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OIV Technology & RIGHTS TO TRANSACTION OIV: Origin/Owner Instant Verification.

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1 OIV Technology & RIGHTS TO TRANSACTION OIV: Origin/Owner Instant Verification

2 For Voluntary Transaction All parties must accept proffered messages - which often contain messages from 3 rd party away from the transaction point CommercialGovernmentalPersonal 2

3 Attributes of Transaction Message Message Origin Message Content Message Intended Recipient Message Time 3

4 Vulnerabilities of Unverified Message Counterfeit of fraudulent origin Repudiation by origin Fraudulent modification of content False statement in content Fraudulent use of content Unauthorized use of content Breach of confidentiality or privacy Unintentional human or machine error 4

5 Rights to Transaction Message Rights of origin: message authenticity, integrity of message content, message confidentiality Rights of intended recipient: rightful use of message content, non-repudiation of message by origin, integrity of message content 5

6 Compromised Transaction Messages are costly in hindsight Monetary cost to stakeholders Time & emotion cost to stakeholders Collateral cost to the society –Cost for enforcement –Cost for adjudication –Cost for management and maintenance 6

7 Billion Transactions Daily Different People with Different Things at Different Places 7

8 A Longstanding Problem Seemingly Impossible Task The Significant Effort, Cost and Risk Involved for an Effective Solution 8 Since the barter days

9 The Challenge & the New Paradigm Verifying the origin, integrity and intended recipient of transaction-messages in open environment BEFORE a transaction is taking place Efficiently and Effectively 5+3 = 8 Insignificant costNow anytime & anywhere Objective 9

10 OIV Technology Daring into Uncharted Information Territory Presents The Distributed System for Origin Instant Verification 10

11 The Underline Principle OIV Transaction Code Uniqueness of Asset Transaction Pedigree Probability and Cryptography Supported by Proven Technologies –Compression –Distributed computing –Web-services and email for remote transaction –Cell phone and Blue-tooth for ubiquity – Location Based Service (LBS) *LBS: Location Based Services 11

12 Elements of OIV Technology The Unique Symbiotic Pair –Physical-asset and Information-asset Distributed Asset-centric Database Distributed OIV Public Tool Distributed Origin Public Finger-print OIV Transaction Code (the Transaction Pedigree Code) –Synchronized delivery for LBS –Asynchronized delivery for remote services 12

13 Applications Commerce –Banking, Financial and Insurance Services – Micro-financing –Pharmaceutical and Health Care –Manufacturing –Arts and Culture Objects –Retail POS Transaction –Internet Commerce Government –Legal Identity and Entitlement Benefits Program –Monetary Instrument –Military Supplies and Law Enforcement –E-Governing Organizations & Individuals –Asset and Rights Management 13

14 Features Origin Instant Verification Asset-centric Security Point to Point Distribution Transparency Choice of Online or Offline Simplicity & Scalability 14

15 Value Propositions Increasing Revenue Decreasing Cost Saving on Investment Saving on Social Cost Enhancing Transaction Value Our Measure of Security The cost of breaking security exceeds the benefit of breaking the security *Measure of cost or benefit by: money or time 15

16 OIV Technology… Its all about RIGHTS TO TRANSACTION (Rights of Origin Rights of Intended Recipient / Owner ) Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. - von Goethe Copyright © 2005 Michael Hu. All rights reserved worldwide. 16

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