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September 27, 2013 Customer Service Exceeding Customer Expectations Food Services Staff.

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1 September 27, 2013 Customer Service Exceeding Customer Expectations Food Services Staff

2 Who Is A Customer? A user of paid products or services A person with whom one has dealings

3 The Internal Customer

4 Unlocking Internal Customer Service Come to work on time Be polite Answer calls quickly Get back to each other promptly Provide clear guidelines Define roles and responsibilities Be professional at all times Go the "extra mile” Discuss each others needs Say THANK YOU!

5 Never complain within earshot of customers. Never complain to customers about other department's employees. Build bridges between departments. Regroup after joint projects. Strengthen Your Internal Service

6 The External Customer

7 The Customer Chain

8 What Is Customer Service?

9 The Customer’s Basic Needs

10 Friendliness Understanding and Empathy

11 Cleanliness Fairness Quality

12 Options and Alternatives Information

13 Managing Customer Expectations

14 Handling Customer Complaints Always remain to be:

15 The LAST Model

16 Telephone Greetings The following greeting is required when answering telephone calls: State: “Thank you for calling Café LA. This is (state your name), how may I assist you?”

17 When ending the call Inquire if the caller is satisfied by asking “Did I answer your question?” Ask if they would be willing to participate in a customer service survey by saying “We would appreciate if you would take a short survey about your customer service experience.” Finish with a positive note, such as “Have a great day Telephone Greetings, cont’d

18 Telephone Courtesy Speak clearly and courteously. Smile as you’re speaking to the caller This works! The caller will “hear” your smile through the conversation Speak at a natural pace Speak in a clear, calm, upbeat, non-hurried, professional manner Use proper grammar Avoid slang and endearing terms Avoid chewing gum or eating while speaking on the telephone

19 Telephone Courtesy Provide training For substitutes, and new employees if you assign them to answer your telephones Be knowledgeable If a caller asks a question, take the time to give him or her a clear answer or response The more knowledge you have, the better you are able to assist callers and not have to transfer them unnecessarily

20 Email Standards Email should be checked at least twice each day Email messages received in the morning should be responded to by the afternoon of the same day Email messages that are left in the afternoon should be responded to by the following business morning Business-related e-mail responses should include name, title, office/division and contact information Employees are responsible for managing their email account to avoid having a full in-box

21 Experiential Surveys An experiential survey through a variety of methods will be provided to each customer to provide an opportunity to monitor what our customers are experiencing and to rate our customer service. We must reach a standard of 80% or above good

22 Experiential Surveys Email At the end of all emails, include the following statement and link to the survey: We care about your customer service experience with LAUSD Food Services. Let us know how we are doing! Please click on the button below to take our Customer Service survey. Thank you. Website The survey link has been posted on the: I'm In App MyPaymentPlus website Café LA website (homepage) Phone calls The following survey request is required when ending telephone calls: “Is there anything else I may assist you with? You may visit our website at café to take a brief survey regarding the quality of service you received today. Thank you.”

23 Survey Link Instructions Instructions on how to add the graphic button link to your e-mail signature: 1. Click (right-click) to copy graphic button 2. Click on the “File” tab at the top upper-left corner 3. Find “Options” (located to the left side of the screen) 4. A new window opens 5. Click on “Mail” 6. Click on “signatures” (to the right side of the screen) 7. A new window opens 8. Under “Email signature” tab 9. Paste the button you previously highlighted 10. Type your invite language to ask participants to fill out the survey 11. Click “ok” to save changes 12. Confirm your signature is active by creating a new email 13. Signature with graphic button should be visible on new outgoing message 14. Done

24 Summary In summary, our goal is simple: Provide faster, friendlier, easier service to every internal and external customer at every encounter Person to Person Telephone Calls Email Exchanges Utilize experiential surveys to gain better insight into the service we are providing to our customers in order to optimize results reaching a standard of 80% or above good Email Website Phone calls

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