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Marketing That Makes You Money ™ Practical Social Media Management Prepared for Harvard University Contact:

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1 Marketing That Makes You Money ™ Practical Social Media Management Prepared for Harvard University Contact: Follow: @PMGTweets

2 Resources Presentation and Handouts – Questions after the program –Email: Share success, connect, ask community questions –#HarvardSM2013 Harvard Tools –Social Media Policy –Harvard Identity Guidelines – Branding and Social Media Best Practices


4 Twitter is… Search engine goal –Make the best match between what someone is searching on and what is served up Keyword and competitor research Google Keyword Tool


6 Twitter is… Anatomy of an Optimized Page Title Tag Headline – H1 Meta Description/Description Tag Keywords Content


8 Twitter is… A younger generation expects it Current events and trends Share information Request Help/Ask Opinion/Research Organize an event Network Customer service Why be on Twitter?

9 Great Higher Ed Examples Be a real person http://goddessofclarit experiment-in-being- human-logo-tweets- must-die/ …or dog Have fun

10 Great Higher Ed Examples Create a conversation Making the most of 140 characters A link in almost every tweet

11 Marketing That Makes You Money ™ Twitter Hands On

12 Signing up is easy

13 Marketing That Makes You Money ™

14 Marketing That Makes You Money ™

15 Bold text – full name of Tweeter Hashtags, mentions Links Actions Reply Retweet Favorite Embed Email Mute Block/Report A natomy of a Tweet

16 Username Mention –Using another Twitter @username in your Tweet @Reply – public message sent to a Twitter user –Be sure you understand how this works Direct Message – private message (to a follower) –Send by clicking message or DM or D @USERNAME –When you want to “whisper” something Hashtag – used to group discussions/themes –Often around events #NAME Retweet RT – to share what someone else said –If someone overuses Retweets Lingo

17 Pick most appropriate image for profile Write “bio” - better when personal @carnegiemellon “Researchers, students and alumni do the hard work. We just get to talk about it. I’m Amanda: web teamer, storyteller. Joined by Jay (*J) and Kara (*K).” Be very thoughtful on the Twitter-FB connection – audiences and their needs differ a winning Profile

18 Tweet location – recommend not checking it Tweet media – there should be nothing sensitive Tweet privacy – create a private account for internal departmental use Personalization – tailored suggestions Password reset – think about this one Deactivating an account – can be reactivated within 30 days A ccount S ettings

19 Best Practices Engage your followers –Post content they want to interact with –Retweet and respond –Have a friendly, personal tone Post valuable tweets –Discuss the inner workings of your department –Vary your content, include photos, videos, links –Share preview snippets of various upcoming events –Ask questions Do not simply tweet a link – explain to your followers why they should care Don’t repeat tweets Listen

20 Tools to Help Productivity –HootSuite –Buffer –Canva URL Shortener –Hootsuite – Insight –Tweriod –Friend or Follow –TweetStats –Followerwonk

21 Frequency of Tweeting Track Social, October 2012 Optimizing Twitter Engagement Tweet throughout the day at least 4-5 times a day –Not back to back, allow time for people to respond 15-20 min daily if you use a scheduling tool

22 Tools That Help Directories –Harvard Social Media Directory –Wefollow – –Twellow – –Localtweeps – –@higheredu – only follows colleges and universities. By following them they will follow you expanding exposure. Analytics – – Track the trends on a –Google –Other options specifically for Twitter analytics-visualization-tools/ analytics-visualization-tools/


24 Twitter is… Lets people become deeply connected Interactive environment Direct outreach and promotion to “fans” Keep others up to date on current events Share information Request help/Ask Opinion/Research Organize an event Network Why be on Facebook?

