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HUD-VASH Operating Requirements: The complete text of the HUD-VASH Operating Requirements posted on the HUD-VASH webpage:

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1 HUD-VASH Operating Requirements: The complete text of the HUD-VASH Operating Requirements posted on the HUD-VASH webpage: 1

2 HUD-VASH Operating Requirements: Outlines waivers and alternative requirements for the HUD-VASH vouchers. Normal HCV requirements of 24 CFR 982 apply if not waived/no alternative requirement specified. 2

3 HUD-VASH Eligibility - VAMC Eligible HUD-VASH families must be homeless veterans as determined by the VAMC. Unlike the earlier HUD-VASH program, veterans are not required to be chronically mentally ill or have chronic substance abuse disorders. 3

4 HUD-VASH Eligibility - VAMC The participating VAMC screens homeless veterans for eligibility for HUD-VASH All eligibility screening is by the VAMC except income eligibility and sex offender status. Eligible homeless veterans that agree to participate in case management are referred to the VAMC’s partner PHA. 4

5 PHA Screening The PHA must maintain written documentation of VAMC referrals in HUD- VASH tenant files. PHAs only screen for income eligibility and for lifetime registration under a state sex offender registration program. PHAs may only deny issuance of a voucher for those reasons. 5

6 PHA Screening This means that: PHAs do not screen veterans for homelessness PHAs may not screen for or deny assistance for money owed to the PHA or for criminal or drug activity. However, PHAs must deny admission if any household member is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a state sex offender registration program. 6

7 Lifetime Sex Offender Registrants If the homeless veteran is subject to lifetime registration – PHA cannot issue HUD-VASH voucher to the veteran. If another family member is the lifetime registrant – family may be eligible for voucher if the family member subject to the registration requirement is removed from the household. 7

8 Income targeting requirements do not apply to HUD-VASH vouchers. However, a PHA may choose to include the admission of extremely low income HUD-VASH families in its income targeting numbers for the fiscal year in which the HUD-VASH families are admitted. Income Targeting 8

9 Must have an initial term for housing search of at least 120 days. Any extension, suspensions and progress reports will remain under the policies in the PHA’s administrative plan, but will apply only after the initial 120-day term. Initial Term of the HUD-VASH Voucher 9

10 Initial leases may be for less than 12 months even if this is not the prevailing market practice. Initial Lease Term 10

11 VA-owned unit/units on the grounds of a VAMC are eligible housing for the HUD- VASH program. Eligible Housing 11

12 A condition of eligibility for a HUD-VASH voucher is that the families receive VA case management services. A family’s HCV assistance must be terminated if the family refuses, without good cause, to participate in required case management as verified by the VAMC. Case Management Requirement 12

13 However, a determination by the VAMC that case management is no longer required is NOT grounds for termination of the HCV assistance. Family may be offered a regular voucher to free up the HUD-VASH voucher for another eligible homeless veteran. Case Management Requirement 13

14 On turnover, HUD-VASH vouchers must continue to be issued to eligible veteran families referred by the VAMC. Turnover of HUD-VASH Vouchers 14

15 Since leasing of HUD-VASH vouchers will be dependent on referrals from the VAMC, the unit months and budget authority associated with the HUD-VASH vouchers will NOT be included in the SEMAP leasing indicator. Utilization of HUD-VASH vouchers will be monitored separately. SEMAP 15

16 Portability/Mobility Two types of portability/mobility in HUD- VASH based on which VAMC will provide case management. Need to determine whether case management will be provided through the referring VAMC or a VAMC in another part of the country? 16

17 When the referring VAMC provides Case Management: Veteran can live in the jurisdiction of another PHA if the referring VAMC can continue to provide case management. The receiving PHA must bill the initial PHA in such cases. 17

18 Portability Form HUD-VASH Attachment An attachment to the HUD Portability Form (form HUD-52665) for the HUD-VASH program is posted on the HUD-VASH webpage. It summarizes the requirements that apply to portability moves where the family’s case management is being provided by the initial PHA’s partnering VAMC. 18

19 “Mobility” - When a VAMC other than the referring VAMC will provide case management The VAMC that screened the veteran must first confirm that the new VAMC has an available HUD-VASH case management slot and that the new VAMC’s partner PHA has an available HUD-VASH voucher. 19

20 “Mobility” to new VAMC/PHA After acceptance of the veteran by the new VAMC for case management, the new VAMC will refer the veteran to its partner PHA. That PHA will issue the veteran one of its HUD-VASH vouchers. 20

21 “Mobility” to new VAMC/PHA The initial PHA’s voucher stays with the initial PHA. The family must be treated as absorbed by the new PHA, never as a billing arrangement with the old PHA. 21

22 MTW Agencies HUD-VASH vouchers must be administered in accordance with HUD- VASH notices. They are not eligible for fungibility under an agency’s MTW agreement and must be reported separately from MTW vouchers. 22

23 Some Frequently Asked Questions 23

24 Referrals Q. What if a homeless veteran comes directly to the PHA? A. Refer to the VAMC contact for HUD- VASH screening. 24

25 PHA Screening Q. Can regular PHA admission screening be used for other family members? A. No. The screening requirements from the HUD-VASH operating requirements will apply. 25

26 Q. Are benefits received under the VA’s Incentive Therapy (IT) or Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) programs included in a family’s annual income? A. Yes. Income 26

27 Death of Veteran Q. What happens to the family’s assistance if the homeless veteran dies? A. The voucher would stay with remaining family members. The PHA could use one of its own vouchers, if available, to continue assisting the family to free up the voucher for another homeless veteran. If no regular voucher is available, the family would retain the HUD-VASH voucher. 27

28 Q. What happens to the voucher if there is a divorce? A. The voucher must remain with the veteran in the case of a separation or divorce. Divorce of Veteran 28

29 Q. Does the PHA have the right to obtain a copy of a veteran’s Service and Housing Agreement or medical records? A. No. PHA Documentation 29

30 Q. Are families entitled to informal reviews/hearings? A. Yes. Informal Reviews/Informal Hearings 30

31 Q. What PHA policies would apply to HUD-VASH participants? A PHA’s regular admin. plan policies would apply. If a PHA’s policy permits absence of less than 180 days, the PHA may have a policy that allows exceptions. However, exceptions must apply to all HCV families, not just to HUD-VASH. Absence from the Unit 31

32 HUD-VASH Webpage address: 32

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