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Technology Boot Camp District Five Schools of Spartanburg Roxann Owens, Tom Taylor, Wanda Tripp.

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1 Technology Boot Camp District Five Schools of Spartanburg Roxann Owens, Tom Taylor, Wanda Tripp

2 Tech Boot Camp Objectives District Five Technology  Provide an overview of District Five Technology common procedures  Familiarize teachers with common procedures for accessing technology Groupwise  Provide experience with the Groupwise e-mail system integrating technology  Discuss methods for integrating technology into the classroom responsibility  Discuss the responsibility of teachers technology tools  Familiarize new teachers with common technology tools Death by PowerPoint  Avoid “ Death by PowerPoint ” by providing hands-on experiences

3 Tech Boot Camp Our goal… To provide enough information about our system so that new teachers can get started right away with technology in their classrooms.

4 Tech Boot Camp Agenda  Participants are divided into three groups by grade level  Each group will attend five sessions covering the following topics:  Using Groupwise e-mail  Acceptable Use Policy  Common Software Tools  Internet Resources  Teaching Strategies for Technology  Trouble-shooting tips

5 Tech Boot Camp Handouts  Handouts will be provided for each of the sessions. These may be added to the folder provided for you this morning.  All handouts and supplementary material will be available on the district web site.

6 Tech Boot Camp We believe that…  All learners, including educators, should be able to use technology effectively as a fundamental tool for learning through research, communication, and expression.  Authentic uses of technology must be seamlessly blended within disciplines to enhance student ability to meet or exceed state standards.

7 Tech Boot Camp We believe that…  Skillful use of technology supports the development of process skills such as flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration, which are essential to success in our rapidly changing information age.  It is imperative for all students to have access to information via technology as a basis for lifelong learning.

8 Tech Boot Camp Fast Facts  District Five maintains approximately 1500 Microsoft Windows-based computers.  Novell Netware-based network connects classrooms and schools.  All classrooms in District Five are connected to the network and the Internet.

9 Tech Boot Camp Fast Facts  Computer labs are available in each school for large-group instruction.  Groupwise e-mail is available for all teachers and staff.  Technology training is provided on a regular basis through graduate courses and workshops throughout the year.

10 Tech Boot Camp Fast Facts  Peripheral equipment such as digital cameras, scanners, SmartBoards, and LCD projectors are available for teacher use in all schools.  Laptop computers are available for teacher check-out.  Microsoft Office is available on all computers.

11 Tech Boot Camp Fast Facts  Inspiration and Kidspiration are available at all schools.  Spectrum CIRC/CAT software is available for library card catalog searches.  Accelerated Reader is available in grades k-3 and Scholastic Reading Counts is available for grades 4-12.

12 Tech Boot Camp Fast Facts  The district website,, provides information to the District Five community and hosts individual school websites.  A full-time School Technology Coordinator is available in each school for curriculum support.

13 Tech Boot Camp District Five enjoys tremendous support for technology from Administration and the School Board.

14 Tech Boot Camp School Technology Coordinators  Certified Teachers  Trained in Novell Network administration  Provides training for faculty and staff  Provides technical and instructional support

15 Tech Boot Camp District Tech Team Organization

16 Tech Boot Camp Types of User ID’s  Novell  Novell – primary method of accessing the network  Groupwise  Groupwise – same as Novell, and forms the first part of your e-mail address  Windows – NOT USED ON OUR NETWORK  Software specific – Osiris, Accelerated Reader, others

17 Tech Boot Camp Novell Login

18 Tech Boot Camp Novell Network ID’s Your network user ID consists of the first six letters of your last name followed by your first and middle initials. EXAMPLES: George W. BushBushGW George W. Bush User ID: BushGW Nelson J. MandelaMandelNJ Nelson J. Mandela User ID: MandelNJ The network ID is not case sensitive. Your e-mail address will be your user ID followed by In the example above, George W. Bush’s e-mail address would be

19 Tech Boot Camp Today’s Login ID’s  Today we will use temporary login ID’s  Camp01, Camp02, etc.  Temporary logins will have e-mail accounts and home directories, and will function just like your real accounts.

20 Tech Boot Camp Windows Login – NOT USED

21 Tech Boot Camp Important Stuff  Rest room locations  Drink machines  Lunch and other breaks  Sign-in sheets  Pay procedures

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