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Common Core State Standards Parent Presentation December 2013.

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1 Common Core State Standards Parent Presentation December 2013

2 Teaching is the Core A video produced by the New York State Education Department aching-is-the-core

3 How will the Common Core Standards be different? Includes rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills Performance-based collaborative activities and assessments Integrated literacy across content areas including Science and Social Studies Stronger emphasis on informational text, research and media skills

4 Shifts in ELA Common Core Standards:  Staircase of complexity design, the standards build upon each other  A combination of literary and informational texts  Integration of Social Science and Science content knowledge  3 types of writing: Informative/Explanatory, Narrative, and Opinion/Persuasive taught K-12  Emphasis on academic vocabulary

5 ELA Standards Organization  Reading for Literature (10 standards)  Reading for Informational Text (10 standards)  Foundation (4 standards – K-5 only)  Writing (10 standards)  Language (6 standards)  Speaking and Listening (6 standards)

6 Text Complexity  Ensure your child is reading in the appropriate Lexile range  Ensure they read a balance of fiction and non- fiction texts  Appropriate Reading Lists by grade level:  pendix_B.pdf pendix_B.pdf  hers/books/non-fiction hers/books/non-fiction

7  Focus -narrow and deepen the scope  Coherence connecting across grade levels  Fluency -speed and accuracy  Deep understanding  Application of concepts  Dual Intensity - practice and understand Shifts in Common Core Math

8 There are two sets of standards in math: Math Domain Standards by grade level K-12 Mathematical Practice Standards

9  Counting and Cardinality (K only)  Operations in Algebraic Thinking  Number and Operations in Base Ten  Measurement and Data  Geometry  Number and Operations- Fractions (grades 3-5) Math Domain Standards

10 Math Resources for Families  Multiflyer is a space-age adventure where you accomplish missions and explore the galaxy by knowing your multiplication facts. The direct link to this game is:  Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this site helps families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging challenges.  Math Playground provide resources by grade level and topis, including interactive resources for model drawing.

11 New Common Core Assessments Who is creating them? SMARTER-Balanced Assessment Consortium Who else is using these tests? Currently 24 states What is the purpose? To develop a comprehensive and innovative assessment system for grades 3-8 and grade 11 in English Language Arts and Mathematics aligned to the Common Core Standards so that students leave high school prepared for post secondary success in college or a career. What will happen to CSTs? These tests will replace CST, CMA, and STS. Hedenkamp students will take both the language arts and math CAL-MAPP field tests in grades 3-6 in the spring.

12  Summative assessments aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards  Computer adaptive  Administered during last 12 weeks of school year  Results will show achievement and growth  Question types: 1. Selected Response 2. Constructed Response 3. Extended Response 4. Performance –Based Tasks 5. Technology-Enhanced 6. Technology-Enabled How will the MAPP tests be different than the CST?

13 Grade 3 ELA Reading and Writing Performance- Based Assessment Part 1 includes reading an article and watching a video then providing a constructed response to three questions to demonstrate comprehension

14 Part 2: Write an Opinion Essay using evidence from the video and article to support their opinion on the topic. Rubric for proficient

15 Grade 5 Math Performance Task Event Takes place over several days Part 1

16 Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 2

17 Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 3

18 Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 4

19 Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 5

20  Provide more challenging texts and provide texts they WANT to read and can read comfortably  Know what is grade level appropriate  Read challenging text with them  Show that challenging text is worth unpacking  Read multiple books about the same topic  Let your kids see you reading  Talk to your children; Read to your children; Listen to your children; Sing with your children; Make up silly rhymes and word games with your children How can parents help support children with the ELA Common Core shifts?

21  Notice whether your child REALLY knows why the answer is what it is  Advocate for the TIME your child needs to learn key math  Provide TIME for your child to work hard with math at home  Get smarter in the math your child needs to know   How can parents help support children with the Math Common Core shifts?

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