?  Will landlords participate?  How does this coordinate with the Task Force report and strategy?  What happens when a client isn’t cooperative with the service program?

10 How It Works Original Plan  Staff training in January  Evaluate and select applicants January and February  40 Lease-ups January thru March Sequestration Slow Down  Issued 21 vouchers since May 1st  Leased up 15 to date, 6 still looking for housing  No vouchers issued since October 1st due to lack of funds  On-going commitment of 40 vouchers  Program will resume as soon as funding makes it feasible

11 How It Works Applicants must be on HCV Waiting List PHA pulls group of applicants off the waiting list Preble Street/City verifies preference and program eligibility Applicant completes formal application with assistance PHA verifies HCV program eligibility PHA conducts program briefing and issues voucher Preble Street initiates supportive service program and counselors being housing search Lease up takes place On-going services provided

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