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Our Digital World Chapter 3 Computer Hardware and Peripherals: Your Digital Toolbox © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.1.

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1 Our Digital World Chapter 3 Computer Hardware and Peripherals: Your Digital Toolbox © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.1

2 This chapter will help you be able to: Identify and explain functions of the computer system. Understand how a computer uses memory. Identify input and output devices. Explain features to look for when purchasing a computer. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.2

3 Main Topics 3.1 A World of Digital Devices 3.2 The Parts That Make Up Your Computer 3.3 Input and Output Devices 3.4 Purchasing a Computer © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.3

4 Why Should You Care? Be part of the technology age. Choose peripherals. Know how to make computer buying choices. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.4

5 3.1 A World of Digital Devices © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.5

6 How Many Digital Devices Do You Own? © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.6

7 Terms to Know peripheral device © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.7

8 Ask Yourself… Digital devices all have some form of a.Memory. b.operating system. c.power source. d.Storage. e.All of the above © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.8

9 3.2 The Parts That Make Up Your Computer © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.9

10 What’s Contained on the Motherboard? The primary circuit board The CPU ROM and BIOS RAM Sound, graphics, and other expansion cards © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.10

11 Power Supply All computing devices have a power supply. Includes power cords, batteries, solar cells. What’s in the box? AC to DC. Reducing power usage. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.11

12 Ports © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.12

13 Storage Storage media read data from media and write data to media. Storage media are accessed using drives and include: – Hard disks. – Optical drives. – External hard drives. – Flash drives. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.13

14 Terms to Know motherboard read-only memory (ROM) BIOS expansion card PC card multicore processor parallelized power supply © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.14

15 Terms to Know port physical port serial port universal serial bus (USB) port FireWire port Infrared Data Association (IrDA) port MIDI © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.15

16 drive hard disk CD DVD Blue-ray disc optical drive © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.16

17 optoelectronic sensor external hard drive flash drive flash memory © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.17

18 Ask Yourself… What is a motherboard? a.a computer chip b.the primary circuit board c.a storage device d.the hard disc © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.18

19 3.3 Input and Output Devices © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.19

20 An Assortment of Input Devices Keyboard and mouse Scanner Webcam Gaming devices Electronic pen RFID reader Touchscreen Microphone © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.20

21 Computers in Your Career Bar code readers scan bar code. Used to track sales and inventory. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.21

22 Keystroke Logging Software Malware delivered to your computer. Records keystrokes as you type. Sends information to a remote location. Protect against it using antivirus and spyware software. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.22

23 Computer Output Monitors and speakers. Printers and faxes. Projectors. Virtual reality displays. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.23

24 Terms to Know input device output device keyboard mouse infrared technology touchpad scanner webcam © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.24

25 Terms to Know gaming device wired data gloves electronic pen bar code reader RFID reader microphone keystroke logging software © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.25

26 Terms to Know monitor speaker Bluetooth headset TFT active matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) plasma displays surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.26

27 Terms to Know organic light emitting diode (OLED) printer photo printer thermal printer plotter fax machine LCD projector document camera virtual reality system © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.27

28 Ask Yourself… Which of these is an input device? a.monitor b.speaker c.microphone d.printer © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.28

29 3.4 Purchasing a Computer © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.29

30 Analyze Your Computing Needs Do you need a high-speed Internet connection? Do you need portability? Will you do more than browse the Web and check email? Do you work with high-end graphics or video files? What’s your budget? © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.30

31 Processor Speed Influences how fast programs run and tasks are performed. Measured in gigahertz (GHz). Multicore. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.31

32 Memory and Storage RAM chips include DRAM, SRAM, and SDRAM. RAM rated by access speed in megahertz (MHz). Memory size measured in megabytes (MB) Hard drive capacity measured in gigabytes (GB). © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.32

33 Operating System Windows. Linux. Macintosh. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.33

34 High-end Graphics or Sound Choosing a graphics card. Consider the quality of your sound card. Gaming or multimedia computers. © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.34

35 Can You Future-Proof Your New PC? Why does computer hardware become obsolete so quickly? Why should most computer buyers avoid paying for fast computer chips? What might the computer of the future look like? © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.35

36 Terms to Know processor speed gigahertz (GHz) Moore’s Law memory capacity access speed megahertz (MHz) gigabytes (GB) wireless adapter clock speed © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.36

37 Ask Yourself… Which of these manufacture Macintosh computers? a.a variety of manufacturers b.Macintosh c.Apple d.IBM © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.37

38 Our Digital World © Paradigm Publishing, Inc.38

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