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Combating Counterfeit Coupons The Next Steps April 23, 2014.

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1 Combating Counterfeit Coupons The Next Steps April 23, 2014

2 Strategic Vision Harden the Target Law Enforcement Illicit Coupon Market Intercept at POS Public Education Copyright CIC, 2014

3 Amateur Counterfeiters The CIC Hologram protects coupons from amateur counterfeiters and acts as a deterrent. Copyright CIC, 2014

4 Organized Industrial Criminal Enterprises A Global Challenge Copyright CIC, 2014


6 Law Enforcement Copyright CIC, 2014 Industry works with law enforcement on a daily basis.

7 Consumer Education CIC Website Industry Bloggers Manufacturers’ Websites Copyright CIC, 2014

8 CIC Hologram Evolution Design Color QR codes? Copyright CIC, 2014

9 Implementation Timing Retailer Education Costs/Supply Chain Copyright CIC, 2014

10 VOLUNTARY BEST PRACTICES A Key to the Industry’s Security Copyright CIC, 2014

11 Definition Voluntary Best Practices are recommendations by the CIC to enhance security in the Industry. –Strictly Voluntary –Reviewed by Counsel –Fair, Neutral, Transparent Copyright CIC, 2014

12 Examples CIC Early Warning System/PSA –Fee for Non-Member Manufacturers CIC Holograms Internet Print-at-Home Coupon Guidelines Avoid use of 992 bar codes Retailer Acceptance Policies – m/voluntary-best-practices.php Copyright CIC, 2014

13 CIC’s Most Recent VBP We believe it is counterproductive to directly or indirectly fund individuals or organizations that attack the coupon industry or actively support practices that violate basic industry policies. Manufacturers and other industry participants may wish to review their spending of promotion and advertising dollars and their affiliate program policies, and also review controls in place in those areas. While manufacturers and other industry participants are, of course, free to spend such funds and support such individuals and organizations as they see fit, they should at least do so on an informed basis and recognize if they are supporting activities that directly undermine their own policies. Copyright CIC, 2014

14 Housekeeping Manufacturers should verify that new coupon barcodes are not in the CIC Early Warning System. Elimination of UPC-A Copyright CIC, 2014

15 Personalization Free Product and Internet Print- at-Home coupons should feature: Consumer’s last name City, State & zip code Unique Identification Number Copyright CIC, 2014

16 Follow the Numbers Manufacturers Retailers Copyright CIC, 2014

17 Retailers Participate in CIC Early Warning System Public Service Announcements Full use of Databar Elimination of UPC-A Prosecutions Situational Awareness Copyright CIC, 2014

18 Industry Groups Education  Elimination of UPC-A  Public Service Announcements  Situational Awareness Copyright CIC, 2014

19 New Technologies CIC Hologram evolution Paperless consumer affairs coupons Digital and load to card solutions Research services that verify valid coupons electronically Invisible barcodes On-line verification Different barcode for every coupon issued Copyright CIC, 2014

20 Next Steps Our Work Continues Seeking Input Exploring New Technologies Stepping up the Game Copyright CIC, 2014

21 DIGITAL Promotions

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