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We Are Here!. eBooks for INFOhio supporting the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee Where are we?

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1 eBooks for INFOhio supporting the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee Where are we?

2 We Are Here!

3 Big Thank You To: Ohio Department of Education – funding
INFOhio eBook Committee Mary Nemeth – MEC – Committee Chair Caroline Hines – Akron Public Schools Mandy Simon – Bexley Public Library Martha Shaw – Columbus School for Girls Linda Swarlis – Columbus School for Girls Karen Coy – HCCA Phil Salasek – Jackson Local Schools Chris Miller – MDECA provider Carrie Waibel – OHIONET Gayle Geitgey – INFOhio Terri Shutt – INFOhio Theresa Fredericka – INFOhio

4 The Solution for Achieving
And Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee Today’s students are being asked to read more informational text than ever before. In the past, elementary school students have been required to read more fiction than nonfiction. To meet the Common Core State Standards, half of the reading materials should be nonfiction even at the youngest grades. These informational texts should offer meaningful curriculum knowledge to students. Educators and librarians are asked to provide “texts that build knowledge coherently within and across grades. 4

5 The “Flix” Advantage BookFlix enables students and teachers to meet the Ohio Learning Standards. Supports the Ohio Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Phonics Phonemic awareness Reading fluency Comprehension Vocabulary

6 The “Flix” Advantage BookFlix introduces young learners to nonfiction by pairing with popular fiction. Learning happens and is engaging. Students, teachers and schools win.

7 BookFlix- What is it? Interactive literacy Online
Pairing of fiction and nonfiction The best content: Weston Woods Scholastic Children’s Press Accessible 24/7 Device agnostic end of September 2013 Goal is to build a love of reading in each child

8 BookFlix 110 fiction and nonfiction pairs Interactive e-books Video
Introduce content-area learning Spanish Language versions of 31 pairs Read-Along option Interactive educational games Narrated definitions and text-build vocabulary Author biographies Safe, age-appropriate websites Educator resources--lesson plans, correlations, and more

9 BookFlix Consists of a library of fiction/nonfiction pairs
Presented in an engaging, fun online format that will have kids asking to use it again and again

10 BookFlix and Ohio Learning Standards
Using BookFlix, students can achieve key goals of the Common Core ELA Standards: Read and comprehend literature and informational text Respond to texts that are read aloud Access multiple text types Use technology and digital media strategically and capably Here are just some of the ways that BookFlix aligns to Common Core ELA Reading Anchor Standards After reading activities(included in every lesson plan) – Standards 1,2,3 Paired-text activities and Fact and Fiction games help students understand literacy texts and information texts – Standards 3-4 Sequencing games call for students to place the events of the stories – Standard 7 Video storybooks have optional read-along feature that provides scaffolding for reading and comprehending literature – Standard 10

11 BookFlix-For the Student
Watch the Story Read the Book Puzzlers Games Meet the Author Explore the Web

12 Watch the story Weston Woods video of the fiction book.
Read along with the video. 105 stories.

13 Read the Book Read the Non-Fiction title. Can be read to the student or student can read the text without help. 105 non-fiction books paired with the fiction books.

14 Puzzler for each book Puzzlers to help students recall and understand the story.

15 Meet the Author Short Biographies of the authors of the books.

16 Explore the Web Web Links to help student further explore the topic.

17 BookFlix- For the Educator
Lesson Plans Meet the Author Curriculum Correlations State-Ohio National Common Core Downloadable Resources Letters to parents and teachers Custom Bookmarks Poster Tutorial

18 Lesson Plans for each book
Located on the book page.


20 Curriculum Correlations
Be sure to scroll up to switch to Common Core ELA standards

21 Curriculum Correlations
Use the dropdown to explore other Ohio Learning Standards correlations for each book.

22 Resources for Teachers
Sorts for Curricular connections, Lexile, subject, etc.

23 Search BookFLIX in the Title Browse tab

24 Sort the pairs in Title Browse Tab

25 Downloadable Resources
Letters for parents, patrons, teachers Customizable book marks. Posters

26 The BookFlix Advantage
Created and designed especially for PreK-Grade 3 Read-Aloud feature supports early literacy Small group rotations or learning centers Supports literacy development Research shows the benefits of a balance of fiction and nonfiction as outlined in Ohio Learning Standards and Common Core ELA Accessible 24/7

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