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An Overview of the Smart Classrooms at Oglethorpe University.

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1 An Overview of the Smart Classrooms at Oglethorpe University

2 A B C A. LCD Projector B. Screen C. Podium You can see: Room overview

3 On a desk you may find: A.Monitor B.Touch screen remote control C.Mouse D.Cable Box Cover On front side: E.Computer door F.Other equipment door G.Keyboard tray door F G D E C B A Podium overview

4 This is the Main (Home) page of` a Touch Screen Remote Control Volume controls: Volume up Volume down Volume mute LCD Projector controls: Power On Power Off Image auto align Blank projected image By pressing any of these buttons you will connect the chosen device to the LCD projector. Pressing VCR or DVD will also display the control screen for that device: * Four purple buttons around the touch screen do nothing Touch Screen Overview

5 DVDVCR Play Pause Stop RewindFast Forward Go to next clip Go to previous clip Go back to Main (Home) page Device Controls

6 To open it – push it. Keyboard Tray Pull the keyboard tray out completely.

7 A.Desktop Computer B.Remote control for VCR/ DVD player B A Inside the computer compartment

8 You can load your presentation in one of four different ways: A.From CD or DVD* disks B.From floppy disk C.From USB device D.From internet C C B A * Not all computers can play DVD Loading your Presentation

9 When the Cable Box is opened you can see four different cables you can connect to the laptop: A.Power outlet B.Network cable C.Audio cable D.VGA cable D CB A Connecting Your Laptop

10 Connect Network cable here Connect audio cable into headphones jack (green) Connect VGA cable here Example of Laptop input / output connectors:

11 DVD / VCR is located under the keyboard tray B A Push the door to unlock it and than pull it to open B A DVD / VCR and other equipment

12 A.Power switcher B.Input / Output Controller C.VCR/DVD player D.VGA / Audio Switcher E.Microphone mixer F.Audio Amplifier DVD / VCR and other equipment

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