25 Twitter is… Many Facebook users keep their Facebook window open all the time Content marketing site –You must ad value at each point in the interaction Marketing efforts will go viral if interesting Levels the playing field – big advertising budgets don’t work Key Points

26 Twitter is… Excellent for –Groups: building awareness around an idea –Pages: building awareness around a brand Intended to –Groups: create a dialogue and conversation –Pages: broadcast a message and engage “fans” Great resource that compares FB Groups, FB Pages and LI Groups Pages vs. Groups

27 Twitter is… How Facebook decides what you see –Affinity – the more someone interacts with your page, the greater their affinity with your brand and the more likely your post is to show in their top news –Interaction – different types of interaction are rated differently. The higher level interaction receives higher level scores. For example, leaving a comment is harder than “liking’ something. –Timeliness – newer items have a better chance of showing up than older. Understanding EdgeRank

28 Marketing That Makes You Money ™ Facebook Hands On

29 Twitter is… To change information go to Edit Page > Update Info When Page Is Set Up

30 B asic I nformation Username – can change it once Short description Complete as much information as possible

31 M anage P ermissions Who sees and does what?

32 Twitter is… If you want to be liked, be likeable –Great posts are key and responding to your fans is important –Be consistent and fresh –Reward your supporters – those who engage should be recognized –Ask for what you want – “Share with your network if you find this useful” Cross Promote –Email signature –Twitter posts with a link to FB –Plug ins on your site –Invite email contacts (Edit Page>Resources) Or a personal note from you in email –Newsletter Grow Your Facebook Following

33 Twitter is… Promotions Contests Charity –For every new fan…. Advertising –Remember only a small percent of people see you –A branding tool –Focus ads on very specific demographics and pay attention Grow Your Facebook Following

34 Twitter is… Measure

35 Twitter is… Groups

36 Twitter is… Edit comments Different roles for Admins Scheduling posts from within FB Profile switching Promoting a post Repeat event Private messages with your “fans” Features You May Have Missed

37 Great Higher Ed Examples Make the community obvious Integrate SM Accounts

38 Great Higher Ed Examples Or a personality Give the organization a face


40 Twitter is… Network Communicating with like minded people Connect with students and alumni Share information Request help/Ask Opinion/Research Organize an event Why be on LinkedIn?

41 Twitter is… Personal profile –All things stem from this Groups –Join, Start “Company” Page –You will need to call LI and get help setting this up for your organization –Works off email domain – only 1 page to 1 email Anatomy of LinkedIn

42 Be committed You will be responsible for starting the conversation for some time Click on Groups>Create Group Tips Don't focus on "selling" Consider using the polling function. Carry on the conversations. Thank people for contributing. Make introductions between members. Promote the group. Create a LinkedIn badge C reate a G roup

43 Broadcast This is where you share and brag Build followers Share updates Put yourself out there – ask for recommendations Create a “C ompany”


45 Twitter is… YouTube vs. Vimeo YouTubeVimeo Pros  Large audience  Owned by Google – helps in search results  100% free  Unlimited uploads  Customizable channel  Offers advertising  Aesthetically more pleasing – feels like an online portfolio  Organized and easily searchable  High video quality  No time limitation  No commercials  Community is a more professional crowd  You choose the thumbnail Cons  With so much video comes a lot of noise  Fluff and serious don’t necessarily balance  Aesthetically cluttered  15 min video limit  Analytics are poor  Audience is much smaller – 60m visitors/mo. Vs. 800m visitors/mo.  1 HD upload per week (free account)  Slow upload times for users not on paid account

46 Twitter is… YouTube vs. Vimeo

47 Twitter is… Let someone “see” your message Get found Easy to start –Though keep your brand in mind Easy to digest “How to” videos are the fastest growing category Broad demographic Why be on YouTube?

48 Marketing That Makes You Money ™ YouTube Hands On

49 Twitter is… Need a Google account to begin Be thoughtful about your username – make it memorable and relevant –Note: Instructions say that once your account is created to contact your Google Team to convert to a Brand Channel – don’t, unless you have money to spend! Be sure to have an Avatar (Google+) Creating a Channel

50 Twitter is… Start with Tab –Change the default Tab to Featured page Consider using blogger layout – allows you to have featured video Take care of Info and Settings Creating a Channel

51 Twitter is… Partners have many more features available to them –You need to apply Guidelines –Videos suited for mainstream audience –Popular videos, high views Must have at least one video set for monetization YouTube Partners

52 Get materials at Questions? Thank You!

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